Monday, May 30, 2016

Work in Progress...

Welcome dear friends, 
what do you have planned for this fine day?

My weekend was so relaxing!

This is the way I passed my time...
Every possible moment was spent stitching!

My goal was to have the first of three borders 
finished by Monday morning...
Yay, I met my deadline...barely!

Working on 40ct with a
stitch count of 286W by 285W...lots of tiny stitches!

One border complete...
Two more to go...I'm excited to get started on the next 
one tonight!

Once I finish these three borders, 
I can enjoy stitching the wonderful motifs
that Lydia worked into her samplar
back in 1827...she was only 9 years old!


Right in front of the Studio are 
Arbor Vitae bushes, and for the past
 several weeks every time I walk between
the farmhouse and the Studio a Robin comes
 flying out...just squawking at me!

With my curiosity in full force,
look at what I discovered...
Four little babies...sound to sleep!

Mama Robin is finally getting used to hearing
my voice and she's not squawking at me 
like she did at first!

What fun to check on the babies every day...
They are starting to get fluffier...caught
them sleeping again! 


The country roadsides are so 
pretty this time of year...
Wild Sweet William!


On Sunday my family and I went on a short road
 trip to Winona, Minnesota, luckily my favorite
 photo man Sam (son) was with...
When we passed this family of Canadian Geese
they were up on the edge of the highway, we turned 
to get photos and to get them back in the water!

As soon as we slowed down the Gander (male)
really started honking at us...
The female Goose stayed close to her 
little Goslings!

Six little Goslings...
The mother Goose stayed quite, 
while the Gander did all the honking!

We were so relived to get them back to safety 
and away from the busy highway...
What a special site to see!

One happy family...
Sam is so quick with his camera!

Plus, he even got a video...

Thank you so much Sam!


Weekly Soul Food...

My brethren, 
count it all joy when ye
 fall into divers temptations,

Knowing this,
that the trying of your
 faith worketh patience.

James 1:2~3...KJV


O the joy of holiday weekends,
hope yours is splendid!

~Sweet Blessings~ 

Friday, May 27, 2016

Traveling Workbox ~

Welcome dear friends, 
do you have special plans for this
 Memorial Day weekend?

Hopefully the weather will be nice
and NO rain!

I LOVE strawberries both
edible and about you?

Pretty little antique strawberry emeries...
Embellished with sterling silver tops are displayed
all by themselves.

But what to do with my more humble strawberries?

That's what I decided to fill my jumbo jar with...
No two are exactly alike!

Strawberry picking is such sweet fun...
I always have my eyes open for stray strawberries
that are looking for a good new home!

And there is still plenty of room to add some more...
This is a view looking down into the jar!


Schoolgirl Samplar update...

"Jewel of Wisdom" hot off the press!

Everything is on schedule and ready to 
ship on Tuesday, May 31st.

I'm already gathering my thoughts 
and planning for the next release in August!

Wonderful overdyed linen is already on order...
I'm so EXCITED about this chosen linen!


Before starting a new samplar I love to pick out
either a special basket, tote or box depending
on the size of the samplar...
For my next antique reproduction samplar, 
I chose this nice roomy workbox!

Next, gathering just the right tools
to add to the workbox...
I think of all the necessities I'll need at my fingertips,
especially if I'm on a weekend road trip!

I chose this box because it has a nice
roomy lower compartment...
Perfect place to keep my hand lotion, chart,
rolled up original antique samplar (for reference), 
and my work in progress!

This is a fairly large samplar,
with a stitch count of 
286W by 285H

I find great joy in using my old tools
as well as newer ones...
Tool necessities from left to right ~

* bees wax bar
* hare pinkeep for John James Petite #28 needles
* AVAS Silk thread
* sharp snips
* old cat head tape measure
* magnifying glass necklace
* old ivory needle case 
* old pinkeep for pins 

When starting a large samplar that has a border,
I prefer to start stitching in the upper left corner...
My linen is cut to include a 2" framing allowance.

Next, I choose a 2" square to establish the 
spot where I'll start stitching.

These corner squares are wonderful 
and come in different sizes...2", 3", 4"

Place the square in the upper left corner...
Begin stitching by the lower right corner!

Quilt & craft shops also sell these handy little squares...
This Omnigrid is nice because it includes an extra
 half inch...if you prefer to include a 2.5" framing allowance.

A "must have" in my sewing box is a magnifying glass, 
You never know when you might need to check 
something out!

This is my favorite because I can wear it 
around my neck while stitching!

Now that I'm all organized I can enjoy stitching
either at home or on the road with my
traveling workbox at my side!


Weekend Soul Food...

But thou, when thou prayest,
enter into thy closet, and when thou
hast shut thy door, pray to thy
Father which is in secret; and
thy Father which seeth in secret
shall reward thee openly.

Matthew 6:6...KJV


Blessings for a safe and relaxing
Memorial Day Weekend,

Kindly, Tammy

Monday, May 23, 2016

Spring Breeze ~

Welcome dear friends, 
hope you're enjoying beautiful
spring weather!

I'm really getting excited about starting
to stitch my next antique reproduction sampler!

Saturday evening and all day Sunday
were spent charting, and still not finished, hope
to have the chart done later this week!

The model will be stitched on
 Week Dye Works 40 count "Tin Roof" linen...
Little nine year old Lydia stitched her beautiful
sampler 189 years ago using silk thread!

