Friday, August 28, 2020

"Little Wren" Gatherings...

 Hello and welcome dear needlefolk friends!

Sharing an update for the "Little Wren" Handworke Club.
Let's start by taking a peek at what the busy Little Wren's have been up to...
"Remember Me" Pinkeep ~ Club Kit No. 3

This sweet little remembrance pinkeep depicts 
little wrens offering up small rose tokens,
while perching upon a meandering branch filled 
with indigo roses in full bloom!

Nestled upon the branch you will find a heart 
shaped lock with keys to both the left
and the right!

 36ct Endinburgh "Vintage Country Mocha" is the chosen linen,
with a thread palette of six DMC colours.

Now, for the fabric backing...
The backside is finished in this lovely vintage inspired 
fabric with meandering dark blue roses!

Chosen ribbon for making a scissor fob.

Kits include the ribbon and silver heart charm to make a
sweet little scissor fob for your favorite scissors!

One club members name is drawn each 
quarter for a gift giveaway.

This year, the gift has been the same each quarter,
and is the "Little Wren" necklace featured in the above photo.

The winner for this quarter is...


Congratulations Shari, your gift will arrive shortly!



The "Little Wren" Handworke Club
was SOLD OUT, but I was able to order more
supplies and have reopened the enrollment. 
Memberships are now available 
through Etsy...


Soul Food...

"I have remembered thy name,
O LORD, in the night,
and have kept thy law."

Psalms 119:55...kjv


Enjoy the last few days of August!
Autumn is just around the corner...yay for cooler days!

Peace to you,

Monday, June 8, 2020

"Little Wren" Handworke Club Update...

Hello and welcome dear needlefolk friends!

Sharing today is a much needed follow up for the
"Little Wren" Handworke Club!
(which includes some good & some bad news!)

First off let's look at the good news, 
and take a look at club kit number two...
"Skeptical Gatherings" Pinkeep

Happy little wrens hopping quickly through the 
strawberry vines in hopes of gathering a sweet treat,
yet very skeptical of the busy little bees 
that surround them!

Project is stitched on 36ct "Vintage Country Mocha" linen,
(which was on back order since early March, due to Covid 19).

However, I'm happy to say that the bolt of linen finally 
arrived just last week...I was SOOO relieved!

The backside is finished in this lovely 
vintage inspired meandering viny fabric.

Love these sweet little "strawberry" charms, 
arriving just in time...all the way from the United Kingdom!
(the Covid 19 shipping delays have been STRESSFUL!)

Kits include the ribbon and strawberry charm to make a
sweet little scissor fob for your favorite scissors!

So, the good news is that I have my assembly line
just about ready with the linen back order arriving last week, 
the strawberry charms have been delivered...


The bad news is I have no control as to when the 
thread will arrive, sadly I can't give a shipping date,
THIS IS SO STRESSFUL...I could just scream 😤😣😡

As soon as the thread arrives I will post an update
with the shipping date...thank you so much for your patience!

One club members name is drawn each
quarter for a gift giveway.

This year, the gift will be the same each quarter,
and will be this "Little Wren" necklace featured in the photo.

The winner for this quarter is...


Congratulations Catherine, your gift is on the way!


Also, it's not too late to join the "Little Wren" Club,
enrollment has been extended and more memberships
have been added through my Etsy Shop...


Please note, 
if you join now you will receive kit no. 1
"Out on a Limb" pinkeep, 
which will bring you current in the club...


In other news,

I'm very slowly getting past some of the symptoms from my concussion,
 and doing my best to deal with the ever present ones that
 still exist...vertigo being the worst!

I'm still as busy as can bee...just a little slower 
with lots of rest in between!


A few pics from the back roads of Wisconsin...
As we were driving along, we had to pull over to check this out!
These two gentlemen built this their outfits!

Love old cemeteries...
and the weathered stone!

I was especially moved by this old worn cross
buried deep into the ground!

Soul Food...

Pleasant words are as a honeycomb,
sweet to the soul, and health to the bones.

Proverbs 16:24...KJV


Please make your soul happy by 
speaking pleasant words to those around you!

Kindly, Tammy

Sunday, March 15, 2020

"Out on a Limb"...

Hello and welcome needlefolk friends!

Sharing today is a much needed follow up for
the "Little Wren" Handworke Club!

First, I'm happy to say that club kits have shipped 
and are on the way!

Now, to reveal the club project...
"Out on a Limb" Pinkeep & Fob

Oh the sweet anticipation of Springtime,
the sound of happy little birds busy building their nest,
patiently awaiting the arrival of their young!

Project is stitched on 36ct "Vintage Country Mocha" linen,
and has a nice finished size of 7.5"Long by 5"Wide.

The backside is finished with this charming Civil War Reproduction fabric.

Love these sweet little "nest" charms!

Kits include the ribbon and charm to make a
sweet little scissor fob for your favorite pair of scissors!

One club members name will be drawn 
quarterly for this year's gift giveaway.

