Monday, May 30, 2016

Work in Progress...

Welcome dear friends, 
what do you have planned for this fine day?

My weekend was so relaxing!

This is the way I passed my time...
Every possible moment was spent stitching!

My goal was to have the first of three borders 
finished by Monday morning...
Yay, I met my deadline...barely!

Working on 40ct with a
stitch count of 286W by 285W...lots of tiny stitches!

One border complete...
Two more to go...I'm excited to get started on the next 
one tonight!

Once I finish these three borders, 
I can enjoy stitching the wonderful motifs
that Lydia worked into her samplar
back in 1827...she was only 9 years old!


Right in front of the Studio are 
Arbor Vitae bushes, and for the past
 several weeks every time I walk between
the farmhouse and the Studio a Robin comes
 flying out...just squawking at me!

With my curiosity in full force,
look at what I discovered...
Four little babies...sound to sleep!

Mama Robin is finally getting used to hearing
my voice and she's not squawking at me 
like she did at first!

What fun to check on the babies every day...
They are starting to get fluffier...caught
them sleeping again! 


The country roadsides are so 
pretty this time of year...
Wild Sweet William!


On Sunday my family and I went on a short road
 trip to Winona, Minnesota, luckily my favorite
 photo man Sam (son) was with...
When we passed this family of Canadian Geese
they were up on the edge of the highway, we turned 
to get photos and to get them back in the water!

As soon as we slowed down the Gander (male)
really started honking at us...
The female Goose stayed close to her 
little Goslings!

Six little Goslings...
The mother Goose stayed quite, 
while the Gander did all the honking!

We were so relived to get them back to safety 
and away from the busy highway...
What a special site to see!

One happy family...
Sam is so quick with his camera!

Plus, he even got a video...

Thank you so much Sam!


Weekly Soul Food...

My brethren, 
count it all joy when ye
 fall into divers temptations,

Knowing this,
that the trying of your
 faith worketh patience.

James 1:2~3...KJV


O the joy of holiday weekends,
hope yours is splendid!

~Sweet Blessings~ 


  1. The sampler is lovely. The baby robins are so precious. We had a black bear next to our house this morning but I just missed it as I had gone for a walk in the opposite direction. I've been enjoying the wild flowers as well. Lori

  2. I love your blog.,,the photos are great and your writing suburb!! I use to live fairly close to you (Houston, MN ). Now I'm in Rochester, MN.. I saw that you were at Gold Rush.... me too. I love nature.....and the Bible verses. I don't do samplers any more...I'm a rug hooker and designer. If you are ever my direction, I would love to meet you!!

  3. This looks like a great Sampler.
    The baby birds and Geese are so cute.
    We had a Mama Mallard under our bird feeder yesterday!
    She had 8 babies behind her, all waddling along, so cute.
    I hope they made it back to the pond around the corner safely.

  4. I am so afraid that if I stitch my border first, I will miscount and the motifs will not fit in. The photos of the geese brought back memories of when my dad found some eggs in the drainage ditch next to the road that ran past our farm. He put them under one of our brood hens to see what would hatch, and several weeks later the poor hen found herself mother to several Canadian Geese!

  5. I always stitch my border first if it does not meet up I have to recount.
    Love the fabric color looks so vintage, beautiful thread choices, I look forward to seeing the Design.
    I love watching birds, we have four babies on out front porch, I can get up close to the nest about six inch's and Momma lets me see the babies, she has been coming for so many years she is used to me.