Monday, June 9, 2014

~ Hatched Eggs....Yeah ~

Monday morning greetings!

What an exciting day Friday was
here on our back porch of the farmhouse! I know why Mama Robing was squawking & scolding me!!! 

It all started Friday afternoon when my friend
Ona (hi Ona) stopped to visit and was wondering
where my Robins' nest was...and was
I SURPRISED to find the 
first baby robin had JUST hatched!

Well by the time we finished our visit and I got my camera....
baby number two was hatching!

By evening all four eggs hatched and I apologized to mama robin
 about wanting to weed my chive plants...she definitely
 had good reason to be so upset with me!

 I have such a "birds eye view" of this little family!  I've never had such a
wonderful opportunity to watch such an event so close!

After making it through their first weekend....they are starting
to fill out and getting some feathers, soon their eyes 
will open.

Mama Robin is such a good mama.... so proud of her!


My husband always likes to go for a Sunday drive, so yesterday
we drove along the Mississippi River, which is only about a
5 mile drive to get to from our farm.

This is so SAD to see....the "Julia Swain" one of the Mississippi Riverboats
 It used to be so beautiful and now it's just abandoned :(

We're hoping someone will buy it, restore it and bring it back to its GLORY!


While on our drive we came upon this nice creature....

This is a friendly "Land Turtle" not the snapping kind!

Here's my husband holding it for a closer look.

....and here's a look at the bottom side of this odd little creature!


Everything seems to be blooming everywhere you look....

Check out this beautiful shade of "purple"!

I couldn't resist a snap of these pretty sweet smelling flowers
while on my Saturday morning walk.

....and here on the farm my Ivy is starting to take off.

I'm so happy to look out and see Ivy on my Mom's old wheel.  This wheel is 
leaning up against the lower part of our big barn and I'm hoping the 
Ivy will cover all the whitewashed blocks in a few years.


....and now for some weekly


Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might....Ecclesiastes 9:10


In the morning sow thy seed, and in the evening withhold not thine hand...Ecclesiastes 11:6


Oh, I almost forgot to give you an update on my pinkeep experiment.....they are 
turning out FABULOUS....even better than the vision I had in
my head!!!

Can't wait to show them to everyone....MAYBE by Friday I'll have
this new release ready to go!

Take care, and take time to enjoy the inspiration in YOUR 
surroundings :)

Farmhouse Blessings,
~ Kindly, Tammy ~


  1. Oh they are so darn ugly at first.... but only for a short while! Soon they will be covered with fluff and be adorably sweet. You've posted on some favorite things; baby birds, turtles, blooms and a great bee skep etching.

  2. You always see so much beauty around you. It is there for all of us to see and this is just reminder we need to take a look around. Thanks for the wonder.