Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year's Eve to Ewe....

Good morning friends!

Just a quick little note to welcome in the
new year to come...

Blessings from Scattered Seed Samplers as
we close the chapter of 2015!

A man's heart deviseth his way; but the Lord directeth his steps.

Proverbs 16:9...KJV

Please stop by tomorrow to see whose name will be drawn
for the New Year's gift giveaway...2016 Book of Days Calendar!

Until then, enjoy your day!
Kindly, Tammy

Monday, December 28, 2015

A Stitch in Time ~

Hello, hello, hello's SO good to be back!

This entire month of December has been more than
overwhelming for me, I've never felt so disconnected and
ready to get back into my normal routine!

My husband Bill, son Sam, and I have all been sick
 with the worst colds we can ever remember, 
Christmas Eve & Christmas Day
 were absolutely miserable!! 

That being said,
 it really feels great to be back in my Studio 

Little Sparrow Pinkeep Update...

I need to thank all you Little Sparrow members
for your patience with me this month...thank you SO much!

The model is finally finished and ready to share...

~ front side ~

"A Stitch in Time" pinkeep
©2015 Scattered Seed Samplers

Pattern will include a charted alphabet for you to 
personalize your little heirloom.

And now for the backside...

2015 marks the first year for the 
Little Sparrow Pinkeep Club.

Embellished with satin ribbon...

Early traditional pinkeeps were often embellished with 
satin ribbon, which I love!

This is a lovely way to conceal the seam while
adding character to the finished pinkeep.

The model is stitched on 32ct Belfast Summer Khaki
and then coffee stained after the stitching was complete.

Firmly packed with sawdust,
and a finished size of approximately 3.5~4" inches.

This is the fourth and last kit for 2015.
A rejoining form for 2016 will be included with the kit
for early sign up to reserve your membership.

The scheduled ship date is  Thursday, December 31st,
which lands on New Years apologies!!!

Every year my husband and son asked me;
'what do you want for Christmas?'

This year I asked for the complete series of...

Yay, what a great to help me get through my dreaded cold 
symptoms that started with a sore throat then onto sneezing/coughing/itchy eyes/sinus, the worst 
 being an endless dripping noise...used a whole box of Kleenex!

So glad that's ALL behind me now!

I just need to find series five, our local stores were 
all sold out!

Our local PBS channel will be broadcasting the final
sixth series starting this Sunday, January 3rd...I can hardly

My Christmas was made extra special by so many 
"Merry Christmas" wishes sent through
 emails, Facebook and to my surprise the mailbox...

I was so very touched to receive Christmas cards
from Olga, LaNelle, and David...thank you for your kindness!

Also, gifted to me by the talented artist 
David Schump from The Art Tramp...

A Noah's Ark on wheels with a clip on Dove ornament!

 David's work is all original, one of a kind, hand made in
 the traditional Tramp Art style from years gone by!

  The Ark is also a special storage box!

Here is the link to David's Web Site...

We're expecting 6~12" inches of snow's
like a blizzard outside my Studio window....

Feeding our little feathered friends is so important 
during these harsh winter months!

It's worth all the layering to watch them share
the scattered seed I sow for them!

New Years Surprise gift giveaway drawing...

Do you need a special calendar?

Would you like to enter your name in this drawing?

Please do so my leaving me a comment at the end of 
this post OR on my Facebook page...

Please tell me what you are looking forward to in 2016!

The winning name will be announced on Friday!

Weekly Soul Food...

For as the rain cometh down, and the snow from heaven
and returneth not thither, but watereth the earth,
and maketh it bring forth and bud,
that it may give seed to the sower,
and bread to the eater.

Isaiah 55:10...KJV

Wow, the wind is really howling, we're definitely in the
midst of a blizzard...snow plows just pasted our farm!

Please, take time to feed the little birds in your
 neighborhood...they'll love you for it!

Joyfully, Tammy

Monday, December 21, 2015

Gift No. 3 Winning Name...

Welcome friends everywhere to Winter's first day!

December 21st, the shortest day of the year!

It's always exciting to see whose name will be drawn for the
gift giveaways!

And the winning name is....

