Friday, July 31, 2015

~ Humble Gatherings...revealed ~

Hello friends and's Friday, YAY!

Did you have a busy week?
I sure did, and I've got lots of fun
things to share with you today!

~ Studio News ~

Are you ready to see the finished model for
Humble Hare Handwork Club's next kit?

"Humble Gatherings" Pillow Tuck and
Bittersweet Berry Fob

The Bittersweet Berry can be simply attached to the
corner of the pillow with your favorite pin.

Or, you can leave it off if you prefer!

Maybe you'd like to use it as a scissor fob?

Made with a scrap of the Civil War Reproduction fabric 
used on the back side of pillow.  

Embellished with a simple satin stitch, and attached
with a small bone ring and beautiful satin ribbon.

The berry is packed firmly for a traditional look.

Or, you could use it as a zipper pull on a favorite sewing bag!

Back of pillow with Bittersweet Berry.

Plain, all by itself.

Kits are on schedule to ship August 20th.

It's never to late to join, if you would like to become a 
Humble Hare Handwork Club member!

Full year memberships are available through my Etsy shop.
This listing gives all the full details and also includes 
the information for installment payment options.

Or, I'm always happy to talk to you directly, you can 
contact me any time at (608) 799~4418.

Hope you like "Humble Gatherings"....?

I'm excited to announce that I'll be offering the new 
line of linen ~ Country French in my Etsy Shop...

I'll be offering all four of these 32 count colors in the following sizes:

~ fat quarters
~ half yard
~ full yard

I'll be adding them to my shop sometime next week, at which
time I'll have the prices available.

Next, I'm thrilled to also be adding a very special line
of absolutely beautiful silk ribbon...

Here is just a sample of a few of the colors I'll be offering.

More colors are coming soon!

I'll be offering 5 yards of ribbon wound onto a little
wooden spool bobbin!

I'll keep you posted with new updates next week.

You have no idea how excited I am to offer this ribbon...I've
looked far and wide to find this lovely quality of ribbon
and a very affordable price!

Look at what was gifted to me...

Fresh home grown blueberries, hand picked by my dear
friend Ona!

Absolutely delicious...every last one!

Thank you for your kindness Ona!

It's that time of year again...

My wonderful Tiger Lilies are in full bloom once again!

Such an amazing flower with all the little pock a dots!

~ Weekend Soul Food ~

He that loveth pureness of heart, 
for the grace of his lips the king shall be his friend.

~ Proverbs 22:11...KJV ~

Wishing you all a great weekend...spent it with 
those near and dear to your heart ♥

My last photo is the road I live on, just about 200~300 feet
before pulling into the driveway...endless Queen Ann's Lace!

Take care...see you on Monday!

Monday, July 27, 2015

~ New Linens for My Needle ~

Hello dear friends and neighbors...hope you enjoyed 
a relaxing weekend!

Can you believe this is the last week of July?

I clearly remember July of 1992...extremely
hot, humid and very pregnant!

To my surprise and relief I gave birth to my 
dear son Samuel two weeks early on July 29, 1992.

The years have too quickly sure doesn't
seem possible that he'll turn 23 on Wednesday!

Happy Birthday mom!

~ Studio News ~

I'm so blessed to be able to drive to Wichelt Imports to 
pick up all my linen and thread orders.  

Plus, it's so wonderful to work with them one~on~one
with the designer programs!

I'm excited to stitch new models using these beautiful new

Excellent new colors!

 As many of you know...I love Cafe Mocha's!

The Golden Needle is outstanding, the model for
Humble Hare Handwork's next kit is stitched on this...will 
reveal on Friday post!

Next, Belfast Linen...

I love stitching on Belfast ~ Platinum, but decided to explore
some new color choices...what do you think?

Oh, how I wish there were more hours in a day...I could 
get so much more accomplished!

Every year our neighbors stop by to drop off fresh 

One of my beans!

I love the opportunity to use my beautiful antique colander,
 which belonged to my Grandfather's mother! 

