Friday, June 30, 2017

Sampler Sneak Peek...

Welcome dear needlefolk friends!

Hope you enjoyed a great week!

This week flew by so fast, 
Tuesday was especially a busy one for
my entire family~

~ husband had an eye appt. at Mayo in Rochester, MN
~ youngest son Samuel started a new job!
~ oldest son and his family left for a two year
assignment in Mauritania, Africa
~ I had an appointment for my yearly physical

The rest of the week seemed to be a 
complete blurrrrr!!!!


My sampler in progress has visited many 
waiting rooms this week!

How about a little sneak peek...

Coming Soon...
"Heart of Wisdom" Sampler

This sweet little sampler will be available
through my Etsy shop in about a week!

Stitched on 32ct Vintage "Buttercream" by
Lakeside Linen

Only two lovely overdyed thread colors 
are used throughout the entire sampler...very
reminiscent of early samplers! 


It's hard to believe tomorrow we
will be welcoming in the month of July!

The place we call home...Our Farm,
 taken this evening as it bids farewell
 to the month June!

My short commute to work...from the 
farmhouse ~ across the driveway ~ to my Studio!


While out on a weekend drive we came across a
site that we have never experienced in our entire lives!!!

It all happened when a mama deer ran across
the highway in front of Sam's truck, she then
ran down into the field where her fawns 
were waiting for her!

By the time Sam quickly spun the truck 
around, this is what we saw...

O my goodness, thank heavens the whole family
is safely reunited, we still can't believe we were able 
to get pics of the fawns nursing!!

It may look like there is only one fawn,
but there really is two!!

Mama finally started getting nervous... was finally time to seek shelter!!


Another road worthy shot,
was this beautiful old stone church on the hill...

So peacefully tucked into a wooded hillside!



10:00 to 3:00

Our Farm Shop is located at ~
W4253 County Road B
West Salem, Wisconsin 54669
(608) 799~4418

Please don't hesitate to call if Saturday
doesn't work for you...always happy to accommodate!



"Stand fast therefore in the liberty 
wherewith Christ hath made us free,
and be not entangled again with
the yoke of bondage."

Galatians 5:1...kjv


Wishing you a safe and relaxing 
4th of July weekend!

Kindly, Tammy

Friday, June 23, 2017

New Sampler Coming Soon...

Welcome and Happy Friday
needlefolk friends!

According to the weatherman, 
sounds like we're going to enjoy a nice 
cool weekend!


I've been doing a lot of cleaning this past
week and came across a lovely pair
of Hare/Rabbit scissors...

I'm offering this lovely pair of 4" silver toned
Hare scissors in my Etsy Shop.

Nice & sharp, perfect for fine embroidery,
cross stitch, needlepoint or quilting.

Only ONE pair available!  Sold...thank you kindly!

If you are interested, please click HERE 
(or click on the photos above)


This past week we enjoyed much cooler
temps and less humidity...yay!

We've also had lots of rains the last few the sound of thunder & lightening!

Sam captured this outstanding rainbow over
our farm fields!

I'm always amazed at the big puff balls that
are created when Dandelions go to seed!

Got this great shot while passing through one
of our local small towns!


Studio News...

I'm so excited to start stitching on a new sampler 
that I just finished designing last night.

After supper, I'll be pulling threads and 
choosing the linen, hoping to start stitching 
later tonight!

If all goes well, I'll be sharing a sneak peek 
early next week!


On Sunday, we're planning a picnic lunch 
down by our favorite lakeside spot...

I'll be taking my sampler with me, 
hope to make lots of headway!



10:00 ~ 3:00

Our Farm Shop is located at ~
W4253 County Road B
West Salem, Wisconsin 54669
(608) 799~4418


Weekend Soul Food...

"In all thy ways acknowledge him,
and he shall direct thy paths."

Proverbs 3:5...kjv


Wishing you too a weekend filled with needle & thread!

Kindly, Tammy

Monday, June 19, 2017

Second Chance ~

Welcome & Happy Monday
needlefolk friends!

Hope you enjoyed a wonderful Father's Day
weekend, and are all rested ~



There are three items left from Friday's post
that are still available for purchase...

Early Primitive Spool Spindle

~ antique in good used condition
~ made of metal with 8 spindles
~ dark olive green velvet
~ measures 3.75" in diameter by 3" high
Price ~ $43.00, plus $4.95 shipping


Old Weaving Spindle Ink Pen

~ nice old blue paint
~ measures 9"long
~ red ink cartridge
~ ink is replaced through the writing tip end 
(simply pull out old one & replace)
Price $8.95, plus $2.61 shipping


World's Exposition 1893 Shoe Pinkeep

~ Chicago, Illinois 1893
~ measures 4.5" long by 1.5" high
~ great overall metal patina
~old gold velvet, worn nap & nicely faded with age
Price $43.00, plus $3.95 shipping  SOLD ~ Thank You!

These antique goods are from my personal 
collection and are looking for good new homes!

If you are interested in an item,
simply email me at ~  
OR call me at (608) 799~4418

Payment options are a PayPal invoice OR Credit Card


We enjoyed a fun Father's Day weekend
in Minnesota...
(Sam checking out a hot Ford GT)

My guys enjoyed a car show in Winona, 
while I did a little shopping!

