Friday, June 10, 2016

Little Sparrow Pinkeep Club Sneak Peek...

Welcome dear friends and
 happy Friday to you from my country home!

Little Sparrow Pinkeep Club Update...

The next club design is all charted
and stitching began last night, 
how about a little peek...

Coming soon ~ 

"Mend Thy Soul" Pinkeep
©2016 Scattered Seed Samplers

My plans for this weekend...stitch, stitch,stitch!


My best thinking time is during my 
stitching time, and my thoughts are drifting to
 a much anticipated upcoming samplar series...

If all goes as planned...the tentative release date
for the 1st Bee Samplar will be sometime around the end of July.


The mailman delivered such a pleasant surprise today...
A handwritten note on a 
Blackbird Designs note card...thank you so much 
Gretchen H. for your very sweet message!


My last sighting of one of the baby robins...
Exhausted from flying lessons, taking a little break...Mama
 robin was just a few yards away!


Sharing with you today are some back yard snaps...
A black crow decoy mounted on an old 
fence post...keeping watch over the farm!

My son Samuel loves mowing our back acreage...
He keeps it mowed so nicely...just like our 
own private park!

Wild berries are really thick this year...
I'll be busy picking berries in a few weeks...yummy!

This is the mowed path that leads to our pond...
I'm planning on adding some benches here and I
can relax and enjoy the peace and quiet!

Here you can see a glimpse of the pond through all the trees...
Ducks of all kinds LOVE this secluded little pond!

The frog songs at night are so intense!
Sam even spied a mother deer with two fawns 
while he was mowing!

Love the big old massive trees...
I think some bird houses would be a nice touch!

Sam really has to keep his eyes open when 
 mowing for mama Turtles laying eggs...
Sam couldn't resist flipping this mama over on 
her back to get a snap of her beautiful colorful shell!

Of course she didn't like it!

And took off lickedy split as soon as 
she was back on her feet...
Turtles are such unique creatures!


Weekend Soul Food...

"The flowers appear on the earth, 
the time of the singing of birds is come,
and the voice of the turtle is 
heard in our land."

Song of Solomon 2:12...KJV


Wishing you all a lovely weekend...
enjoy getting lost in what YOU love most!

Farmhouse Blessings,


  1. What a wonderful blog. Thanks Tammy; your farm is quite lovely. It will be interesting to see that Bee Sampler in July... Stay cool, Candace

  2. Beautiful peaceful pictures !
    The turtle is the best. How enticing - a bee sampler ! Can hardly wait to see.

  3. Your farm is so lovely and peaceful looking. Can I move in?
    Once a turtle laid his eggs next to our deck. It was a wonderful to watch - took several hours for the entire process. Unfortunately, the raccoons dug it up during the night and that was the end of the turtle eggs.

    Happy stitching, Charlotte

  4. The Bee Samplar series sounds fun.
    The Robins here found out they like the Suet we put out.
    They were so cute, Papa was on top of the shepherd's hook feeding a young Robin.
    Pretty Turtle shell!

  5. I enjoy stitching in the evenings to the sound of the frogs croaking away in the pond out past our backyard. :)

  6. I love bees...they are such an important part of nature. Your blog is always such a delight!!

  7. Thanks Tammy for sharing these beautiful pictures.
    I love your parrot and cockatiel pinkeeps! I am a Mama to an African gray parrot (and a kiity).
    Have a nice week!

  8. Oh Tammy Bee Samplars!! I'm over the moon.

  9. Tammy, your wild berries look like raspberry bushes that went "wild". They tend to do that if they're untended in old gardens. The raspberry bushes on my grandmother's farm that were planted in the late 1800's did that when we moved off the farm in the 1960's.