Monday, June 27, 2016

Lydia's Samplar Update ~

Hello and Welcome
dear needlefolk friends!

I'm so grateful for this past weekend 
which allowed me lots of quality stitching time!

Lydia's Samplar Update ~

I love this old photograph!

If you look closely at the chair this young 
girl is leaning on...notice the lovely
pinkeep clamped to the seat! 

I now have the vine and leaves of
the third border stitched...
I'm really enjoying working on this special samplar!

It's always fun adding in new colors...
I'm already on the search for an antique frame
that this samplar will fit into.

Now that I have the vine all worked...
Tonight I can start adding even more colors 
as I work the flowers to the vine!

I truly admire what a very neat and proper
 little stitcher Lydia was at the age of 9!

The back of her work is extremely neat...
seldom did she carry her threads!


Vintage Sewing Bags ~ For Sale

I've decided to put these two vintage sewing bags
on Ebay as auctions instead of through Esty,
which allows everyone interested a fair 

They are listed as five day auctions, 
 ending this Saturday afternoon.

If you are interested in bidding on the 
blue floral bag click HERE

Or, if you prefer the vintage coppery fabric
click HERE

I hope both of these lovely
old sewing bags of mine will
find good new homes!

Happy bidding and best wishes!


Spontaneous weekend road trips are so much fun, 
  never knowing exactly where you may end up! 

Such was the case on Sunday...
I found these two sweet old baskets
at a small town country antique shop! 

This basket was sitting on the checkout counter
being used for pens and such...
When I asked the shopkeeper if it was by chance
for sale; he said 'anything is for sale' and starting dumping
out all the odds and ends!

He said; I like to get $10.00 for it 
and I said sure...I'll take it!

He was a really nice older shopkeeper 
and very pleasant to deal with.

I have such a weakness for old baskets,
and fell completely in love with this
early workbasket...
I thought for sure it was going to have  
a crazy high price on it, but to my 
surprise it was marked $25.00!

I'm sure I was smiling all the way home...
I just love EVERYTHING about it...SO SWEET!


It was fairly hot on Sunday,
cows were huddled under shade 
trees trying to stay cool...
They have plenty of nice green grass to eat!

You've probable heard the old saying,
'king of the mound", that's what came to 
mind when we passed this black cow 
standing on the mound...
Well hello there!

I received a very inquisitive LQQK...
If she could talk she'd probably say...
Sorry, my mother taught me not to talk to strangers!!

However, I did enjoy the sound of her cowbell...
She decided to MOOOVE on!!


Weekly Soul Food...

"Take My Life and Let It Be"

1 Take my life & let it be Consecrated, Lord, to Thee;
Take my moments & my days, Let them flow in ceaseless praise.

2 Take my hands & let them move At the impulse of Thy love;
Take my feet & let them be Swift & beautiful for Thee.

3 Take my voice & let me sing Always, only, for my King;
Take my lips & let them be Filled with messages from Thee.

5 Take my will and make it Thine, It shall be no longer mine;
Take my heart, it is Thine own, It shall be Thy royal throne.

Hymn by William H. Havergal ~ 1869


Well friends, 
I'm off to work on club kits 
that will be shipping out
on Thursday!

Stay cool and remember to drink 
plenty of water!

Summer Blessings, 

Friday, June 24, 2016

Vintage Sewing Bags ~

Welcome dear needlefolk friends...
hoping all is well with you!

Sometime in July I'm planning on having 
an Antique Sale here on the farm, lots
of larger items, but for the smaller
sewing goodies I'd like to offer 
 those items to YOU ~ my 
needlefolk friends!

Here is a peek at the first two items...
Two lovely vintage sewing bags!
(front side)

Both bags are in good vintage condition,
with normal signs of wear, soiling, 
and fading due to the age.

 Showing the unique wooden screw closure
on the blue floral excellent
working condition!

The Blue Bag has a satin lining...
Measures 16"W by 12"H
A very sweet and hard to find sewing bag!

The second bag has nice wooden handles...
Lined with a cotton cloth, 
and measures 15.5"W by 15"H
(includes height of handles)

On Monday's blog,
I'll have the Etsy listing available!

I'll be parting with many other
"one of a kind" sewing goodies from
my private collection in the
weeks to come!


Little Sparrow Pinkeep Club Update...

The linen and fabric for the kits is all cut 
and ready to go!

The "Club Tokens" are so sweet...
Little Stork scissor charms all the 
way from the United Kingdom!

The shipping date is coming up soon...
Kits are scheduled to ship next 
Thursday, June 30th.

If you would like to become a 
Little Sparrow Pinkeep Club member,
please click HERE


During my stitching time 
I love daydreaming...
I'm really excited about some
new ideas that have come to mind during 
this daydreaming!

Hope to share more with you soon!


This past week we enjoyed a road trip 
along the Mississippi River.

Lots of little river towns along the way...
Lake City, Minnesota...endless sailboats!

It was a picture perfect day...
Blue skies, a few clouds and  
 the Mississippi River spotted with sailboats!

And of course many ducks...
This mama looks SO PROUD of her 
sweet little duckling!


Please join me NEXT FRIDAY, JULY  1ST for...
The Early Workbasket
 featured the 1st Friday of the month!


Weekend Soul Food...

My son, attend to my words;
incline thine ear unto my sayings.

Let them not depart from thine eyes;
keep them in the midst of thine heart.

For they are life unto those that find them, 
and health to all their flesh.

Proverbs 4:20~22...KJV


Hip hip hooray it's Friday, which means
lots of quality stitching time ahead!

