Friday, November 28, 2014

The Stork Has Landed and The Winner Is....

Hello special friends.

Hope you enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving Day 
spent with those you love.

 I find that while I'm stitching this is also a perfect time to reflect 
on ALL the blessings in my life....and to 'Give Thanks with 
a Joyful Heart'.

Thursday morning ALL the names for my drawing were
gathered from the comments from Monday's posting,
comments from Primitive Stitchers Society's posting,
and comments by email.

The winner of the 2015 Book of Days is.....

~ Penny Shepherd ~ 

Congratulation Penny!  

And a big thank you to each and everyone for participating in the 

I'll be having another gift drawing next month
for Christmas....I haven't decided yet what
the gift will be?



We received the news from our oldest son Nathan who lives
in California that our second grandchild was born at 
 approximately 2:00 a.m. on Thursday morning.

Caleb William Black
21" long
8lbs. 2oz.


Winter is such a peaceful time of year....

Mama & Papa rabbits, just outside my Studio door.

Frozen in time until the arrival of SPRING!

It seems like just yesterday these big urns were overflowing
with beautiful Marigolds!

Nicely covered with a blanket of snow.

Rusty old sheep mounted onto an old fence post from
our farm....still has some barbed wire and a porcelain fence
insulator attached.


~ Studio News ~

Model stitching is moving right along.....I'm almost done!

Hope to finish stitching by Saturday.

If everything goes as planned I'll be framing while watching
the Sunday football game!

I'll share an update on Monday :)


~ Weekend Soul Food ~

I can do all things through Christ 
which strengtheneth me.

~ Philippians 4:13...KJV ~


My husband just informed me that I won't be going the the
post office this afternoon....due to freezing rain!

Extremely dangerous driving conditions, but that's
okay.....I'd rather be stitching!

Take care and come back to visit on Monday.

Blessings from Scattered Seed Samplers,
~ Kindly, Tammy ~

Monday, November 24, 2014

~ Thanksgiving Giveaway Gift ~

Winter greetings dear friends.

Our weekend temperatures were warmer, but very 
rainy and foggy....perfect stitching conditions!

For Sunday's football game the Packers played in 
Minneapolis, Minnesota against the 
Vikings.....a very close game!!!

~ Final Score ~

Packers ~ 24
Vikings ~ 21


It's hard to believe 7 months has passed since starting my blog
back on April 22nd of this year.  

I would like to truly thank everyone for their friendship, 
comments and continued support ~♥~

I can't think of a better way to

"Give Thanks With A Joyful Heart"

and to say Happy Thanksgiving than by giving a gift.

Here is the free giveaway gift that I mentioned last Friday....

~ A Needlework Enthusiast's 2015 Book of Days ~

Published by
Needle Work Press

I'll be giving away 1 of these lovely calendars to one 
name drawn on Thanksgiving Day.

This is a month~at~a~glance calendar featuring quotes,
vintage art and an antique alphabet chart.

The cover this year is a vibrant 
1745 Boston Band Sampler.

The calendar size is a 9 by 12 softcover calendar book with the twelve 
months of the year.  This nice size is perfect for a desktop of fits 
nicely into your favorite sewing bag.  Each month has a section where
you can write your notes & musings, or use as a journal of your
stitching projects.

Also, a page to list email addresses, websites, phone numbers, etc.

Also includes an antique charted Alphabet for your use.

~ How to add your name to the drawing ~

I don't like complicated rules, this drawing is very
simple and straight forward.....

* Your name will be entered by simply leaving a 
comment on the bottom of today's post.

*  I will randomly draw one name on Thanksgiving Day (Thursday at 7:oo a.m.)

*  The winning name will be posted and notified on Friday.

~ Best wishes to ALL names entered ~


I love these pictures taken on Sunday of the Mississippi River....

All day Sunday was rainy and foggy....hard to believe this
was actually taken in the afternoon!

A little island and a buoy.

