Monday, June 6, 2016

The Empty Nest...

Hello and welcome dear friends ~
and happy Monday to you!

Oh the joy of weekends,
I'm all rested and inspired to get
started on June's release for ~

Little Sparrow Pinkeep Club... 
The chosen linen will be this beautiful 
Hand Dyed 32ct linen named 
"Copper Penny"

This week I'll be working on getting the design
charted so I can begin stitching...soon!

For new followers,
here is a photo of kit No. 1 
that was released March 2016...
"Come Dance with Me" pinkeep

Also, here is a photo of the 
4 club kits from LAST YEAR 2015...
Hope these photos of past club kits will help 
 if  you are thinking of becoming a Little Sparrow member!

Membership are available through my Etsy Shop ~ 
Please click directly on the Logo above 
for all the details!

Paying the full amount can be paid directly through Etsy,
OR if you prefer to take advantage of the installment
plan you would just need to provide me with an
email address to send you quarterly invoices 
through PayPal OR if you prefer credit 
card, call me at (608) 799~4418.

If you join now,
you will receive kit number one
"Come Dance with Me" to bring you
current with kit number two scheduled 
to ship June 30th.


Saturday, one of the little Studio Robins left the
nest and was hopping around the farmhouse 
while taking flying lessons from mama!

Sunday morning I took photos 
of the last two...
I'm thinking maybe Saturday's baby got pushed out 
of the nest...looks pretty crowded!

By Sunday afternoon the nest was empty...
Found the little fellows perched on the Arbor Vitae
just a few feet from their nest...what a face!

They quickly got the courage to make their 
maiden flight down to the driveway...
Mama Robin was ready and waiting to take over!

So sad to look in and see an empty nest...
They sure mature at lightning speed!


While out running errands, 
I couldn't resist treating myself 
to a couple of big beautiful Boston Ferns...
One for the front porch and the other for the back porch.

My grandmother and mother always had 
Boston Ferns, I love how nicely they fit into 
my old wicker plant stands!

I'm also very fond of "Hens & Chicks"...
These Hens & Chicks came already potted...found them
at Wal~Mart for only $11.88.

Years ago my husband found this neat old 
stone artifact down by our pond...
The center is hollow making it perfect to plant
some Marigolds!

I'll share some more or my plantings on Friday!


How about a little sneak peek of 
my antique reproduction sampler 
in progress...
Border number two is a brown branch with
endless little olive leaves...I have the top and right
side all complete!

Half way there...
Can't wait to I can start on the final border!

While stitching away, 
my thoughts turned to Lydia Barnes 
the little nine year old girl that stitched 
this back in 1827...I wonder how long it took
her to stitch the original?


Weekly Soul Food...

To every thing there is a season, 
and a time to every purpose under the heaven.

Ecclesiastes 3:1...KJV


After spending two hours in the dentist
chair earlier today, my Novocaine has finally
worn off and I feel like myself again...yay!

Looking forward to getting a final crown in 
two weeks...totally worth the sore jaw!

Wishing YOU a most splendid week ahead!

Kindly, Tammy


  1. Tammy, your posts bring me joy....the pictures, the progress reports and especially the Weekly Soul Food! I lost my husband of 47 years suddenly in February. We will bury him next week at Arlington National Cemetery in D.C. It's been a long 4 months and the hardest I've ever experienced. It's blogs like yours and your wonderful projects that keep me going. I'm so glad I found you! XO, Willa

  2. Gorgeous pictures Tammy, love the update of the Robins sure are cute maybe they will have second batch reuse nest again....can't wait for next club piece your designs are fabulous. Plants are looking spectacular....blessings...

  3. The baby Robins grow so fast.
    Love the Hen & Chicks.
    I have a patch by our lamp post by the garage.
    The new Sampler is looking great.

  4. Those robins in the nest are adorable.
    The fern on the porch is great.
    The pincushion in the basket you have keeps making me think of cheese! Or a cheesehead!

  5. I just love reading your posts! I look forward to reading them every week. Thank you!

  6. Love your posts! Can hardly wait for Lydia to be finished, I've already placed an order for 40ct Tin Roof. A dental crown is a walk in the park compared to getting a dental implant! Believe me, I know because both my upper front teeth are implants!
    Getting ready for hubby's 50th class reunion this weekend, won't be able to stitch or quilt for three days. :-(