Tuesday, April 22, 2014


I'll be honest...
I've definitely been procrastinating about starting my blog...
so today I'm going to ~ JUST DO IT ~

My name is Tammy Black ~ a daughter of God ~ wife to William, who is a tall Irishman...with the gift of gab!  He is a very talented Decoy/Folkart Artist & Marshland Poet.

        I'm very proud of our oldest son Nathan, who is a Major in the Military, dauther-in-law Becca & granddaughter Rachel.  It's always fun to visit them in Alexandria, Virginia :)

My special accomplishment in life is my son Samuel, who is a gifted vintage car designer & talented artist with a true folkart style all his own.

The place we call home is West Salem, Wisconsin, and in our little corner of the world we live in a "1886" (128 year old) red brick farmhouse.  My design studio Scattered Seed Samplers© is located on our property in a old carriage style building that my Irishman remodeled for me...a true  labor of love project that took close to a year to complete (back in 2007). ~♥~

Last but not least is "Winston" our 12 year old black "Scottie" who thinks he is "KING" of the  olde farmhouse...and keeps getting more demanding the older he gets!              

Here are some photos of our farm....

I ran a retail needlework shop from 2007 ~ 2013 called "Salem Stitchery", this past year I've transitioned out of the retail business, so I could pursue my life long dream of being a needlework designer....so now I have this wonderful building to use as my design studio for "Scattered Seed Samplers".  It's just acrossed the driveway!

Every year I have many feathered friends nesting above my door :)

Now that the weather is FINALLY warming up....I'll be taking the old sign off the building.

Please be patient with me, as this "Blogging" is all very new to me and I've got a lot to learn ~ like I can't figure out why my print size just got so small ?

Blessings from my farmhouse to your corner of the world,
Kindly, Tammy

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  1. Tammy I finally finished reading your whole blog. I have really enjoyed it! I live in NJ....it's SO suburban here. I love the country! I am fortunate enough to live about an hour and a quarter from Lancaster PA and have been there often. That is all diary country...but it also has become a big tourist area. There is Rt 30 that runs right thru it and there are so many big trucks anymore...so different then even 20 years ago. I feel bad all the beautiful farm land is being developed. I have really enjoyed the trips I took with you here on your blog. I love your love of rabbits!!!! We have a large back yard that is basically empty. I do feed feral cats on the deck...but there is a garden that is a mess because I have a bad back and my husband hates gardening. I argue with my husband about cutting the back lawn every year. It is really nothing but a collection of weeds and wildflowers. The rabbits love it when I let to go to meadow.....so since baby bunnies are born in small indentations is the ground I fight my husband and the lawn tractor off as long as I can every year to make sure the babies are up and out of their nests.We have been lucky...although my chipmunks seem to be disappearing as the summer goes by the cats seem to leave the bunnies alone. I do feed the birds and chipmunks on the same deck that I feed the cats on. The cats come at dusk and the bunnies know to go to bed. I alwasy thought they were nocturnal...but not my bunnies!!!! LOL! I have just started cross stitching again after about 20 years away from it. It is such a surprise to find so many new things and new designers!!!!! I'm glad you love rabbits. I love rabbits. I love that you love rabbits because you will design rabbits. I love prim...you love prim....so I see some prim bunnies in my future. I really just wanted to let you know I really enjoy your blog!!!!!