Friday, June 6, 2014

~ Hot Off the Press Release ~

I'm so happy to finally announce the 
arrival of my new pattern....


I would like to thank everyone for their patience in waiting so long for
this pattern!  This was actually my first pattern that I designed
back in December when I was recovering from eye surgery, 
but never got the layout page figured out :(

I sometimes have a hard time remembering what I did 
yesterday...let alone 6 months ago!  This was 
definitely a challenge making sure everything was correct.

~ Prince of Peace ©2014 Scattered Seed Samplers ~

This pattern includes three different charts, the framed
"Prince of Peace Sampler",
 the sawdust feather tree pinkeep "Prince of Peace Pinkeep", 
the little framed sampler "Prince on the Hill".

It's not quite "Christmas in July", but very close....a great 
time to start stitching holiday samplers!

Here is a photo of the back cover, showing all the 

So here is the finished pattern all packaged and available for 
sale in my ETSY shoppe OR if you prefer directly from me, just
send me an email.


So now with a clear head I can happily move forward with my 
current project, which I have the little sampler all stitched and framed
but I've decided to make a pinkeep companion to go with it.....

I've chosen this fabric for the pinkeep backing and then I'm going to experiment
and try something new with this beautiful hand dyed silk ribbon....
stay tuned for an update!


Between the heavy rain we had last Sunday, working all week on getting
Prince of Peace finished and mama robin nesting on my 
back porch SO close to my chives.....they are a mess and will be
getting clipped back today, whether mama robin likes
it or not!

She will only allow me to work on them for about 5 minutes at a time and 
then she starts putting up a big fuss....squawking, screeching and scolding me!!!

I keep telling her that she'll have to work with me on this and then
I won't have to bother her again for awhile!


Yesterday, I had an appointment to get a physical at Gundersen clinic,
and in the lobby area they have a lovely large bird cage 
filled with the most beautiful little birds....

They are so colorful and fill the lobby area with their songs!

I think they like the attention of all the people that stop to look at them.

The orange headed one actually turned around like she was posing for me!
Check out the beautiful "red head" on the right!

My IPhone sure comes in handy for taking on the spot shots :)

They also have a large fish aquarium....

Always the highlight of having to go to the clinic....getting to visit these lovely 


All the little baby bunnies are scattered about these days, but I'll
 always see several of them every morning chasing each other around the yard.

In the evenings I can usually find one of them busy eating
Dandelion stems....

This sweet little bunny loves hanging out down by my husbands work shop,
by an old Bronco that's waiting to be restored.

Here he's trying to decide which Dandelion stem to start with....

It's so fun to watch how this little guy eats these big long stems so quickly!!
It reminds me of the movie Lady & the Tramp, where she's eating
the long spaghetti noodles.

My little friend knows my voice and is not bothered by my presence....
unlike mama robin!


While on my walk in West Salem, I caught this cute photo of a very
busy squirrel.....

He made off with an ear of corn from somewhere....and is very busy enjoying
it up high where he doesn't have to share it with his bushy tailed friends!


Hope you all have something special planned for the weekend,
for me..... I just want to stay home and start working
on those pinkeeps !

Until Monday my friends, stay cool and enjoy some
stitching time!

Your friend,
~ Kindly, Tammy ~


  1. I am so very happy for you my friend ~ your designs are just beautiful and they reflect your peaceful soul ~ loved all of your snaps today, especially the birds, bunnies ….and fish!
    blessed be,

  2. A lovely post as usual. I'm wondering on the lamb sampler the significant of the year 1961. I just ordered ... excited to start.

  3. So, I am wondering what the significance of 1961 is on the date on your new piece???

  4. Hello friends,

    In response to the two inquiries on the "1961" ~ this is my birth year. Included in the pattern are the charted numbers 1-9 so you can personalize this sampler is you prefer. So there you have it...I'm 53. Kindly, Scattered Seed Samplers ~♥~

  5. Sweet! Tammy, I got my Spring Meadow chart in the mail today (YIPPEE). Thank you for the quick turn around. I can't wait to start.