Friday, January 30, 2015

~ Hot Mocha on a Winter's Day ~

Hello and welcome dear friends and stitchers.

I don't know where this week disappeared to, but I 
sure wish there were more hours in a day!

Better yet, I need another lifetime just
for my needlework pleasures!


~ Studio News ~

I'll be finished stitching my next handwork project 
this weekend.

This piece will not be framed.  

One of my Studio friends would like to give you a little
sneak peek of some fabric we chose....

This fabric is a perfect match for the finishing.

It really matches the Terra Cotta pot.

A special note to my friend Candace, this is NOT the 
one you're hoping for, but it's coming....sorry to keep you waiting!

I'll be releasing many Springtime finishes in the next
few months :)


I love keeping my sewing basket exciting.  

In anticipation for SPRING, I changed my needle case....

Lovely old needlecase with carved rabbits.

Pretty sewing tools in my basket is all it takes to 
make my heart very happy  ~♥~


A good hot Mocha coffee ALSO makes my 
heart very happy!

While a Starbuck's or Caribou Coffee House is fun for
a treat once in a while, I certainly can't afford 
their high prices on a daily basis!

So this is how I make my Mocha's at home....

This is my favorite Chocolate Mocha mix by Ghirardelli.

For years it came packaged in the round container on the right, 
but last year the company changed it to the bag style. 

Unfortunately they lowered the content weight and raised
the price!!!

I'm so happy I never threw out my round container, which
is much more user friendly.

Next you will need coffee....

The one thing that I make sure is ORGANIC is my 
instant coffee.

Coffee is one of the leading foods we consume that is highly
treated with chemicals, pesticides and herbicides....YUK!!!

I finally found this wonderful Organic Decaffeinated Instant
coffee at our local People's Food Co~Op.

The flavor is absolutely wonderful!!

Next mixing it all together....

Add the following for one cup of GREAT MOCHA:

~ 8 ounce cup
~ fill with your choice of milk
~ Microwave on Medium-low 4 minutes 20 seconds
(low heat & longer time prevents milk from boiling over)

I use Skim milk which creates a scum on top after being in the 
microwave, so I take the end of my spoon and remove it before adding
the ingredients.

Add 1 teaspoon of instant coffee and 1 heaping teaspoon 
of Mocha mix and stir....ENJOY!!!


This old bear sits all alone in the farmhouse....

This big guy belongs to my husband.  I was so excited 
to find the perfect little friend to sit on his lap....

The white fur has aged to the exact color on both of them!

What a sweet pair!


I was blown away by an email I received last week on this
pincushion that I had for sale in my Ebay Store...

The production manager from FOX TELEVISION purchased
this from me and needed it shipped air overnight for 
a television shooting!

She told me that this pincushion will be a PROP in the new 
mini series called "Salem"!

I'm not familiar with this show, but my pincushion will be featured late this fall in ~


She also said it was exactly what they were looking for and 
absolutely loved it!

It was a really nice 5.5" in diameter pincushion box with detailed
viney branches and little flowers.

The bottom was stamped with the makers hallmark ~

"Middletown Plate" 
Quadruple Plate (2)
Hard White Metal

I still can hardly believe it!

If anyone sees it later this fall, please let me know!


~ Weekend Soul Food ~

I can do all things through
Christ which strengtheneth me.

~ Philippians 4:13...KJV ~


Thank you for stopping by and visiting with me today.

Enjoy a hot Mocha and have a 
wonderful weekend...please stop back on Monday!

Blessings from Scattered Seed Samplers,
~Kindly, Tammy~

Monday, January 26, 2015

~ Simple Country Gatherings ~

Welcome dear friends to the last
week of January....only two weeks until 
Valentine's Day!

My thoughts turned to a nice warm summer's day 
as I gathered together red tomatoes to share....

This variety is known as the wonderful Sewing Tomato 
and two old silk apples.

I always keep my eyes open for tomatoes
while fun to find a very special one! 


For those of you who collect the "Simply Country" book 
series by Judy Condon, the newest one is out....

~ Simply Country Homes & Gardens ~
Softcover, 144 pages, 2014

Here is a little glimpse of the content...

Fun garden ideas, love the bee skep and little rabbits on 
the upper left page.

Love, love this old bed, quilt and rug!

Lovely handwork featured in this home!

I would love to have a sunny room with lots of windows...maybe

If you look real close, the couch on the upper left page has
a great rug hooked sheep pillow.

Judy Condon's next book titled "Little Bit of Country", 
will be available in March  2015.


For this week's Ebay auctions, I've selected the 
next three sewing items....

Wonderful antique 8 spindle thread stand with original
gold velvet pincushion.  Circa 1930.

Also included, are the 
eight old spools of thread. 

These are very hard to find in antique shops these days
and this one is in good used antique condition.

Item number two....

This long necked swan thread holder is so sweet!
The swan is attached to the lower tray making it one piece.

