Friday, May 6, 2016

The Early Workbasket ~ Needle Cases

Welcome dear friends...hip hip hooray it's Friday!

The days just seem to pass so quickly...too quickly!

However, this was a good and productive week and I'm happy to
 say the design is all charted for thSchoolgirl Samplar Club, 
which means I'm ready to start stitching this evening!

I'll be sharing an update on Monday!


~ The Early Workbasket ~ 
featured the 1st Friday of each month

Today's topic is Needle Cases...
Early needle cases come in such a wide range of styles,
hand carved with exquisite detail on beautiful woods like
Black Forest, Rosewood and Ebony.

These rather tall needle cases measure up to 5.5"...
They work wonderfully for storing long darning needles!

Each needle case is so uniquely different... 
Many cases were carved from the wood of different
nut trees such as; Tagua Nut, Coquilla Nut.

And then there are the different metals...
Brass, Nickel, Sterling Silver to name a few.

Carving was also very popular on Ivory, 
Cattle Bone, Vegetable Ivory...
Each one with a delicate top cap!

Animals were a very popular theme...
Birds, Fish, Rabbits and many more!

During the Victorian Era Stanhope Parasol's were the in thing...
Intricately caved Ivory, cira 1890.

Also popular were "Ears of Corn"...
Ebony and Ivory!

I love all my needle cases, 
but I'm especially fond of my three 
Polish Folk...
My grandparents on my father's side both came from 
Poland, which they always referred to as the 
"Old Country".

I'm half Polish and these are my tribute to that 
part of my heritage.

Wooden needle cases from Poland will be stamped
in purple on the bottom...
I admire early needle cases because the 
workmanship is so outstanding!

To make my workbasket extra special
I pick a different needle case with the change
of the fun collecting if I can't use them!


I'm still trying to finish organizing my 
open bookshelf with finishing supplies...
 Time only allowed for me to add 
sawdust and funnels.

And a couple more jars of buttons...
Little by little I'll get this project done!


Mrs. Mama Dove would like to say hello...
She is taking such good care of her two babies!


Weekend Soul Food...

"I can do all things through Christ
which strengtheneth me."

Philippians 4:13...KJV


 My husband just informed me 
that it's 91° out!

It's time for me to gather my stitching 
basket and relax!

Many Blessings, Tammy

Watching & Waiting for mama...


  1. I love the interesting things you post about, thanks so much!

  2. I love all your collections of sewing needfuls...the needle cases are just gorgeous, Tammy!

  3. I am a collector of all things stitching and sewing too. I love seeing all your treasures. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  4. What a beautiful collection of needlecases.
    Thanks for sharing the pics.
    Mama Dove is so pretty, and the babies are too cute.

  5. What a beautiful post today Tammy!

  6. I adore your have beautiful graphics and the sharing of your personal items is so special. I'm next door in MN...those 90's yesterday were incredible. I also have a dove family that brightens my days. Blessings to you!!

  7. Another wonderful collection!
    Happy Mother's Day.
    Hugs :)