Friday, January 29, 2016

The Early Workbasket ~ String Holders

Welcome dear friends to the last Friday in January!

Lots of January 31st taxes & Wisconsin
Sales Tax!

Yes, I'm always happy to say goodbye to January!

But, on the bright side lets see what's in today's
Early Workbasket...

"String Holders"

Today we'll only be looking at "String holders",
I'm saving "Thread holders" for a different week...similar 
yet very different!

Years ago, shop keepers and house keepers
used string like we use scotch tape fowrapping up packages!
Heavy cast iron thread holders were very popular,
especially in the shape of a bee skep!

Bee skeps came in many different styles...
This sweet little skep is made of wood.

And is crowned on top with its own little built in cutter...
Still very sharp for its age!

It unscrews at the base...
Allowing for easy changing of string.

Homes were just not complete without some  
form of string holder!
This style of string holder was very common and
allowed for a good visual of how much thread
you had on hand!

The opening is usually a simple latch...
Easy to lift the lid, add a ball of string and then hang from 
the chain in your work area.

Some did not come with a chain, 
but were made to just sit on a workbench...
Simple...yet so elegant!

Some will have a pedestal base...
There are lots of reproduction string holders on today's market,
look for one that has smooth, worn metal with
nice aged patina.

Ebay and Etsy are excellent resources for finding unique holders...
Just type into the search bar
 antique string holder 

Always make sure to thoroughly read the item description! 
If in doubt always ask the seller if you have any questions!

If you don't like cast iron, no problem...
String holders also come in many forms of glass!

If I had to guess,
 I would say this was probably an 
early dental floss jar...
 I love how a spool of Gutermann thread fits 
perfectly into this sweet little holder! 

 I love this very heavy thick glass one...
Still has the original string inside! 

The bottom lid unscrews...
Just like a jar!

Maybe, you like Milk Glass?
Always check for any cracks or this will 
affect the value of the holder.

When you're out antiquing...just keep your eye 
open for containers with a hole in the top... 
You'll be amazed at what you might find while out
 treasure hunting in your neighborhood! 

Here's one that even attaches to a wall...
Or, it could be mounted onto a tabletop...holes to 
accommodate either or!

 I saved my favorite for last...
It's my favorite because it was my Grandmother's! 

I have not polished it, I've left it...just as she left it!
I love the ball of her string nestled inside! 

When collecting there is always the "rare"
hard to find pieces...
Cast iron painted "Red Goose Shoes" string holder!

Hope you enjoyed seeing a variety of String Holders!

Who knows maybe you have one laying around in 
your basement, attic, or garage!


Weekend Soul Food...

"Take ye heed, watch and pray:
for ye know not when the time is."

Mark 13:33...KJV


Seize the day!

Make every day a special day...guard your thoughts & words!

Kindly, Tammy

West Salem farm field...on my way home from
the post office!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Guess what time it is...

Welcome my dear friends!

Oh my goodness,
January is quickly passing us by,
which means FEBRUARY is just around the corner!

You have no idea how excited I am to start moving forward
into this new full of new opportunities!

Surrounded by CURIOUS helpers... 
Willing to help inspire me in any way they can!

So, I asked my humble little friends;
'guess what time it is' ??

One of my wise Studio hares replied;
'time waits for no one!'

This smart little hare also knew the answer 
I was looking for...

It's Humble Hare Handwork Club Time...

While "in the company of the BEST of friends",
I have a pretty good idea what this 4th 
design will be!

My dear friend Candace, I hope you are reading this,
because this one's especially for YOU!


 I hope to start designing the first week in February 
and will post updates!

Kits are scheduled to ship the end of February. 

This fourth project will complete the 2015 calendar year for
 Humble Hare Handwork Club...sorry the last kit carried over into 2016!

For this very reason Humble Hare Handwork Club will be on
vacation until 2017 when I can start the club early in the year,
so all 4 kits are released in the same calendar year...I'm VERY sorry
for the interruption!

In the meantime,
 all my Humble Hare friends...Spring is coming!
Glancing out my window as I just typed that last sentence,
I see it's snowing again!

Oh well, that's what makes day dreaming pass the 
time so well!


Do you remember my Secret Sunday Sampler?
Trust me, I have not forgotten about it!

Next week starts the search for just the right frame!

Plans to share this sampler's secret 
 is coming soon...sometime in February!


While feeding my birds one morning I caught a
 glimpse of a summer home... 
Now vacant...just waiting for new Spring occupants!


Weekly Soul Food...

He that getteth wisdom loveth his own soul:
he that keepeth understanding shall find good.

Proverbs 19:8...KJV


Life is like a classroom, we are both student and teacher.
Each day is a test, and each day we receive a passing
or failing grade in one particular subject: 

gratitude, surrender, faith, forgiveness, good manners,
grace (compassion for others), and the list goes on!

It's something money can't buy and credentials rarely produce.
Being the smartest, the prettiest, the most talented, the
richest, or even the poorest can't help.

Being a humble person can, and being a helpful person can guide
you through your days with grace and gratitude!

Spread a little sunshine 
someone along life's way!

Kindly, Tammy 

Friday, January 22, 2016

The Early Workbasket ~ Darners

Welcome friends and needle workers!

Hope you're enjoying a nice warm Winter's day!

Good news, I finally created a new club logo...