So enchanted looking!


We woke up to a light snow dancing in the sky, and by the end 
of the day we can expect 4"......

I'm not planning on going anywhere today.

While typing this post it's so peaceful to look out my Studio 
 window and watch the gentle snow coming down.



This little bird has an update....

 32ct. Belfast Heritage is being used on the new sampler model....

The stitch count is 111W by 191H.

  If stitched on 32ct. this new sampler will
  fit a frame with a 8" by 13" opening like the antique
frame above.

Last Saturday my husband helped me tweak the wording
of a little verse I want to use on this sampler.

This weekend I got the border and the verse all stitched,
and here is a little sneak peek.....

My little helper is keeping the tucked verse TOP SECRET!

I'm using my beautiful palette of threads from Weeks Dye Works.

When I release this pattern the DMC alternatives will also
be included.

My little helper will be really excited to share this finished 

I'll be sharing an update on Friday :)



But the path of the just 
is as the shining light, 
that shineth more and more 
unto the perfect day.

~ Proverbs 4:18...KJV ~


Wishing you many blessings on Thanksgiving Day!

 is the perfect opportunity to take a 
moment and LEAVE A COMMENT to 
the 2015 Book of days 

If you've never left a comment before it's easy to do....just
click onto COMMENT below and the comment format will appear,
allowing to to leave a comment OR suggestion.


For those of you who do not have a Google account you can either click onto my SAMPLAR license plate and leave me an email, OR you can leave a comment on Primitive Stitchers Society either way your name will be entered.  

~ Kindly, Tammy ~

Friday, November 21, 2014

~ Sunny but COLD ~

Hello special friends, and welcome to
my Friday blog.

This whole week has been SO cold :(


  Our weatherman is forecasting
 a heatwave on Sunday....hoping to
reach 45!   


Some folks like primitive and others don't, I fell in love
with this old pincushion the minute I saw it....

This is an old southern mammy pincushion.

 She looks like she's coming apart at the seams....I've felt like that
many times myself over the years!

This is a side shot...very tattered and worn!  

Back shot....a big section of old dense cotton was completely 
exposed and repaired with random stitches.

This was my very first thread box find many years ago,  and will
always be my favorite!


I've been so busy will my designing lately that I haven't had much
time for Ebay, but I still have lots of store inventory from my
days as Salem Stitchery to list.....

If you like rug hooking, here's your chance to bid on a wonderful large
primitive strawberry pincushion pattern by Dames of the Needle.

I'll be listing this pattern as an Ebay auction on Saturday afternoon.


I'll also be listing this new in the box yarn winder.....

Perfect for winding those skeins of wool yarn into user friendly
center pull balls.

Easy to assemble and attaches to just about any work table.

If either of these items are of interest, please click onto my Ebay link
and it will take you directly to my Ebay Store ~ 

~ Salem Stitchery & Antiques ~

Again, I'll be listing these two auctions tomorrow on Saturday afternoon.



I've been spending a lot of time at the print shop lately....

~ Sir Speedy ~

 I've been using this print shop for over
twenty years.  You can't beat his quantity prices
anywhere, plus he has an industrial paper folder!

Also, provided is a very comfy big black leather chair to sit
in while waiting for my folded patterns.

While sitting there I took this picture of my boots!
(I was bored with nothing in my hands)

It's really hard for me to sit and just do next time I'm
planning on bringing some stitching with me :)


I've only had my Etsy Shop for about a year, and I'm still not sure
about many of their features?

I received a Etsy notification that someone had 
Treasured as pattern "Hannah's Thankful Heart"!!

I'm still not sure what that exactly means, but it sure sounds like
a lovely compliment!  


Many years ago I found this beautiful old frame....

I remember going through my stash to try and find a sampler
pattern with the right stitch count to fit.....after much
frustration I gave up!

I would never have believed it at the time, that some
day I would be designing my own pattern to fit perfectly 
into this frame....that time is NOW!

