Friday, May 20, 2016

Farmhouse Samplar Library ~

Welcome dear friends, 
hope you enjoyed a great week!

Last night while working late in the Studio,
I decided to hang "Jewel of Wisdom"
right below "Martha Howells 1849"...
I think they look so sweet next to each other!

Both samplers were stitched on 
WDW 36ct Straw...they seem to really
compliment each other!

Stepping into the Studio this morning was a 
real thrill, to see them in the morning sunlight...
Welcome to a little corner of my Studio!


On Monday, 
I shared a newly acquired 
antique sampler and had mentioned
that there was one very specific symbolic 
thing that stood out in this sampler...
I had several emails, all with great guesses,
but no one had the correct answer!

The verse on the left reads:

Trifle Not
Your time away
when youth is
In its bloom
Think upon your
Dying day and
Mind the world
To come

The words on the right read:

Agnes Corville

Here is the answer to solve the mystery...
It's stitched in the lower half, 
There are two sets of initials "JC" and "MC"

The "MC"really stands out because the initials are

In studying reference books on antique
samplers, I learned that initials stitched in
black are actually deceased family members.

So, it is the symbolism of remembrance 
and respect for the dearly departed!

My guess is Agnes Corville (AC) stitched this
and the JC & MC were her parents...I'll be researching
her genealogy to see if my guess is correct. 

About six months ago,
I remember telling my husband about this,
and never thought in a million years 
that I would actually stumble upon
such an antique sampler! 


    I finally took some pictures this morning
of the little farmhouse room that I 
recently turned into my Samplar Library...
Looking into the room from the doorway,
this is a very bright and sunny room!

Very small but sweet...
On top of the green cabinet are my two very
favorite workbaskets, and a very special
black crow my son Samuel carved for 
 my 44th birthday back in 2005.

Sam was only in 5th I love that crow!

Displayed on top of the hanging bookshelf...
A collection of antique pinkeep boxes with 
pull out favorite one has the inlaid
Lion on the side! 

Just enough room for a
 small reading chair and table...
A wonderful room to enjoy a cup of Mocha Coffee 
and refuel myself with inspiration...this window looks 
out to my design Studio!

Sitting in my chair, if you look up...
There is a nice shelf way up high with a lower
storage cabinet below...this is actually an old fashioned 
  built in china cupboard that faces the dining room
on the other side!

The other wall has a desk and some more books...
I still can't decide if I should add curtains
 or just keep the blinds?

This little room was once my office,
but decided to relocate my good computer 
out to my Studio.

This side of the room looks out to the front yard...
Lots of nice work space!

The doorway looks out to the dining room,
I've already fallen in love with the convenience
of having my books at my finger tips in the
evening hours!


One of my Christmas presents was the 
Downton Abbey series...
So far I've watched seasons 1~4,
I'm hoping to get started with the last
two seasons this weekend!

Plus, I'm really excited about the bonus DVD
The Manners of Downton Abbey!


Weekend Soul Food...

"The heart of the prudent getteth knowledge;
and the ear of the wise seeketh knowledge."

Proverbs 18:15...KJV


Wishing you a very happy weekend,

Many Blessings, 


  1. You received the best Christmas present ever! I also have these.Have watched them many times.Couldn't stop watching till I got to the end.

  2. I totally love this series, but I had missed so many of them when they aired on this is fabulous to watch them all in order! My best company while stitching! How lovely to hear from you Lynn, thank you!

  3. love your sampler library Tammy ~ it is just thee perfect place to do a little research, take some notes of just peruse those books we all have in our collections ~ love it! and your wall of finished works in your studio is perfection :)

    1. Dear Lori, How lovely to hear from you, thank you for the nice message! Many Blessing, your friend Tammy

  4. I'm watching Season 4 right now. I can watch Downton again and again! Love the tiny room, I would probably never come out of it! Those blinds really create a nice light though and make the room look airy.

    1. Dear Shelly, My favorite time to watch Downton is when I have the farmhouse all to I don't have any distractions! I too like the clean simple look of just the blinds! Many Blessings, Tammy :)

  5. If you put up additional window dressings, make sure they are lite and airy - like slightly antiquated muslin or cheesecloth even

    I missed the entire Downton series. I will make it a point to start watching on dvd. I've been enjoying all the remake movies like Pride and Prejudice and Becoming Jane. It was a simpler time in many ways.

    I loved the walk through your rooms! You have some treasures. Very much enjoyed seeing them.

    1. How lovely to hear from you Marilyn! Hope you enjoy a lovely weekend, Tammy :)

  6. What a wonderful space Love everything about it The hare with the basket with small bunny and carrot is so sweet The baskets are beautiful Wow what talent for a 5th grader to be able to carve your special crow
    linda m

    1. Dear Linda, My husband is an wonderful artist and very talented decoy carver...Sam grew up having an excellent teacher! I'm very proud of both of them! Blessings, Tammy :)

  7. well late again with the guess and I did get it right but ho hum heheheheh ... love your den and your gift from your son .... i keep scouring the antique centers for goodies ... getting there :) love your sampler walls too :) love mouse xxxxx

  8. The Sampler fact is interesting.
    I wouldn't have guessed that.
    You have some beautiful rooms in your house.
    Thanks for sharing the pics.

  9. Your sampler collection is inspiring !
    Antique samplers have so much rich history to tell. Thanks for sharing your knowledge about the initials. Very interesting.

  10. Your studio and your library are true blessings Tammy. As are your husband and your son!

  11. I can't believe your son carved that at such a young age. What a treasure!
    Thank you for sharing so many pictures of your home. It is just breathtaking. Have you ever been featured in a magazine? If not, you ought to be.
    Hugs :)

    1. Dear Lauren, My husband is an wonderful artist and very talented decoy carver...Sam grew up having an excellent teacher! I'm very proud of both of them! Thank you for the lovely message! Blessings, Tammy :)

  12. Very interesting knowing about the initials on the sampler. When I see them now I will be looking for that. Your wall of samplers looks wonderful. I so love the bunny one, since I love love love bunnies. Would you be able to give me the designer who made this one? Janice

  13. Driving to visit you and tour your house & studio is high on my list of things to do. It will happen some day! You are so inspiring and I'm forever learning great things from you. I loved the black letters lesson today. I studied that sampler and even had Mark look at it but we couldn't figure it out. So fun as always. Thanks for sharing.

  14. I'm so glad I found your blog. Your collections are inspiring and I'm learning so much on antique needlework accessories. I enjoy seeing how your house is decorated too.

  15. How beautiful. A very lovely room. I enjoyed seeing the stitched pieces. Inspiring. I loved them all. I especially love the bunny piece underneath the large sampler. Who is the designer? I would like to stitch that. Thanks again for sharing your beautiful home. Enjoy your day!

    1. Dear Cheryl, The rabbit sampler is one of my pattern designs titled "Spring Meadow." It is available through my Esty shop, here is the

      Or, my Esty user name is scatteredseedsampler

      If you have any questions, please let me know.