Enjoy a relaxing weekend,
Kindly, Tammy

Monday, June 20, 2016

Lydia Barnes Pidgeon 1827...Update

Welcome dear needlefolk and
happy first Day of Summer to all!

Summer Solstice ~ 6:34 p.m. EDT

Today, we will enjoy the most daylight of the
calendar year.  The Sun reaches its most
northern point in the sky at local noon.

After today, the sun will begin to wane
as the days grow progressively shorter...the length
of daylight starts to decrease!

Stay cool and drink lots of water!


Antique Reproduction Samplar Update...
Last night I finished stitching the last set
of leaves on border number two!

I love working on the 40ct WDW Tin Roof linen,
it's so soft to hold in my hands, plus it
looks sooo old!

Here's a glimpse so far...
Tonight I'm looking forward to threading my needle
 as I begin my third round of borders!

Yes indeed, a total of three borders grace this old samplar of
Lydia Barnes Pidgeon 1827...this is the first samplar
 I've ever stitched with so many lovely borders!

I'm excited to start adding some more colours...
Deep, rich, warm colours of AVAS silk...I'm so passionate
about using this gorgeous silk from France!

Here's a closer LQQK at the 3rd border I'll be starting...
I'll post another update in a few weeks!


Little Sparrow Pinkeep Club Update ~

Here's what my week holds in store...
Yay, I get to cut linen and fabric as the assemble 
line begins for Little Sparrow Pinkeep Club's 
next release.

"Mend Thy Soul" Tailor's Roll...
The scheduled ship date is June 30th.

It's never to late to join, memberships are still
available, please click HERE to join!


I love the quaint look of all Ivy's and vines...
So far these vines are only growing on just one end of our
lower barn...trying to makes its way around the 
corner to the front side!

Ivy doesn't like to grow on metal because it's
to hot...but loves the cooler stone! 

In the fall we need to give the stone a fresh 
coat of white paint!

I love everything about the old blue door,
from a distance you can't see the early
character that's embedded in the stone work, 
so here is a closer LQQK... 
Can you spot anything usual in this photo?

Very camouflaged,
 so look directly to the left of the door... 
These old Horseshoes are mortared between the stone
ever several feet apart...all across the front of the barn! 

Trivia...Do YOU know what they were used for?
I love the how they have aged from the 
natural elements over the years...they are so unique! 

They served a very practical purpose 
in the early years when this barn was built...
The correct answer is:  Horse & Buggy Hitches!

I try to envision what this farm would have 
looked like with horses & buggies hitched up 
and men & women dressed so differently
from our current way of life!

The vines on the end have hitched onto one of the 
horseshoes very tightly!

More Trivia ~

 This linked chain is also mortared into the 
stone on the corner of the barn...

Do you know what it was used for?
The correct answer is:

  This was also another early hitch to be 
used for horses and buggies.


Weekly Soul Food...

"While the earth remaineth,
seedtime and harvest,
and cold and heat, 
and summer and winter,
and day and night shall not cease."

Genesis 8:22...KJV


Sunny wishes from Scattered Seed Samplers
on this Summer's day!

Spread a little sunshine someone
along life's way!

Warmly, Tammy

Friday, June 17, 2016

"Mend Thy Soul" Tailor's Roll

Welcome dear friends ~ 
I hope you all enjoyed a great week!

Mine was spent finishing the model
for Little Sparrow Pinkeep Club...
"Mend Thy Soul" Tailor's Roll
©2016 Scattered Seed Samplers

Cockatiel's perched upon spools of thread,
with a tempting basket of fruit, a long
needle marking the date and
 scissors by which you can
personalize your tailors roll. 

Stitched on 32ct overdyed linen ~ Antique Copper

A few thread changes needed to be made...
These are the final threads that were chosen ~

~ avocado green
~ mocha brown
~ beaver gray
~ beige brown
~ mahogany
~ navy blue

Wednesday was a road trip for fabric backing...
Jo Morton Reproduction fabric by Andover.

And here's a peek at the backside...
Love the Navy Blue background 
and meandering berry vine!

Kits for "Mend Thy Soul" Tailor's Roll 
are scheduled to ship on June 30th.


Have you ever seen long, narrow,
and VERY FIRMLY packed pinkeeps?

Here are some early examples...
They are properly known as a...Tailor's Roll!

The small red velvet one measures 7" in length,
while the longest one measures 14" in length...
The length was long to accommodate lots of pins and needles,
used by Dressmakers and Tailors in their shops.


 Wednesday, while on my fabric road trip
I pulled over to take a few snaps...
What a great rustic old the wagon wheels!

The care takers keep it nicely mowed... 
I just love old buildings!

A few curious country cows...
They weren't to sure about getting their photo taken!

I wish these next snaps would have turned out better...
A large Bald Eagles Nest...can you see BOTH of them?
(one on the far left branch and one on the nest)

Did you know the lifespan of a Bald Eagle is 20 years!
When diving they can reach speeds of 75~99 mph!

Their wingspan is 5.9 ~ 7.5 feet!
Bald Eagles don't get their full white head or white tail
until they reach 5~6 years of age and are ready to 
find their mate. 


Weekend Soul Food...

Honor thy father and thy mother,
as the Lord thy God hath commanded thee;
that thy days may be prolonged, 
and that it may go well with thee,
in the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee.

Deuteronomy 5:16...KJV


It's nice to be important,
but it's more important to be nice!

Wishing you all a nice Father's Day Weekend ~
Sweet Blessings, Tammy