Monday, May 23, 2016

Spring Breeze ~

Welcome dear friends, 
hope you're enjoying beautiful
spring weather!

I'm really getting excited about starting
to stitch my next antique reproduction sampler!

Saturday evening and all day Sunday
were spent charting, and still not finished, hope
to have the chart done later this week!

The model will be stitched on
 Week Dye Works 40 count "Tin Roof" linen...
Little nine year old Lydia stitched her beautiful
sampler 189 years ago using silk thread!

The model will also be stitched in silk,
I'll be using the lovely AVAS silks.

I can hardly wait to draw my needle with silk
 through this awesome linen!


My assemble line is coming together nicely
for the "Jewel of Wisdom" kits...
All the WDW 36ct. Straw linen is cut,
and the brown floral pinkeep fabric is ready to go!

Little "Crown" charms finally arrived...
All the way from the United Kingdom...each kit will
include a little crown!

Kits will also include the little o~ring 
for the heart shaped pinkeep.

This week I'll be getting all the pattern
stuff ready to go to the printers...
"Jewel of Wisdom" Samplar & Heart Pinkeep.
Scheduled to ship May 31st.

Memberships are available through my Etsy Shop
as a one year membership, which can be paid
all at once, OR I have a quarterly
installment plan available.

All the information is posted in the listing...

If you are interested in joining,
please click HERE


Several months ago I purchased this Jumbo Jar...
I found it at our local People's Food Co~Op,
LaCrosse, Wisconsin.

The glass has a green tint, 
the front is stamped 6kg.

It is so heavy...
It weighs 8 pounds!

The quality is amazing for a brand new jar!

I've decided it's finally time to fill it...check back
on Friday to see what will fill this jumbo jar!


I started working out of my Studio back 
in 2007, when my husband remodeled this
old building here on our farm... 
A photo taken last fall.

At that time he had installed a 
new front shown in the photo.

Well, we always talked about adding a 
screen door, but as time passed by it just never
happened...has that ever happened to you?

On Sunday, out of the blue my husband
asked me; 'would like a screen door put on
your Studio'...
Here is my new screen door...before I opened
up this morning!

Now with cross ventilation,
after 9 years I'm finally enjoying
the beautiful Spring breeze
while I work...
this new addition!


Do you have a favorite flower?

Mine would have to be dark purple Iris...
Just look at all those blossoms just 
waiting to burst open! 

Spring, such an amazing time of the year!
Simply gorgeous! 

And the lovely blossoms of bushes and trees...
Just amazing, when you look close at all the 
little flowers that form one cluster!

The Peonies are getting bigger and bigger...
Soon...very soon!


Weekly Soul Food...

"I love them that love me; 
and those that seek me early
shall find me."

Proverbs 8:17...KJV


Enjoy the beauty 
that spring delivers!

Sweet Blessings,


  1. Your studio looks so inviting. I'm sure you will enjoy the spring breezes.
    I love irises, too.
    Hugs :)

  2. I'm sure your studio holds many treasures. So nice to have a door open and hear outside noises and to feel a breeze. Lily of the valley is a favorite - as little as it is, but so sweetly scented !

  3. Lucky Lady! Love your studio, I need another house for my stitchy stuff! Looks very inviting! Thank you for sharing and can't wait for the first group piece!

  4. My favorite flowers are pansies. Enjoy the lovely week!