Monday, June 30, 2014

~ Good Bye Month of June ~

Good Monday morning to all.

This is going to be a super busy week for me!
I'll be doing the lay out for
Bittersweet Gatherings Pinkeep Drum, so I can
have this new release available on promised.

A couple of days this week I'll be out of town on
a road trip to Missouri....hope to capture some great 
photos to share on Friday.


I collect many things, and antique needlepoint & petit point are a weakness....

~ This large pillow feels just right in my favorite sewing chair ~

~ It includes both needlepoint & petit point stitches ~

~ I found this lovely pillow in a Mississippi River town antique shop years ago ~

 It's stuffed with real goose feathers, because every so often one with work
its way out and prick me in the back!


It seems like the month of June just flew by!

While running errands I passed this wonderful lady waving to me....

So I turned around, parked my car, and asked her if I could take 
her picture....she was happy to!

She was surrounded by lots of lovely well kept flowers.

I think she likes all the attention she gets from the traffic passing by! I kindly thanked her and said goodbye.


In some ways I'm glad the month of June is almost over,
because it has brought some very nasty storms
to our area.....

While on our Sunday drive ~ in La Crosse, which is only five miles away these
beautiful big trees were uprooted....SO very sad to see.

This tree landed right on the end of this house, with lots of roof damage.

We passed dozens of big trees down just like this one....what a mess to clean up!


About a mile from my house I get to pass by this flock of sheep every day
on my way to the post office.....

Looks like today they are either eating or sleeping!


......and now for some weekly


Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.
The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her, so that he shall have no need of spoil.
She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life.
She seeketh wool, and flax, and WORKETH WILLINGLY WITH HER HANDS.
She is like the merchants' ships; she bringeth her food from afar.
She riseth also while it is yet night, and  giveth meat to her household, and a portion to her maidens.
She considereth a field, and buyeth it: with the fruit of her hands she planteth a vineyard.
She girdeth her loins with strengh, and strengtheneth her arms.
She perceiveth that her merchandise is good: her candle goeth not out by night.
She layeth her hands to the spindle, and her hands hold the distaff.
She stretcheth out her hands to the poor; yea, she reacheth forth her hands to the needy.
She is not afraid of the snow for her household: for all her household are clothed with scarlet.
She maketh herself coverings of tapestry; her clothing is silk and purple.
Her husband is known in the gates, when he sitteth among the elders of the land.
She maketh fine linen, and selleth it; and delivereth girdles unto the merchant.
Strengh and honour are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in time to come.
She openeth her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is the law of KINDNESS.
She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness.
Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her.
Many daughters have done virtuously, but thou excellest them all.
Favour is deceitful, & beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised.
Give her of the fruit of her hands;and let her own works praise her in the gates.

~ Proverbs 31:10-31 KJV ~


Have a lovely stitched filled week...until Friday!

Your friend,
~ Kindly, Tammy ~

Saturday, June 28, 2014

~ Coming Soon....Bittersweet Gatherings Pinkeep Drum ~

Hello friends....sorry I didn't post on Friday.

Yesterday was a very stressful day
for me, I was a witness in a court trial, and to
make matters worse I had an unbearable splitting
headache ALL day :(

With everything back to normal today, I'll
share a sneak peek of my soon to be released pattern.....

~ Bittersweet Gatherings ©2014 Scattered Seed Samplers ~

This is a top view of Bittersweet Gatherings, adorned with some
 antique hat pins.

Without revealing too much.....

 I'm hoping to release this pattern on Friday, July 4th. 


 Now that I'm designing for Autumn, I'll share a collection of my
thimble cases and sewing kits....

These are so much fun to collect because they were 
made in so many different shapes and sizes.

I love the appealing look, and intricate workmanship!

These three are my favorites.

The acorns are all Thimble Cases, and the others are all Sewing Kits.


Whenever I go anywhere with my new 2014 Mocha Kia Soul, I always
park as far out as I can to avoid door dings, another 
'Soul' must think the same way I do....

This was at the Wal-Mart parking lot in La Crosse, Wisconsin.  While 
walking out to my car I had to look twice....sure made me laugh!

.....this also made me smile while out driving ~

As many of you know, I love sheep & goats....what a awesome milk truck!

