Friday, November 7, 2014

~ Wonderful Weeks Dye Works ~

Hello dear friends, hope you enjoyed a 
wonderful Friday.


This weekend I'll finish stitching my Christmas Sampler.

I've gone through my stash of antique frames, and I'm
so happy to have found a perfect fit!

Today I'll share another sneak peek.....

Last night while stitching I finished this little wreath 
around my initials.

I'll even share another little glimpse....

I love designing and stitching animals....can you guess
what this animal might be?

I'll be releasing this new pattern sometime next week, so 
you'll be able to see the whole sampler real soon!


On Monday I shared the threads from 
Classic Colorworks.....I had so much fun organizing them.

I decided instead of keeping them alphabetically or by number, 
I would instead group them by color families, from light to
dark shades.  

I think this will make it really easy when looking for a certain
shade of a particular color.

Here is a peek of my finished Classic Colorworks thread palette....

I'm going to special order some much larger rings so I have more
room to spare.

 I'd like to mention to those of you who still prefer DMC ~ I'll 
do my best to always include the DMC alternative when 
using different thread lines.


Now that the Classic Colorworks threads are all organized I'm
all ready for the next arrival of threads....

~ Wonderful Weeks Dye Works ~

I organized this line of thread the same way.

I can hardly wait to pick out the threads for my next pattern!


~ Weeks Dye Works Linen ~

I was so excited to also receive a linen sample ring!

Such great colours!!!

I feel SO BLESSED to have the opportunity to endorse such
lovely fibers and linens!!!!



Guess what? 

I have discovered where Abby's home is.....

Behind our bard, and underneath this old boat!

I can find her eating supper every night at the same time....

She gave me a demonstration on how to select just the right
grasses....she told me it's like picking out just the 
right threads & linen!

Then she showed me how she snaps it loose and starts 
slowly eating it threading a needle and 
stitching it up!

I was so amazed at how her winter coat has filled out....just since
last week!

I told Abby that while sorting through hundreds of colors of 
thread, that I've found just the perfect color for her
Spring Sampler!



Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish
plucketh it down with her hands.

~ Proverbs 14:1...KJV ~

Enjoy a fun and relaxing weekend my friends!

On Sunday I'll be watching our Packers play against
the Chicago Bears!   

....and stitching & framing!

Talk to you on Monday :)

Blessings from Scattered Seed Samplers
~ Kindly, Tammy & Abby ~

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  1. I think the animal is a donkey. And, I think Abby looks lovely, nice and fat for a cold winter. I saw your piece in Hoffman Dis this Friday and recognized it by the style before I saw the name. Very nice.