The model will also be stitched in silk,
I'll be using the lovely AVAS silks.

I can hardly wait to draw my needle with silk
 through this awesome linen!


My assemble line is coming together nicely
for the "Jewel of Wisdom" kits...
All the WDW 36ct. Straw linen is cut,
and the brown floral pinkeep fabric is ready to go!

Little "Crown" charms finally arrived...
All the way from the United Kingdom...each kit will
include a little crown!

Kits will also include the little o~ring 
for the heart shaped pinkeep.

This week I'll be getting all the pattern
stuff ready to go to the printers...
"Jewel of Wisdom" Samplar & Heart Pinkeep.
Scheduled to ship May 31st.

Memberships are available through my Etsy Shop
as a one year membership, which can be paid
all at once, OR I have a quarterly
installment plan available.

All the information is posted in the listing...

If you are interested in joining,
please click HERE


Several months ago I purchased this Jumbo Jar...
I found it at our local People's Food Co~Op,
LaCrosse, Wisconsin.

The glass has a green tint, 
the front is stamped 6kg.

It is so heavy...
It weighs 8 pounds!

The quality is amazing for a brand new jar!

I've decided it's finally time to fill it...check back
on Friday to see what will fill this jumbo jar!


I started working out of my Studio back 
in 2007, when my husband remodeled this
old building here on our farm... 
A photo taken last fall.

At that time he had installed a 
new front shown in the photo.

Well, we always talked about adding a 
screen door, but as time passed by it just never
happened...has that ever happened to you?

On Sunday, out of the blue my husband
asked me; 'would like a screen door put on
your Studio'...
Here is my new screen door...before I opened
up this morning!

Now with cross ventilation,
after 9 years I'm finally enjoying
the beautiful Spring breeze
while I work...
this new addition!


Do you have a favorite flower?

Mine would have to be dark purple Iris...
Just look at all those blossoms just 
waiting to burst open! 

Spring, such an amazing time of the year!
Simply gorgeous! 

And the lovely blossoms of bushes and trees...
Just amazing, when you look close at all the 
little flowers that form one cluster!

The Peonies are getting bigger and bigger...
Soon...very soon!


Weekly Soul Food...

"I love them that love me; 
and those that seek me early
shall find me."

Proverbs 8:17...KJV


Enjoy the beauty 
that spring delivers!

Sweet Blessings,

Friday, May 20, 2016

Farmhouse Samplar Library ~

Welcome dear friends, 
hope you enjoyed a great week!

Last night while working late in the Studio,
I decided to hang "Jewel of Wisdom"
right below "Martha Howells 1849"...
I think they look so sweet next to each other!

Both samplers were stitched on 
WDW 36ct Straw...they seem to really
compliment each other!

Stepping into the Studio this morning was a 
real thrill, to see them in the morning sunlight...
Welcome to a little corner of my Studio!


On Monday, 
I shared a newly acquired 
antique sampler and had mentioned
that there was one very specific symbolic 
thing that stood out in this sampler...
I had several emails, all with great guesses,
but no one had the correct answer!

The verse on the left reads:

Trifle Not
Your time away
when youth is
In its bloom
Think upon your
Dying day and
Mind the world
To come

The words on the right read:

Agnes Corville

Here is the answer to solve the mystery...
It's stitched in the lower half, 
There are two sets of initials "JC" and "MC"

The "MC"really stands out because the initials are

In studying reference books on antique
samplers, I learned that initials stitched in
black are actually deceased family members.

So, it is the symbolism of remembrance 
and respect for the dearly departed!

My guess is Agnes Corville (AC) stitched this
and the JC & MC were her parents...I'll be researching
her genealogy to see if my guess is correct. 

About six months ago,
I remember telling my husband about this,
and never thought in a million years 
that I would actually stumble upon
such an antique sampler! 


    I finally took some pictures this morning
of the little farmhouse room that I 
recently turned into my Samplar Library...
Looking into the room from the doorway,
this is a very bright and sunny room!

Very small but sweet...
On top of the green cabinet are my two very
favorite workbaskets, and a very special
black crow my son Samuel carved for 
 my 44th birthday back in 2005.

Sam was only in 5th I love that crow!

Displayed on top of the hanging bookshelf...
A collection of antique pinkeep boxes with 
pull out favorite one has the inlaid
Lion on the side! 

Just enough room for a
 small reading chair and table...
A wonderful room to enjoy a cup of Mocha Coffee 
and refuel myself with inspiration...this window looks 
out to my design Studio!

Sitting in my chair, if you look up...
There is a nice shelf way up high with a lower
storage cabinet below...this is actually an old fashioned 
  built in china cupboard that faces the dining room
on the other side!

The other wall has a desk and some more books...
I still can't decide if I should add curtains
 or just keep the blinds?

This little room was once my office,
but decided to relocate my good computer 
out to my Studio.

This side of the room looks out to the front yard...
Lots of nice work space!

The doorway looks out to the dining room,
I've already fallen in love with the convenience
of having my books at my finger tips in the
evening hours!


One of my Christmas presents was the 
Downton Abbey series...
So far I've watched seasons 1~4,
I'm hoping to get started with the last
two seasons this weekend!

Plus, I'm really excited about the bonus DVD
The Manners of Downton Abbey!


Weekend Soul Food...

"The heart of the prudent getteth knowledge;
and the ear of the wise seeketh knowledge."

Proverbs 18:15...KJV


Wishing you a very happy weekend,

Many Blessings,