I just LOVE IT....such a nice logo!


I promised to share my planted Marigolds....

Mr. & Mrs. Rabbit ~ In front of my Studio

Would anyone like some FREE weeds?   I have plenty to them 
to give away!

Next spring I'm hoping to have more time so I can work on turning 
this area by my Studio into a lovely little 'Rabbit' garden.

This was a neat old artifact found here on the farm...makes a nice 
little planter. 

I had 'hens & chicks' planted in it last year, but they all disappeared....I 
think maybe my bunnies couldn't resist the temptation!

This is located in front of the Studio window.

I love this long eared cute!

This is by the front porch of our old farmhouse.


Hope everyone enjoys a stitch filled weekend!

~ Will post again on Monday ~

Tammy @ Scattered Seed Samplers

Monday, June 23, 2014

~ Summer Gatherings ~

Warm Summer Greetings to all my 
special friends!

I enjoyed a very relaxing Saturday, 
stitching ALL day on my next 
pattern release....coming soon!

I'm very pleased with the design  of this 
piece and have come up with a couple new finishing
ideas for its big reveal :)


Today I'd like to share some antique pearl shell sewing cases....

This sweet little antique wire basket has red glass beads woven 
into the wire.  These wire baskets were made in many 
different shapes & sizes, and were made in 

These antique sewing cases were made out of real pearl shells,
and the very old ones usually have brass hardware with 
a little chains attached.

Some were designed to be thimble cases, and were usually
lined in the open one shown above.  The bigger
ones would accommodate other sewing necessities.   


On Sunday, I finally got out of the house to go buy 
Marigolds for my Mr. & Mrs. Rabbit Folk 
garden planters....

Here they are sitting on my back porch just waiting
for me to get them planted, which I will be
doing later today.....will share pics
on Friday.


Look at who's taking flying lessons....

My son Sam discovered this little guy in our yard yesterday.

Great pictures Sam....thank you!


My husband Bill was on his way home this morning, and 
come upon this.....

....a large group of 6 Turkey Vultures.  Two of them flew off right before
he got the picture....this was just down the road from our

Usually you'll see a couple at a time, but it's rare to see a 
group of six....must of been something REALLY
tasty to them :(


Last night I had gone out to see what Bill & Sam were working on in 
their shop, so thought I'd share a shop tour of
"BLACK DESIGNS" Auto Restoration....

They currently have five different projects going on.

This is our oldest son Nathan's 1974 Red Ford Bronco, they are trying
to finish this project up...doing the final rewiring and putting
things back together after the paint job.

Our friend David decided to have some extra work done
on his 1969 Yellow Volkswagon bus...

I had shared photos last week, but forgot in include
one of the back the 
~ LIFE IS GOOD ~ sticker!

This next project is a 1969 Ford Mach 1  Mustang Fastback....

I think it's safe to say 'It's going to be awhile before this one is 
road worthy'.

Next is a 1968 Shelby GT 500KR (King of the Road) Fastback....

This is currently the lucky car to be getting a lot of time & energy....they
really want to get this one finished up.

This last one is Sam's daily driver....he's always detailing it, and 
keeps it very clean & shiny....

~ 2007 Mustang GT ~

Their shop is nice, but has too many smells, too cluttered,
so I'll go back to my Studio and stay in my 
comfort zone....designing & stitching!


Here's a laugh for all my fellow Rabbit lovers....

This picture makes me smile & laugh every time I look at it!


While on my evening walk, I snapped this lovely photo....

Every time I walk past this house it inspires me to find some
old copper pretty!


Here's a favorite old photo....

....and now for some weekly 


...whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things 
are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely,
whatsoever things are of good report; 
if there be any virtue,
and if there be any praise,

~ Philippians 4:8  KJV~

This is one of my favorite verses!


I've enjoyed spending time with everyone today and hope
you enjoyed today's post.

Have a lovely week, will visit again on Friday.

~ Kindly, Tammy ~

Friday, June 20, 2014

~ Roadtrip to Stitchville USA ~

Hello my friends, it's hard to believe its already
Friday again....seems like just yesterday it
was Friday the 13th ~ and now its 
already the 2oth!

On Monday, I promised to show my fancier 
darner collection.....