Congratulations and Christmas hugs to Lauren!

Thank you and Christmas hugs to everyone who entered the drawing!

My next gift giveaway will be in January to
welcome in the New Year of 2016!

Do you have an old artificial Christmas tree in your stash? 
Look at how you can transform it...

Wow, what a great way to make your own "Feather Tree"!

A chilly Wintery Solstice morning here on the farm... 

Thick layer of frost on the farm fields with the sun rising in the
misty fog...a serenity now moment!

We had our first snow fall last Friday, the country side was so peaceful...

Neighboring horses resting in the newly fallen snow...sadly Friday's snow has
all melted away!

The final countdown to Christmas Day, I bet the North Pole
is busy, busy, busy!!

Trivia ~ Do you know all the names of Santa's Reindeer?


There was Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner,
Blitzen and the most famous of them all...Rudolph!

Weekly Soul Food...

Come unto me,
all ye that labour and are heavy laden,
and I will give you rest.

Matthew 11:28...KJV

Warm Winter wishes to all my special friends
near and far!

Joyfully, Tammy

Friday, December 18, 2015

Christmas Gift Giveaway No. 3

Welcome friends and needleworkers!

My normal routine has been turned upside down this past
several weeks and will continue for one more week!

But, even in the midst of chaos...stitching will always soothe my 
frazzled nerves!

I'm very close to being finished with my 
Secret Sunday Sampler.... 

Here is a little sneak peek. 

I'll be releasing this pattern to my distributors
sometime in January, it will also be available through
my Etsy Shoppe.

More details will be posted after Christmas!

Today, starts the drawing for the final giveaway before Christmas...

This weeks gift is for a "Heart in Hand" thread holder AND
6 skeins of "Dinky Dyes" hand dyed silk threads.

To enter your name in the drawing simply leave a comment at the
end of this post or through my facebook page.

It really helps to enter more than just your first name, please
ALSO include your city and case there are more entries with
the same first name as yours! 

Also, a way to contact you if your name is drawn...Thank You!!

 The winning name will be announced on wishes!

Look at what's happening outside my Studio window....

I thought I had all my photos ready to go, when I happened to
glance out the window to such a beautiful sight!

The first big snowflakes to land on my new car!

The two geese in the background are not real...just large plastic decoys!

Are YOU ready for Christmas?  I'm NOT!

Thank goodness there is still time to finish up loose ends!

While looking for some last minute ideas, I enjoyed paging
through this little book...

 Hardcover, 75 pages.

Cover to cover it's filled with great ideas!

If you love good decorating books, this would be
a nice one to add to your personal library!

Weekly Soul Food...

Keep thy heart with all diligence;
for out of it are the issues of life.

Proverbs 4:23...KJV

The Early Workbasket will be back on schedule after Christmas is over
and I'm back to my normal routine...thank you for understanding!

Christmas Blessings from Scattered Seed Samplers,
Lovingly, Tammy

Monday, December 14, 2015

And the Winner is...

Christmas greetings friends and needleworkers!

Today, I have just enough time for a short post!

All the names have been gathered together for 
the second Christmas gift giveaway and the winner is ...

Merry Christmas Marilyn! 

A big thank you to all those who left a comment sharing your
highlight of the year!

The last Christmas gift giveaway will be shown on
Friday...NEVER, NEVER, NEVER give up!

It started raining here on Saturday, and 
has been raining ever since...

We even had record breaking rain fall for December!

We are waiting until our grandchildren, Rachel and Caleb arrive
tomorrow, to go out and find just the right Christmas tree...

Isn't this an awesome old photo of days gone by!

Weekly Soul Food...

David's vow to the Lord...

Surely I will not come into the tabernacle of my house,
nor go up into my bed; I will not give sleep to mine
eyes, or slumber to mine eyelids,
until I find out a place for the Lord.

Psalm 132:3~5...KJV

And now, I must rush off to keep working on my
Christmas preparations before family starts
arriving tomorrow!

Christmas Joy to All
Lovingly, Tammy

Friday, December 11, 2015

Christmas Gift Giveaway No. 2

Christmas greetings friends and needleworkers!