Then, we were off to Rochester...
Sam took this awesome photo along the way...I LOVE IT!

We had lots of fun shopping at the 
Apache Mall!


Soul Food...

Have a good and Godly day;
for of what lasting value is a good day,
if it is not also a Godly day!


Enjoy the day my friends, 
stay true to yourself and make
choices that reflect your passions in life!


Friday, June 16, 2017

Antique Goods ~

Welcome needlefolk friends 
and happy Friday!

This past week has been extremely 
hot & humid...yuk!

The gnats are so bad this summer that
I'm not enjoying my evening walks...back to 
my faithful old treadmill!


Antique Goods Blog Sale ~

I've gathered together a few items from my Farm Shop 
to have a little Antique Blog Sale for the needlefolk
that live to far away to visit the shop!

This gathering of goods will only be for
sale here on my blog...NO EBAY...NO ETSY!

Terms will be very simple ~

~ email me at 
if you are interested in purchasing an item

~ Payment options are a PayPal invoice (email address needed) OR 
~ Credit me at (608) 799~4418 with card number info
~ Packages will be shipped first class, tracking number provided

These antiques all come from my personal 
collection and are looking for good new homes!

Item No. 1...
Nice early primitive pinkeep spool holder...item No. 1

~ wood base 5" in diameter
~ pinkeep  3.75" in diameter
~ measures 5.75" high
Price ~ $43.00, plus $5.95 shipping SOLD

Item No. 2...
Early Primitive Spool Spindle...item No. 2

~ metal with 8 spindles
~ dark olive green velvet

~ measures 3.75" in diameter & 3" high
Price ~ $43.00, plus $4.95 shipping

Item No. 3...
World's Exposition 1893 Shoe Pinkeep...item No. 3

~ Chicago, Illinois 1893
~ measures 4.5" long by 1.5" high

~ great overall metal patina
~ old gold velvet, worn nap & nicely faded with age 
Price $43.00, plus $4.95 shipping

Item No. 4...
Old Weaving Spindle Ink Pen...item No. 4~

~ nice old blue paint
~ measures 9" long
~ come with a red ink cartridge
~ ink cartridges are replaced through the writing tip end
(simply pull out old one & replace)
Price $8.95, plus $2.61 shipping

Item No. 5...
Wonderful Early Hand Broom...item No. 5

~ nicely wrapped handle with old fabric end

~ measures 14" long by 6" wide
Price $32.00, plus $3.95 shipping  SOLD

Hope you enjoyed my first antique blog sale!


Peonies are just about done blooming...
Sure wish you could smell them through
the computer!


Look what crossed my path on my
way home this morning...

This twisty curvy country road is called
Swamp Road, as I came around one of the 
tight curves...this confused looking deer was 
just standing in the middle of the road!

She looked at me, then did a little dance for me
by turning in circles a few times, then
continued to just look at me!

I finally rolled my window down a 
told her to get back into the woods where
it's safe...she finally ran!


This past week we were on a country 
drive in Amish country...

This was so enchanting...a quaint village 
like cluster of individual shops!

Love the charming old shed at the entrance!

Each little building sold different things!

There was even an animal petting area by the barn!

Each building was painted a bright cheery color,
flower gardens, and a sitting area!


Sharing with you one of my 
favorite refreshments during these
hot humid summer days...

Sparkling water with freshly cut mint & squeezed
lime in a fancy old glass, feels like a guilty
pleasure, but it's not...Zero Calories!





Weekend Soul Food...

"But whosoever drinketh of the water 
that I shall give him shall never thirst;
but the water that I shall give him shall be in him
a well of water springing up into everlasting life."

John 4:14...kjv


Wishing you a happy and cool 
Father's Day weekend,

Kindly, Tammy

Friday, June 9, 2017

Summertime ~

Happy Friday and Welcome
needlefolk friends!

Our week was one of those weeks 
that catches you off guard and turns your 
life upside down!

Not one, but two family medical emergencies in 
the same week and on the same day!

Husband Bill had a bad hemorrhage in his eye,
 ended up in the emergency room, he's going to be fine...
just needs lots healing time!

Son Sam, is scheduled for surgery to have 
his appendix removed! 


Early Maiden Workbasket Club Update ~

I'm running a few days behind schedule in 
  getting club kits out, I'll be kitting over the weekend
 so they will be ready to ship out on Monday!

Sorry for the delay...thank you for you patience!


The strawberry season is here...just looking
at my old collection makes me want to go and pick 
the real mouth is watering just 
thinking about the sweet taste!


By the end of June, I'm hoping
to release a new pattern that will be
available through my Etsy Shop!

At this point, I'm just full of ideas, hope to
 sit down and start designing something next week!


My greatest pleasure of going for my daily
walks in town, is getting to admire 
other folks lovely flowers...

Simply GORGEOUS!!!


Such a delicate shade of pink!



One of my favorite things about summer and
living out in the country is getting to listen
to the nightly frog songs...

Our pond is the perfect haven for them!



Weekend Soul Food...

"The grass withereth, 
the flower fadeth:
but the word of our God
shall stand for ever."

Isaiah 40:8...kjv


Always find time for the things that
make you feel happy to be alive!

Wishing you a happy weekend ~
Kindly, Tammy