Monday, June 20, 2016

Lydia Barnes Pidgeon 1827...Update

Welcome dear needlefolk and
happy first Day of Summer to all!

Summer Solstice ~ 6:34 p.m. EDT

Today, we will enjoy the most daylight of the
calendar year.  The Sun reaches its most
northern point in the sky at local noon.

After today, the sun will begin to wane
as the days grow progressively shorter...the length
of daylight starts to decrease!

Stay cool and drink lots of water!


Antique Reproduction Samplar Update...
Last night I finished stitching the last set
of leaves on border number two!

I love working on the 40ct WDW Tin Roof linen,
it's so soft to hold in my hands, plus it
looks sooo old!

Here's a glimpse so far...
Tonight I'm looking forward to threading my needle
 as I begin my third round of borders!

Yes indeed, a total of three borders grace this old samplar of
Lydia Barnes Pidgeon 1827...this is the first samplar
 I've ever stitched with so many lovely borders!

I'm excited to start adding some more colours...
Deep, rich, warm colours of AVAS silk...I'm so passionate
about using this gorgeous silk from France!

Here's a closer LQQK at the 3rd border I'll be starting...
I'll post another update in a few weeks!


Little Sparrow Pinkeep Club Update ~

Here's what my week holds in store...
Yay, I get to cut linen and fabric as the assemble 
line begins for Little Sparrow Pinkeep Club's 
next release.

"Mend Thy Soul" Tailor's Roll...
The scheduled ship date is June 30th.

It's never to late to join, memberships are still
available, please click HERE to join!


I love the quaint look of all Ivy's and vines...
So far these vines are only growing on just one end of our
lower barn...trying to makes its way around the 
corner to the front side!

Ivy doesn't like to grow on metal because it's
to hot...but loves the cooler stone! 

In the fall we need to give the stone a fresh 
coat of white paint!

I love everything about the old blue door,
from a distance you can't see the early
character that's embedded in the stone work, 
so here is a closer LQQK... 
Can you spot anything usual in this photo?

Very camouflaged,
 so look directly to the left of the door... 
These old Horseshoes are mortared between the stone
ever several feet apart...all across the front of the barn! 

Trivia...Do YOU know what they were used for?
I love the how they have aged from the 
natural elements over the years...they are so unique! 

They served a very practical purpose 
in the early years when this barn was built...
The correct answer is:  Horse & Buggy Hitches!

I try to envision what this farm would have 
looked like with horses & buggies hitched up 
and men & women dressed so differently
from our current way of life!

The vines on the end have hitched onto one of the 
horseshoes very tightly!

More Trivia ~

 This linked chain is also mortared into the 
stone on the corner of the barn...

Do you know what it was used for?
The correct answer is:

  This was also another early hitch to be 
used for horses and buggies.


Weekly Soul Food...

"While the earth remaineth,
seedtime and harvest,
and cold and heat, 
and summer and winter,
and day and night shall not cease."

Genesis 8:22...KJV


Sunny wishes from Scattered Seed Samplers
on this Summer's day!

Spread a little sunshine someone
along life's way!

Warmly, Tammy


  1. I will join when funds are available!!!! LOVE the new piece you are working on. Blessings to you my dear friend.

  2. Love the door knocker on your beautiful blue barn door :)

  3. Love the door knocker on your beautiful blue barn door :)

  4. Sylvia is shaping up so beautifully and I also love AVAS silk. I love the barn - always been in love with old barns, given up that I will ever have one. I'm a city girl born and bred and don't guess that will change at this date. Hope you have a great week ! Mel

  5. Hi Tammy! Happy first day of summer to you! Your farm is beautiful and given that I grew up on a farm, it always touches my heart. I can hardly wait for this sampler.
    The lazing frog on the yellow bench just made me laugh out loud.
    Happy stitching.

  6. This Sampler is going to be so pretty.
    Interesting about the horseshoes.
    I guess they were put to good use!

  7. Thank you for sharing. What a beautiful barn. I love the sampler!

  8. Am really loving that border. This will be one beautiful sampler. How lucky for you to have that amazing barn. Thanks for the information on those horse shoes...very interesting.
    Enjoy the day and Peace for all,

  9. Tammy I am so loving that frog lazing on the yellow bench oh so cute.
    The Sampler is beautiful, I look forward to seeing the finish.
    Thank-you for the information on the horseshoes, I have seen this on barns before but no one knew what they were for.

  10. Lydia was my Grandmother's name. Your sampler will be gorgeous!
    The Tailor's roll is beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing the photos.
    Have a nice week end
    Warm regards

  11. Your blue barn door is painted one of my very favorite colors. :-) I love it.