Thursday, June 30, 2022

"Summer Sweets" Pinkeep

 Hello and welcome dear needlefolk friends!

~ "The Early Bird" Pinkeep Club Update ~

Between PT shoulder appointments and dodging the rain,
I finally found just the right moment for taking photos!

Introducing club kit number two...

"Summer Sweet" Pinkeep
©2022 Scattered Seed Samplers

The "Early Bird" can't resist the sweet temptation to 
pick the "prized berry" even while dodging 
busy little bees!

Model was stitched on 36ct Edinburgh "Vintage Country Mocha" linen,
using one strand of DMC over two linen threads.

Kit includes a vintage royal blue o~ring and fabric to make a
a companion heart shaped pinkeep...

By adding a chain or ribbon of your choice, 
this can be turned into a pinkeep necklace to hold
your needle between threadings!

Kits also include a complimentary 
"thank you" strawberry charm, to be used 
however you choose...

Membership is available through Etsy Shop...
for complete club details,
please click HERE

If you join now you will also receive kit number one
that was released the end of February and will bring you 
current in the club.  

The anticipated ship date is around July 8th.

Kit No. 1 ~ "Gathering Together" Pinkeep



"But he that is of a merry heart
hath a continual feast"

Proverbs 15:15...kjv


Wishing everyone a happy & safe 4th of July weekend!

Kindly, Tammy



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