~ Naughty Woodchucks ~

Our old fired clay tiled silo...

LQQks can be deceiving...from this angle the old 
silo LQQks okay...sadly it's not!

We recently discovered that woodchucks have burrowed
under the corner foundation of the barn and 
also under the silo...naughty woodchucks!

I don't have to travel to Italy to see the 
"Leaning Tower of Pisa"...we have one right here on the farm!

At the fast rate it's could collapse any day!
It will be a real mess to clean up!

So sad to see it go!

Do you remember a few weeks ago when the Robin's nest
fell on top of my Petunia's?

They were definitely crushed, but not broken, look at them now...

They have made a full recovery...yay!

Here in Wisconsin the country roadsides are alive
with wildflowers and such...

Sumac just about everywhere!

Lots and lots of Chicory Flower.

Black Eyed pretty!

I love flowers that are shades of purple.

Hollyhocks...standing tall and proud!

Soaking up the warm sunshine!

~ Weekly Soul Food ~ 

Thou art my hiding place;
thou shalt preserve me from trouble;
thou shalt compass me about with songs of deliverance.

~ Psalm 32:7...KJV ~

12 Steps for Self~Care

1.  If it feels wrong...don't do it.
2.  Say "exactly" what you mean.
3.  Don't be a people pleaser.
4.  Trust your instincts.
5.  Never speak bad about yourself.
6.  Never give up on your dreams.
7.  Don't be afraid to say "No".
8. Don't be afraid to say "Yes".
9.  Be KIND to yourself and others.
10.  Let go of what you can't control.
11.  Stay away from drama & negativity.
12.  Live with a JOYFUL HEART! 

Have a wonderful week and enjoy this last
week of July!

Friday, July 24, 2015

~ Country Animal Folk ~

Hello friends and neighbors...are you staying cool
in your corner of the world?

Hope you enjoyed this week, and took time to 
do something special that you really enjoy!

 Humble Hare Handwork Club Update...

"Humble Gatherings"....kits scheduled to ship August 20th.

When beginning a new sampler I love picking out a different 
sewing bag or basket and filling it with either inherited or acquired
 notions that will make my stitching time a special time!

My favorite antique ivory "hare" needlecase.

The first thing I do when I'm ready to start stitching is to thread  
a needle for all the colors used in the sampler.

Six warm autumn colors were used for Humble Gatherings.

 "Country French" linen in the color "Golden Needle" was used.

The finishing fabric is from Andover Fabrics by 
Renee Nanneman.

It's a wonderful match for this sampler!

The model is all stitched and just waiting to be  
finished...I'll share the finish sometime next week.

I almost completely missed the Fair is year!

  The last day was on Sunday and by the time we stopped lots of  
the animals we're getting loaded up to head home, but
I still got lots of pictures....

Meet "Johnny B Goode", I'd love to take him back home
with me...what a sweetheart!

This is "Patches" a spotted hare.

Oh, I wish you could hear the chirping going on!  
Notice the two little chicks in the
lower right corner...looks like they're "kissing"!

Splish~splash...the ducks are taking a bath!

This guy must be practicing for a crowing contest...really 
powerful sounding!

Caught this guy "deep in thought"!

What a great profile!

Check out the beautiful feathers on this!

"Did I do that?"

Wait until you see the next couple of beauties...

What a peaceful, content look, definitely daydreaming about 
something...and wow look at the hair~dew! 

This "blonde" was very friendly, and her noise as soft
as silk!

A wonderful "Nubian" Goat...looks like one of Tasha Tudor's!

Just a quick little nap before heading back home!

This mama is whispering; "Now don't talk to strangers"!

Patiently waiting for their ride back home!

~ Weekend Soul Food ~

Be not afraid, ye beast of the field:  for the
 pastures of the wilderness do spring, 
for the tree beareth her fruit, 
the fig tree and the vine do yield their strengh.

~ Joel 2:22...KJV ~

Have a great weekend friends...see you on Monday!

Take care, relax and stitch!