Friday, June 17, 2016

"Mend Thy Soul" Tailor's Roll

Welcome dear friends ~ 
I hope you all enjoyed a great week!

Mine was spent finishing the model
for Little Sparrow Pinkeep Club...
"Mend Thy Soul" Tailor's Roll
©2016 Scattered Seed Samplers

Cockatiel's perched upon spools of thread,
with a tempting basket of fruit, a long
needle marking the date and
 scissors by which you can
personalize your tailors roll. 

Stitched on 32ct overdyed linen ~ Antique Copper

A few thread changes needed to be made...
These are the final threads that were chosen ~

~ avocado green
~ mocha brown
~ beaver gray
~ beige brown
~ mahogany
~ navy blue

Wednesday was a road trip for fabric backing...
Jo Morton Reproduction fabric by Andover.

And here's a peek at the backside...
Love the Navy Blue background 
and meandering berry vine!

Kits for "Mend Thy Soul" Tailor's Roll 
are scheduled to ship on June 30th.


Have you ever seen long, narrow,
and VERY FIRMLY packed pinkeeps?

Here are some early examples...
They are properly known as a...Tailor's Roll!

The small red velvet one measures 7" in length,
while the longest one measures 14" in length...
The length was long to accommodate lots of pins and needles,
used by Dressmakers and Tailors in their shops.


 Wednesday, while on my fabric road trip
I pulled over to take a few snaps...
What a great rustic old the wagon wheels!

The care takers keep it nicely mowed... 
I just love old buildings!

A few curious country cows...
They weren't to sure about getting their photo taken!

I wish these next snaps would have turned out better...
A large Bald Eagles Nest...can you see BOTH of them?
(one on the far left branch and one on the nest)

Did you know the lifespan of a Bald Eagle is 20 years!
When diving they can reach speeds of 75~99 mph!

Their wingspan is 5.9 ~ 7.5 feet!
Bald Eagles don't get their full white head or white tail
until they reach 5~6 years of age and are ready to 
find their mate. 


Weekend Soul Food...

Honor thy father and thy mother,
as the Lord thy God hath commanded thee;
that thy days may be prolonged, 
and that it may go well with thee,
in the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee.

Deuteronomy 5:16...KJV


It's nice to be important,
but it's more important to be nice!

Wishing you all a nice Father's Day Weekend ~
Sweet Blessings, Tammy 


  1. Tammy, I have some of these. I was told they were for holding brooches. Into the sewing room they go. Yipee! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Tammy what is the cost for your club? I think I would like to join.
    Thanks, Joan

  3. Tammy what is the cost for your club? I think I would like to join.
    Thanks, Joan

    1. Dear Joan, Memberships are available through my Etsy shop if you want to pay the full years payment at once, OR I also offer an installment plan as quarterly payments through PayPal invoices...I would just need an email address to get you set up. All the details are listed in my Etsy listing, here is the direct link

      Or, my Etsy user name is scatteredseedsampler

      Kindly, Tammy

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