The gift will be the same each quarter,
and will be this "Little Wren" necklace 
as shown in the photo.

The winner for this quarter is...

Congratulations to 
C. Soucy, Boxford, MA

Also, it's not too late to join the "Little Wren" Club,
memberships are available through Etsy.

For complete details, 
please click 


Recovery Update...

My 2018 Kia Soul was totaled on February 21st after being T~boned,
 but the good news is, I now have a brand new 2020 Kia Soul!
Just waiting for new replacement plates to arrive in the mail!

Last week I had a setback with recovery from my concussion.

  I've been struggling with Vertigo, and had a really bad
experience during the night which resulted in my 
husband having to call an ambulance to get me
to the hospital!

Vertigo is horrible!
My symptoms have been...
~ nausea
~ dizziness
~ head spinning
~ ringing in ears
~ confusion
~  eyes hurting
~ panicky

So, recovery continues at a slow pace!


Check out this rare sighting...
I literally had to look twice while sitting in the 
waiting room at Mayo Clinic! 🤭


Soul Food...

"As a bird that wandereth from her nest, 
so is a man that wandereth from his home"

Proverbs 27:8


Please take time to make your soul happy
while spending time at home!

Joyfully, Tammy

Saturday, February 22, 2020

"Little Wren" Club Update...

Welcome needlefolk friends!

I'm so excited that Spring is only 28 days away...
my heart melts just thinking about it!

But for today, 
my focus is sharing a quick sneak peek of 
"Little Wren" Handworke Club's
first project for 2020...

This first project will be a charming 
pinkeep reflecting the anticipation of Springtime!

Mama and Papa wren are very busy gathering twigs
after finding just the right hiding place  
to settle down and build their nest!

I'll be sharing the finished model early next week,
along with a longer and more detailed update!

I would like to take a moment and thank the 
many loyal members that have been a part of my 
yearly clubs since 2015!

And, a very warm welcome all the new members!


This years club size has been increased, 
and more memberships have been added to my Etsy Shop!

If you are interested in a "Little Wren" Club membership,
please visit Etsy by clicking HERE


Studio reflections...

This month I've been busy upgrading my shipping
method to "Stay Flat" rigid more cutting cardboad! 

Plus, I've converted to a Thermal Label more taping labels!

It's always fun to rearrange some of my favorite things!

Love these special antique maiden scissor holders,
 (the second one is just a pinkeep)!


I was planning on posting this yesterday (Friday),
this is where my typing ended, when my
 husband suggested taking a break
 to go buy me a coffee!

Well, little did we know that our life was about 
to change in a split second!

My husband had bought my coffee and we 
were on our way home, minding our own business 
then the blink of an eye we were T~Boned...
My husband was driving and received the full impact!

I'm still trying to process the fact that my sweet
2019 Kia Soul as been totaled!  😔😓😕

The driver of a full sized van ran a stop sign and plowed 
right into us!

It smelled like the car was on fire, and my husband kept saying
we have to get out...the smell was actually from the air bags
being deployed!

We were both rushed to emergency,
we both received CT Scans...

My husband has two broken ribs, one is right over his Spleen.
Plus, a very nasty bump on the head, whiplash and sore everywhere!

As for me, I have one fractured rib,
a head concussion, gash on the back on my head, whiplash,
majorly sore everywhere!

So, now the healing begins, but this too shall pass!

I'm thankful my glasses were not broken, 
and luckily I was not holding my was still 
sitting in the cup holder!

I'll do my best to ship club kits as soon as possible,
 it may take me an extra week...I'll post an update sometime next week!

Until then, 
everything is literally in SLOW MOTION!

Kindly, Tammy

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Cottage of Content...

Welcome dear needlefolk friends!

Last June I had finished an antique reproduction sampler,
but due to other commitments, it never got released!

But today is the day...

I'm happy to reveal...

"Cottage of Content" Mary Ratcliffe 1848

Mary's sampler is completely charming throughout!

I love the impressive three story red brick house with
a pathway leading from its front door flanked by an area
 of grass which houses a trio of sheep grazing and a 
guard dog keeping watch over the flock!

There is a tall floral motif to the left and right of the
house with a rose above each which enclose the words
"Cottage of Content"

Mary's name and the date of 1848 are stitched 
across the bottom edge.  Her charming sampler is
 surrounded by a floral border.

~ stitch count 141w by 139h

~  my model was stitched on 
32ct Weeks Dye Works "Straw" linen

~ stitched with overdyed thread
  DMC alternative is provided

"Cottage of Content" now hanging among other
antique reproduction samplers in my Studio.

Mary's sampler is now available through Etsy.
 To visit the listing, please click HERE



Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace,
whose mind is stayed on thee:
because he trusteth in thee.

Isaiah 26:3...kjv


Hope the new year is off to a great start for everyone!

Next week I'll be posting a update for 
"Little Wren" Handworke Club!

Until then...
happy stitching, Tammy