They've been sitting awhile, so this was a great
opportunity to do some DUSTING!

I started by removing everything from my Grandfathers old tool caddy.

I always remembered this neat old primitive box from my childhood and
when no one else wanted it, I was SO excited to bring it home and
clean it up.  My husband repaired some bad spots with two
copper patches.

In memory of Grandfather, I added a little copper engraved plate
with his name to the side....funny now everyone wants it!

After each one was dusted, I laid them onto a piece of linen, so you 
could see them better.

The four little ones up front (white, blue, ebony and blonde) are 
glove darners.

What a wonderful way to finally get some much needed
dusting done!


I've needed to take a day to drive up to Minneapolis to 
pick up the rest of my concrete garden Rabbits
that a fellow made for me, so Thursday was my 
road trip day.

I left home early enough so I would have time to stop at the
wonderful "Stitchville USA"....

If you're ever in the Minneapolis area, this is definitely a  stop you don't 
want to miss, just plan on allowing yourself plenty of
time....there is SO much to look at!

After parking my Kia "Soul" way out in a safe spot, were I don't have to 
worry about getting a "door ding"....I finally walked up to the 
front window.

Upon entering you will be looking out into a sea of threads!
Every brand imaginable!

Racks and racks of cottons and silks....

Everything is very organized and nicely displayed.

Then there is this long wall covered with threads for doing needlepoint.

Here you'll find spool type threads, DMC etc.

Have you ever seen SO much name it Debbie Clarke the shop
owner seems to have it all!!

Fun weakness!

This is a display case with lots of goodies like needlecases, scissors, 
pincushions, all kinds of lovely things....another weakness!

My husband has called me a "Bag Lady" for years....and he's right
I'm always in search of the perfect stitching bag.  

The funny thing is, every time I think I've found it another
one comes along....this one captured my heart, along 
with a couple of cute notebooks by Needlework Press.

I was drawn to the design on this bag because it resembles the Florentine Stitch,
also known as the Flame Stitch commonly used in beautiful old samplers.

This bag has four large pockets on the inside and also on the outside.
A perfect bag to add to my collection & addiction!

...and it's made in the USA!


Next on my trip was to pick up the Rabbits I ordered....

My "Soul" was hauling a full load of Rabbits!

They are very heavy and I was so happy with the way the man tucked
them all in so nicely.

Sam unloaded them for me this morning.  The Mr. & Mrs. will be 
placed on each side of my Studio door...looking forward to
going and buying either Marigolds or Geraniums?

My husband Bill has been waiting for me to pick up these  
rabbits, because he said he would wait to seal the 
ones I purchased earlier this spring and do 
them all at the same time.

So, this weekend I'll be getting my rabbits finally seal coated, 
flowers planted in the Mr. & Mrs. and finally 
adding them to my yard and bird garden.....yeah!

Almost forgot the picture of the little one laying down.


While starting my drive back home I stopped in the little town 
of Zumbrota, Minnesota at a quilt shop....

Felt good to get out and stretch my legs!  
The name of the shop was 
~ All in Stitches ~

Nice shop, loved this old mason jar filled with 
Pussywillow branches!


Next, I stopped at a roadside antique shop.....

....and found this lovely set of old treadle sewing machine
drawers,  just calling to me, looking for a new home!

Later today I will be rubbing them down with "Old English"
wood cleaner.

I also have a big weakness for wood drawers....the little key 
is so sweet, and the little ball could I possibly resist?

The Old English will clean this up very nicely and give it 
back its luster.

The top is very attractive with little branches craved on the ends, and old 
lettering that I can't quite make out?

Maybe ~  M. M. & Co. ?


I decided to stop in Rochester, Minnesota to finally get something to eat!
While on the way to my favorite restaurant I passed this field of 

I couldn't resist turning around and pulling over to take some pictures.

This guy way out in the field was very curious about what was 
going on!!!

They didn't seem to mind my presence.

....and then just across the road are some of my very favorite old
stone buildings ~

Wouldn't this make a awesome needlework shop!


So that was my road trip to Minneapolis, I had a lovely day but I'm
very glad to be back home!

Wishing everyone a very happy weekend 
filled with lots of stitching time!

Take care, your friend
Tammy ~♥~