Wednesday, April 30, 2014

~ Spring Meadow...Sneak Peek ~

Hello to all my
fellow stitching friends!

It's been one of those frustrating day's
where you want to get so much 
done, but everything seems
to go WRONG!

After taking photos, I discovered
I forgot to put the SD card into the camera,
so I had to retake them all over again!!!!

On the brighter you'll 
get to see the color of threads & linen 
that have been chosen for my
upcoming pattern called ~

Scattered Seed Samplers © 2014

~ 36ct. Lakeside Linen ~ Vintage Pecan Butter ~

~ Crescent Colours ~ Gentle Art ~ Weeks Dye Works ~

With SO many beautiful thread to stitch
with these days's hard to decide
which threads to choose from!

~ and we can't forget our good old DMC (France) & Anchor (Germany) ~

I'm so excited to have something new to start
stitching on tonight...I'll keep you posted
on the progress :)

~ Paper Mache "Mama Rabbit with Daughter & Son" ~

My rabbit friends will be watching over the progress
out in my Studio!
~ Wednesday's Inspiration ~ Collect something YOU love ~

Hope this days allow you time to spend 
stitching on YOUR favorite 
sampler project, or just
organizing your 
sewing room.

It's been a full week now since I 
started my blog spot, and 
would like to TRULY THANK EVERYONE for all
the kind words through personal emails & comments.

~ Blessings from my Studio to your home ~

Kindly, Tammy

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

~ April Showers...Bring May Flowers ~

Here in my corner of the world,
it's been raining since 
Sunday, plus we've still got 
several more days of this before we finally
see sunny skies again.

My chives just love this weather...they
have doubled in size since last week!

And like the old saying goes 
"April Showers Bring May Flowers"
Now, that's worth waiting for :)

~ Lovely old pincushion & spool well ~
~ Miniature petit point samplers ~

~ Top lifts off to add spools of clever ~

~ Sweet Pair of antique floral petit point samplers ~

~ Tuesday's Inspiration ~

~ Frogs are waiting for Spring ~

~ Rabbits are dreaming of juicy spring grasses & clover ~

~ Barn Owl Stands Waiting & Watching for Spring's TRUE Arrival ~

Sorry the the short visit today, but my work is calling
to me.  Hope you enjoy a lovely day doing all
the special things YOU enjoy!

My FIRST release "Prince of Peace" is just about to 
go to the printer.  As soon as they are finished, this pattern 
will be available in my Etsy shop or it can be purchase directly 
from me.  

Have a lovely stitching day,
~ Kindly, Tammy ~

Monday, April 28, 2014

~ Hands To Stitch ♥ Hearts to God ~

Good Monday morning...wait, I guess it's
already afternoon!

Monday's are always my busiest day of the week,
with all my weekend orders to get out, plus 
the never ending out of the blue
distractions that gobble up my work day.


~♥~ Busy Hands Make Happy Hearts ~♥~

~ Here's a fun way to display some of  YOUR sewing goodies ~

I started this display with a heavy cast hand that
I purchased at Hobby Lobby.  I didn't know
what I was going to do with it at first....until one day
the idea came to me after purchasing the
rabbit thimble displayed on the middle finger...and
from there I added my Grandma's little old embroidery
hoop (so dear to me), the old scissors, and finally
the antique strawberry & acorn emery's
with sterling silver tops.

~ There is something SO charming about strawberries & acorns ~

~ Monday Inspiration ~

I purchased this neat picture at the Mayo Clinic Gift Shop
in Rochester, Minnesota last fall after my
eye always fills me with inspiration when
I LQQK at it!

~ Mother Rabbit & Chicks Hooked Rug ~

A friend of mine in Rochester, Minnesota
hooked this wonderful
rug for me...I have it displayed on a
wall in my Studio.

~ Today's project ~ Clean up this old shelf ~

Yesterday, I mentioned hanging a
corner shelf in my bedroom nook that I'm
trying to's that shelf.
I bought it at a flea market years ago, the
previous owner had completely painted over
the lovely old glass nob :(

So with a little steel wool, I've now got that problem
taken care of.  Now, I just need to give it an all
over clean up before I get
my Irishman to hang it up for me!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

~ Sabbath Day Samplar Stitching ~

Sunday' favorite day of the week.
For me, it's a day to worship, relax, reflect and 


Last year I started a new routine of  having
a special sampler that would
 only be stitched on

Progress is slow, but I look so forward 
to the pleasant hours set aside for this special samplar.

"Hannah Carter ~ Circa 1748" by The Scarlet Letter
 My favorite needles are by John James in a size 28 petite. 
These needles have a shorter shaft, which makes
them very comfortable to hold, and you can
use almost all of your thread.  They also
come in bigger sizes and I sell these needles in my Etsy Shoppe.