I know it's Friday...

I would love to be able to do my regular Friday,
Early Workbasket feature...

But, this weeks workbasket is's on Christmas break!

We are expecting a farmhouse full of family coming from
out of state on my regular routine has
been turned upside down!

Hopefully, I'll be under less pressure next Friday!!

How about a second chance to be the winning name for
this week's gift drawing...

Last week's gift was something old,
so this week I thought I'd offer something
old and new in package No. 2!

Here is this week's offering...

An antique porcelain fence insulator ~ as a sweet little scissor stand
to hold these petite silver finished scissors.

These old fence insulators date back to the early 1920's~1930's,
no two are alike, as each one has its own character marks
from its weathered life outside on a fence post for
many years!

This porcelain insulator came directly from our farm fields,
located here in West Salem, Wisconsin, near the
beautiful Upper Mississippi River.

To enter your name in this weeks drawing, simply leave a comment,
telling me what YOUR HIGHLIGHT OF 2015 was?

The winner will be announced on wishes!

Do you still love a good traditional calendar?

If so, you're in luck...

A Needlework Enthusiast's 2016 Book of Days Calendar,
published by Needle Work Press.

The calendar size is a 9 by 12 softcover calendar book
with the twelve months of the year. 

This nice size is perfect for a desktop or fits nicely into your
favorite sewing bag. 

This is a month~at~a~glance calendar featuring quotes, vintage art,
and is very user friendly!

Each month has a section where you can write your notes & musings,
use as a journal of your stitching projects.

Also, includes a page to list email addresses, websites, phone numbers,
and antique charted motifs for your use.

This special calendar is perfect for the needleworker who loves samplers,
or to give as a gift to a needlework friend!

Available in my Etsy shop, here is the direct link...

Is your Christmas Tree up and decorated?

I've started...must be finished before our guests arrive on Tuesday!

Weekend Soul Food...

Joy to the world, the Lord is come!
Let earth receive her King;
Let ev'ry heart prepare Him room
And heav'n and nature sing!

Christmas Hymn by Georg F. Handel...1742

Still no snow...enjoying very mild December weather!

May this Christmas season radiate with love for Christ...and loving others!

Lovingly, Tammy

Monday, December 7, 2015

A Day of Remembrance ~

Welcome kindred spirits!

This morning, one name was chosen for the 
the first of three Christmas gift giveways...

The first gift is an antique brass sewing kit from Germany.

With ALL the entered names gathered together, 
the winner is...

Congratulations and Merry Christmas
 to a kindred stitcher in Canada!

The second of three Christmas gifts will be shown 
on Friday....NEVER, NEVER, NEVER give up!

December 7th, is a very bittersweet day for me,
filled with both happy and sad memories...

This is a photo of my dearest mother when she was young. 
Oh, how I miss her laughter and cheerfulness!

I don't have the words to express how much I miss her, 
I carry her memory in my heart each and every day!

In loving memory of my dear mother

Mary Cynthia Brundage
October 12, 1937 ~ December 7, 2007

Plus, may we ALL never forget that today is 
also Pearl Harbor Day...

What a truly devastating day this was for America!

The air is chilly and crisp these days,
but no snow on the grown yet...

These Crabapple trees are so pretty even after loosing
all there leaves!

My favorite is this bright golden pretty!

Christmas is coming, Christmas is coming...honk, honk, honk! 

These geese are honking loud and clear, warning their feathered
friends to run, run, run as fast as you can...don't stop until
Christmas has passed!

So, if you're out driving and see ducks and geese running,
you can be sure their running for shelter!

What is your family table tradition...Ham, Turkey, Duck, Goose?

I wish I had time and knew how to knit gloves and mittens...

Aren't these old gloves incredible!
 (only to be admired not worn)

I do know how to knit socks, but for some reason gloves
have always looked so intimidating to me!

Perhaps fingerless gloves would be a great place to start!

Weekly Soul Food...

To every thing there is a season,
and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

A time to be born, 
and a time to die;

Ecclesiastes 3:1~2...KJV

If your heart and soul are will sparkle from 
head to toe!

Stay warm and toasty,
Kindly, Tammy