Monday, November 3, 2014

~ Classic Colorworks Threads ~

Hello dear friends.

Monday's are SO very busy here in my 
Studio these days! 

 SO many exciting 
 things are beginning to happen!


It is very easy for me to say that of all the different antique
sewing collections I have, my absolute favorite 
collection is my metal animal pincushions.

The one I'll share today reminds me of Autumn....

~ Antique Pheasant Pincushion ~

This is the largest of all my animal pincushions, measuring
8" long from beak to tail.

The metal is very nicely detailed.  I love the feet!

Usually these hard to find metal animal pincushions will be 
stamped with a makers mark.  

This one is stamped on the underside "Japan".

The metal used on these types of pincushions will vary from 
Sterling Silver, Silver Plated, Nickel,
Copper, and more commonly used would be Pot Metal.


So many Autumn leaves.....

This rabbit friend sits amongst my chive plants and is 
completely surrounded by fallen leaves. 


I so happy to give an update on my wild rabbit friend
Abigail (Abby), she is alive and well....

She been hanging around the barn every night eating her

Now that it's getting dark out so early these pictures didn't 
turn out very well :(

 I'm always so happy to visit with my sweet Abby!

She is definitely fluffier looking with her winter
coat filling in.



With so many different threads to choose from these days,
it makes stitching so exciting....

For many years DMC, Anchor, and JP Coats were the only 
embroidery threads available, but now we have
so many beautiful overdyed threads to 
choose from.

I'm happy to share my second package that just arrived
in today's mail....

~ Classic Colorworks Hand Dyed Cotton Threads ~

The full set of Classic Colorworks Cotton Thread includes 217 
different colors for me to now work with on stitching
my models!

Classic Colorworks was formerly know as Crescent Colours.

The new owner Ron Williams is the son of Designer Diane Williams
of Little House Needleworks.

I'm happy to have the opportunity to endorse this beautiful 
overdyed thread line!

I'll share with you on Friday how I'll organize my new set
of threads on the large ring shown in the photo.


I'm making very good progress on my Christmas sampler!

Here is a little sneak peek....

I'll share a bigger peek on Friday!


Hopefully another one of my packages will have arrived!



Pleasant words are as a 
honeycomb, sweet to the soul, 
and health to the bones.

~ Proverbs 16:24...KJV ~


Hope you enjoy a fun filled week....please stop 
back on Friday :)

Scattered Seed Blessings,
~ Kindly, Tammy ~


  1. What a beautiful array of colors

  2. That Pheasant Pincushion is beautiful.
    Love all of the CC's, what a great collection to choose from.
    Little Abby is too cute, glad she is ok.

  3. Hi Tammy...I remember that big guy. I sold him to you on eBay. I'm glad he's in your fabulous collection.
    Your blog is so fun to follow, I really look forward to every Monday and Friday with you.
    Susie Delewese

  4. Hi Susie, Wow, it truly is a small world....I was so surprised to read that you were the previous owner! Happy to hear that you enjoy reading my blog. Kindly, Tammy :)