This is the frame for my new sampler!
Charting is ALL done....yeah!
Linen & threads are still being decided.
Stitching will start ASAP :)

I'll share an update on Monday of the chosen 
linen & threads.



Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding:

For the merchandise of it is better than the merchandise of silver,
 and the gain thereof than fine gold.

She is more precious than rubies: and all the things thou canst desire
 are not to be compared unto her.

Length of days is in her right hand; and in her left hand
 riches and honor.

Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace.

She is a tree of life to them that lay hold upon her:
  and happy is every one that retaineth her.

~ Proverbs 3:13-18...KJV ~


Please stop back on Monday ~ 


On Monday I'll give the details on how to enter

Take care, and have a wonderful weekend.

Studio Blessing from Scattered Seed Samplers
~ Kindly, Tammy ~

Monday, November 17, 2014

~ Featured in Needlework Retailer ~

Hello special friends.

Hope you stayed toasty warm this weekend....sounds like
everyone is experiencing some very cold temps!

Another great football game yesterday for the 
Greenbay Packers, we played at home in
Lambeau Field, Greenbay, Wisconsin
against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Final score ~

Packers ~ 53
Eagles ~ 20

5 Big Cheers for playing in such COLD weather

*\o/*  *\0/*  *\0/*  *\0/*  *\0/*


It seems like "Birds" have been my main focus ever since 
I filled my big birdseed barrel last week.

So I decided to share a pincushion with that in mind....

~ Antique metal Duck pincushion ~

Such a wonderful little duck!

Made in Germany with original glass eyes, but the 
previous owner replaced the original pincushion.

My grandmother always had lots of ducks, geese, guinea hens,
and chickens on her farm, and I love to listen to all 
the different sounds they make.

My Grandmother even raised Canaries and Parakeets, which
she would sell to the local dime stores that used to  
have pet departments....sadly this 
is a thing of the past.


Even my husband was focusing on "Birds".....

He decided to clean up this large Blue Heron that he carved back
in 1999.  It's mounted on an old piece of drift wood.


While on a road trip to Rochester, Minnesota we passed their
Silver Lake Park filled with......

.....lots of Mallard ducks!

Check out the two Mallards diving in this crowd....the ones with
their tail butts up in the air!

They are diving for tubers, and aquatic plant roots.


Lately I've been using my I~Phone a lot, and I 
love my new electronic gadget.....

This great traditional phone receiver is specifically made to
use on a cell phone!


I bought mine off of Ebay for under $10.00, plus they
come in lots of bright fun colors.

I choose white only because my I~phone is white.


Does anyone like to knit Christmas stockings?

~ New Christmas Stocking Kit ~

I will be listing this lovely stocking kit on an Ebay auction
later if you are interested in winning
this auction, please click onto my Ebay link located on the
far right information column of my blog :)



With my focus still on birds, I even rearranged my stitching 
alcove so while sitting in my stitching chair
I can now watch the birds out in my 
bird garden :)

I've decided my next pattern will be a sampler.  I'm still working
on the charting, and hope to start stitching by 

Saturday's mail totally caught me off guard!!!!

I still receive the "Needlework Retailer" from when
I was Salem Stitchery....

So, I'm sitting at the table eating my lunch, and thought
I'd page through this magazine, when all of of sudden
my heart skipped a beat, my mouth fell open, my eyes
 were looking twice, and my whole body was in shock.....

To my complete surprise, wonderful Norden Crafts listed an
ad for my pattern "Lady Rachel Ruth"!!!!

I was SO excited....I'm STILL excited!



In the morning sow thy seed, 
and in the evening withhold not
thine hand:  for thou knowest not
whether shall prosper, either this 
or that, or whether they both shall
be alike good.

~ Ecclesiastes 11:6...KJV ~


Please check back on Friday for updates from the 

Studio of Scattered Seed Samplers,
~ Kindly, Tammy ~