Monday, November 17, 2014

~ Featured in Needlework Retailer ~

Hello special friends.

Hope you stayed toasty warm this weekend....sounds like
everyone is experiencing some very cold temps!

Another great football game yesterday for the 
Greenbay Packers, we played at home in
Lambeau Field, Greenbay, Wisconsin
against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Final score ~

Packers ~ 53
Eagles ~ 20

5 Big Cheers for playing in such COLD weather

*\o/*  *\0/*  *\0/*  *\0/*  *\0/*


It seems like "Birds" have been my main focus ever since 
I filled my big birdseed barrel last week.

So I decided to share a pincushion with that in mind....

~ Antique metal Duck pincushion ~

Such a wonderful little duck!

Made in Germany with original glass eyes, but the 
previous owner replaced the original pincushion.

My grandmother always had lots of ducks, geese, guinea hens,
and chickens on her farm, and I love to listen to all 
the different sounds they make.

My Grandmother even raised Canaries and Parakeets, which
she would sell to the local dime stores that used to  
have pet departments....sadly this 
is a thing of the past.


Even my husband was focusing on "Birds".....

He decided to clean up this large Blue Heron that he carved back
in 1999.  It's mounted on an old piece of drift wood.


While on a road trip to Rochester, Minnesota we passed their
Silver Lake Park filled with......

.....lots of Mallard ducks!

Check out the two Mallards diving in this crowd....the ones with
their tail butts up in the air!

They are diving for tubers, and aquatic plant roots.


Lately I've been using my I~Phone a lot, and I 
love my new electronic gadget.....

This great traditional phone receiver is specifically made to
use on a cell phone!


I bought mine off of Ebay for under $10.00, plus they
come in lots of bright fun colors.

I choose white only because my I~phone is white.


Does anyone like to knit Christmas stockings?

~ New Christmas Stocking Kit ~

I will be listing this lovely stocking kit on an Ebay auction
later if you are interested in winning
this auction, please click onto my Ebay link located on the
far right information column of my blog :)



With my focus still on birds, I even rearranged my stitching 
alcove so while sitting in my stitching chair
I can now watch the birds out in my 
bird garden :)

I've decided my next pattern will be a sampler.  I'm still working
on the charting, and hope to start stitching by 

Saturday's mail totally caught me off guard!!!!

I still receive the "Needlework Retailer" from when
I was Salem Stitchery....

So, I'm sitting at the table eating my lunch, and thought
I'd page through this magazine, when all of of sudden
my heart skipped a beat, my mouth fell open, my eyes
 were looking twice, and my whole body was in shock.....

To my complete surprise, wonderful Norden Crafts listed an
ad for my pattern "Lady Rachel Ruth"!!!!

I was SO excited....I'm STILL excited!



In the morning sow thy seed, 
and in the evening withhold not
thine hand:  for thou knowest not
whether shall prosper, either this 
or that, or whether they both shall
be alike good.

~ Ecclesiastes 11:6...KJV ~


Please check back on Friday for updates from the 

Studio of Scattered Seed Samplers,
~ Kindly, Tammy ~


  1. I'm a birder too! Can't get enough of happy for you & your ad posted by Nordern Crafts your so deserving many blessing...

  2. That Duck is too cute.
    Congrats on being featured in the magazine.