~ Enjoying my new "Hare" scissors, antique tomato & needlecase ~

I love surrounding myself with lovely antique sewing
tools that I've been collecting for many years.

~ I'm stitching mine on 35ct Kansas City Blend Linen by R & R
The stitch count is 440W by 460H ~

I do my own framing, so I've already started the search
for just the right size antique frame.

~ I'm using silk thread "Soie d' Alger" by "Au Ver A Soie" ~

~ I find it so relaxing filling large areas ~

~ Old sewing shelf in my bedroom sewing nook ~

You can see the old farmhouse wallpaper that covers
my bedroom.
~ I've had this self since I was a little girl ~

I'm working on cleaning up another old shelf to hang in the corner
above my sewing rocker.  I've never had a sewing nook
in my bedroom before, but I'm having fun working
on this little project.  I will show you complete
pictures of my new little nook when I'm all done.
~ A few of my favorite things ~

It's raining here today....but here are a few pictures from a couple
of days ago when the sun was shining bright!
~ My son Samuel bought me this awesome sign ~
~ My garden rabbit's are getting excited about spring ~
~ I do love rabbits! ~

Hope you are enjoying a lovely day in your 
corner of the world.  As for me I must
go now, to enjoy some coffee &  stitching :)

Until tomorrow...Have a lovely Lord's day.

Kindly, Tammy

Friday, April 25, 2014

~ Hare Scissors from Paris, France ~

It's hard to believe Easter has come & gone!
This year my present came all the way from
"Sajou" in Paris, France!!!

I was so excited to open the sweet little box
and find inside the most wonderful 

Also included were some lovely
thank you gifts ~ 5 charted postcards &
3 little thread winders.

~ Sweet little box closed & the extra goodies ~

~ The workmanship is OUTSTANDING! ~

♥ ♥ ♥

As some of you may know I had eye surgery back in
November, which was a REAL set back with
getting my designing started.

I was able to finish my first three LITTLE projects
in January...but my eyes still needed
more time to heal :(

I'm so excited because NOW it's been 6 months
and I FINALLY feel like my eyes are
back to normal :)

~ "Prince of Peace" by Scattered Seed Samplars© ~

~ Prince of Peace will include charted numbers ~ to personalize the year ~

~ Single Lamb with collar & cross ~

~ Sawdust packed ~ Feather tree pin pillow ~

♥ ♥ ♥
~ This Ebay purchase arrived today ~ can't wait to open it! ~

~ It's a wonderful antique 17" round punch needle mat ~

~ Wow! I'm very happy with it ~ Really lovely in person ~

~ Close up of the front side ~

~ Back side ~ very neat & tidy ~

~ Close up of back side ~

Thank you kindly for stopping by and visiting me today.  Tomorrow,
 I'll be out of town with the family, but will post again on Sunday.
 I'll be sharing the large Scarlet Letter Samplar that I work on
 only on Sundays & road trips.

My mission to all my old & new friends is to be "faithful to my followers",
which means I will do my best to send you "post" most every day.

♥ ♥ ♥

On Friday, I started charting a new pattern for spring, called
featuring a "Rabbit"

I'll keep you posted on my progress :)

Have a truly wonderful evening,
until Sunday....Happy Stitching!

Kindly, Tammy ~♥~

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Settling Into A New Routine!

I can hardly believe
this is my third post already!
After being in a battle with
my computer all day yesterday,
right column of my blog is now greatly improved!
I figured out how to link my 
Email address, Ebay Shoppe & Etsy Shoppe.

Wow, did I feel relieved going to bed last night!  
Now with that all behind me, I'm hoping
to settle into a new routine with 
blogging and just relax & have fun with it!

Today I'll share some photos of my "Bird Garden", 
which needs my attention after this LONG winter.

~ For the winter ~ bee skeps were kept on the back porch. ~

~ Small bee skeps ~ also on back porch. ~

~ Old creamery can with nesting Robin. ~

~ Chives are starting to grow nicely. ~

~ My "Bird Garden" ~ I love feeding the birds! ~

~ Olde worn angel to watch over my feathered friends! ~

~ The woodpeckers LOVE the suet. ~

~ Friendly terra cotta toad ~ sits on an old ice cream parlor chair. ~

~ I love this toad ~

~ Small windmill that was my mom's ~

~ Center post with pottery crow ~

~ Pottery crow was designed to fit on top of a clever! ~

I'll share new photos after the bird garden gets a spring cleaning!
Also, I'll do my best to get some photos of samplar projects
in the next few day to share with you.

Hands to stitch ~ hearts to God,
Kindly, Tammy