Comes with the thimble.
This piece is heavy, solid metal (not sure what kind).
Nickel plated or silver plated.
I have not polished it.

What a great punch needle thread holder for those 
lovely overdyed balls of Valdani!


Item number three....

Old two piece sewing trinket basket.

Measures 4" in diameter by 3" high.  If you include the tall
handle it is 6" high.

Nicely woven and good and bad smells!

Would make a nice little snippets basket.

These 3 items will be listed as 7 day Ebay auctions
later tonight and will end Monday night, February 2nd.

If you are interested just click onto the Ebay link provided,
and ZAP it will take you directly to my Ebay Store....

These sewing items are looking for  


~ Studio News ~

I enjoyed a very relaxing weekend
 stitching to my hearts content on my next release.

I'll share an update on Friday.


The first week of February I'll start releasing the details
for the new upcoming club....

~ Little Sparrow Pinkeep Club ~


This big fellow can hardly wait for Spring plowing!


~ Weekly Soul Food ~

He that followeth after
righteousness and mercy
 findeth life, 
and honor.

~ Proverbs 21:21...KJV ~


Before closing I would like to extend a 
the lovely comments that 
you leave!!

Please know that ~

Blessings from Scattered Seed Samplers,
~ Kindly, Tammy ~

Friday, January 23, 2015

~ New Studio Stash ~

Hello and welcome dear friends!

Just think, January ~ the LONG month of 
January is nearly over....yeah!!!

I love when February finally rolls around 
because SPRING is just 
around the corner!

~ Studio News ~

After finally getting all caught up on 
shipping & paperwork, I spent
Wednesday and Thursday designing, pulling threads,
and choosing the right linen for my 
next sampler.

Oh, how wonderful it was to start stitching
last night....

It was really hard for me to lay my handwork 
down and go to bed!

Here's a sneak peek of how far I got.
 ~ a little Terra Cotta pot ~

My son Sam thinks this will be my best sampler so far!

I hope he's right.  We'll have to wait and see!


While running errands in town, I treated myself to stopping at 
our local Quilt shop "Olive Juice" and Hancock Fabric.

Here's a look at the fabrics I'll add to my stash....

With so many bolts to choose from, I was very happy 
with my choices.

They meet all my requirements...especially the colors!

I love anything real life and on fabric!


Next on my list, was my favorite handwork thread at
 Hancock Fabrics....

While driving home, all I could think about was, 'what will I 
use to hold all my new threads?'  

This little old red darning tin was my first thought.

Sweet little's looking for something special to hold!

At first I thought it would work, but it only holds 12 spools,
and I purchased 13!

Then I remembered this unique basket....

I was excited to count 19 spindles; but would the spools 
fit onto them or not?'s a perfect fit!

My sewing machine doesn't like the modern day threads, 
which are polyester.

I fell in love with this 100% cotton thread by ~ 

~ Gutermann
~ Made in Greece
~ 110 yards per spool
~ $2.05 per spool

Here is a list of the thread colors I purchased:

Color 1140 ~ light linen
 Color 3260 ~ dark linen
 Color 2410 ~ Hazelnut 
 Color 3880 ~ Mocha
 Color 2200 ~ Cocoa 
 Color 8935 ~ Moss Green
 Color 1661 ~ Mustard 
Color 4850 ~ Terra Cotta
Color 1800 ~ Copper
Color 4820 ~ Dark Copper
Color 3756 ~ Light Grey
Color 3400 ~ Medium Grey
Color 3630 ~ Dark Grey 

The spools are listed by the Color number only...I added the
name just to give you an idea of the color shade.


I was hoping to share my personal pallet choices on the 
Needlepoint Silk (NPS) and DMC, but I haven't 
had time to finish the list yet.

I'll give an update as soon as the lists are complete.


While looking through some old magazine clippings, 
look at what I found....

Oh this makes me smile....I laugh every time I look at it!

This sweet cottontail looks so much like Abigail...aka Abby!

For the last couple of years, during the winter months, 
we've been feeding our wild rabbits
with feed available from our local farm store.

Abby is alive and very well...I'll try to get a new photo 
of my pretty girl!


These next photos are courtesy of my son Sam, 
while on a drive in Amish country....

Up the for cattle crossing AND
Amish buggies! 

Down the hills, keep just never 
know what you'll see!

The horses wear "Blinders" over their eyes so they
 don't get spooked by the passing traffic.

And sure enough....horses pulling a SLED wagon!

Thank you Sam for your awesome 
drive by photography!!


~ Weekend Soul Food ~

How much better is it to get 
wisdom than gold!  and to get 
understanding rather to be chosen
than silver!

~ Proverbs 16:16...KJV ~


Have a wonderful weekend my friends!

Please stop back on Monday
for another visit.

Blessings from Scattered Seed Samplers,
~ Kindly, Tammy ~