2016 Memberships are now available once again
 through Etsy for new & renewing members...

please click onto logo to check it out ~

After much thought, I felt it necessary to have a different
club logo bird each prevent any confusion
for new members wanting to join!

So, 2015's logo has been retired...
What an adventure this past year was for me, 
starting a club not knowing if anyone would want
to join or not...I'll admit I was very nervous
at first but I quickly fell it love with 
kit making!

I consider it a true privilege and honor to
continue Little Sparrow Pinkeep Club for its  
 second year...hopefully, I can meet up to 
your expectations!

For new members who are considering joining,
I've put together a collage featuring the
 4 club projects from 2015... 
Kit No. 1 ~ "Token of Spring" Pinkeep Drum
Kit No. 2 ~ "Happy Hearts Rejoice" Pinkeep Nest
Kit No. 3 ~ "Harvest Waiting" Pinpillow & Acorn Fob
Kit No. 4 ~ "A Stitch in Time" Club Memento Pinkeep

 A huge thank you for all
the continued member support!  


The Early Workbasket...

Last Friday, we looked at early darning tins,
 so this week we'll be looking at
 various styles of darners!

Darners were owned by any needlewoman...
The most common of them all is 
the mushroom~shaped wooden darner.

Darners were popular in either lighter woods, or Ebony...
Sometimes they came with a removable 
metal band around the top.

  You would first insert the wooden darner into a
 sock and then place the band onto the darner...holding 
the sock in place while darning.

Darners for gloves have a rounded knob on either end, 
sometimes of different sizes...
Larger darners were mainly for stockings. 

They were made in many different materials, 
including glass, throughout the nineteenth and 
early twentieth centuries.

Of course, a simple mushroom~shaped wooden, 
or glass egg~shaped darner fulfilled exactly the same purpose, 
but an elegant Edwardian lady preferred sterling silver...
I love them all!

But, with all my many collections, I usually have a favorite...
And, this is it, the most wonderful wooden darning egg!
I think the writing is German?

It has a beautiful lacquered finished on it... 
Dated "1886"...that's 130 years old!

Plus, it has lovely ivory plugs on each end...
Such a clever way to hide the ends left from the wood lathe!

I found this beauty at Goldrush in 
Rochester, Minnesota many years ago.
The workmanship is outstanding!

This fun little darner was included in a 
sewing basket I purchased recently...
The original price was only $1.00!

If you are interested in a collecting darners,
this is a great collectors guide...
It is actually the only book I have ever found 
on the subject!

Softcover, 159 pages...full of great photos!
You could probable locate this book through
Ebay or Amazon.

Here is all the information...
Come to think of it...mine came from Ebay!

Hope you enjoyed today's topic...
Please join me again next Friday to see
what will be pulled out of the 
Early Workbasket!


Weekend Soul Food...

"Ask, and it shall be given you;
seek, and ye shall find;
knock, and it shall be opened unto you"

Matthew 7:7...KJV


Enjoy a fun filled weekend enjoying what
fills your soul to the top!

Kindly, Tammy

Monday, January 18, 2016

Presenting "Country Woolgatherer"

Welcome friends and needleworkers!

Hope you're staying warm during
these cold, cold winter days!

Over the weekend I finished the model for 
the Sheepish Needle Samplar Club's third project...
"Country Woolgatherer" pillow

Stitched on 32ct Belfast "Summer Khaki" 
using DMC floss. 

The chosen backing fabric is a tweed wool...
 This style finish is fun and easy to do!

Embellished with a special corner bell...
This is a special imported "German Flat Bell" not like
the ones found here in the United States.

 But reminiscent of the ones found on antique sheep... 
These imported bells will be included with each kit.

I used to make my own line of chalkware sheep, 
back in the late 1990's...
All handmade ~ 
chalkware bodies, painted faces, 
leather ears, wood stick legs
 Persian sheep hides for the coats, 
red paper collars stamped"Shepherd's Path" 
and  embellished with imported flat 
German bells.

My husband designed and handmade a full line
 of carts to accompany my sheep.

  The bridge show in the above photo is a pull cart
 with red wheels, and the sheep standing on 
 the bridge with the wool baskets is my favorite!

~ * ~

Winter Amish countryside...
The Amish bale their hay the old fashioned way, 
I love how they look standing in the field!

I'm not sure what this unusual piece of equipment is?
Very old and primitive!

~ * ~

Birds nest... 
Looking out the kitchen window I saw this little
fallen birds sweet! 

Snow tracks...
We have Rabbit tracks here and there and 
just about everywhere, but they all lead
straight to my bird garden!

I enjoy watching the rabbits socializing with my birds!
They all share and share alike! 

This is a high traffic area for Rabbits to gather...
We set out a bowl of rabbit food every day during these
cold frigid winter months!

~ * ~

Good news for all those who are sick of being cold...  
Amen...I love Spring!

~ * ~ 

Weekly Soul Food...

A word fitly spoken is like
apples of gold in pictures of silver.

Proverbs 25:11...KJV

~ * ~

Do you have a joyful smile?

Feeding our Souls is a key ingredient to true
happiness and a life full of passion and purpose.

Have you found what feeds your soul?

For some it is a challenge, for others, they just know
where to find their joy.  

Enjoy feeding your soul with good things this week,
Kindly, Tammy