Friday, June 20, 2014

~ Roadtrip to Stitchville USA ~

Hello my friends, it's hard to believe its already
Friday again....seems like just yesterday it
was Friday the 13th ~ and now its 
already the 2oth!

On Monday, I promised to show my fancier 
darner collection.....

They've been sitting awhile, so this was a great
opportunity to do some DUSTING!

I started by removing everything from my Grandfathers old tool caddy.

I always remembered this neat old primitive box from my childhood and
when no one else wanted it, I was SO excited to bring it home and
clean it up.  My husband repaired some bad spots with two
copper patches.

In memory of Grandfather, I added a little copper engraved plate
with his name to the side....funny now everyone wants it!

After each one was dusted, I laid them onto a piece of linen, so you 
could see them better.

The four little ones up front (white, blue, ebony and blonde) are 
glove darners.

What a wonderful way to finally get some much needed
dusting done!


I've needed to take a day to drive up to Minneapolis to 
pick up the rest of my concrete garden Rabbits
that a fellow made for me, so Thursday was my 
road trip day.

I left home early enough so I would have time to stop at the
wonderful "Stitchville USA"....

If you're ever in the Minneapolis area, this is definitely a  stop you don't 
want to miss, just plan on allowing yourself plenty of
time....there is SO much to look at!

After parking my Kia "Soul" way out in a safe spot, were I don't have to 
worry about getting a "door ding"....I finally walked up to the 
front window.

Upon entering you will be looking out into a sea of threads!
Every brand imaginable!

Racks and racks of cottons and silks....

Everything is very organized and nicely displayed.

Then there is this long wall covered with threads for doing needlepoint.

Here you'll find spool type threads, DMC etc.

Have you ever seen SO much name it Debbie Clarke the shop
owner seems to have it all!!

Fun weakness!

This is a display case with lots of goodies like needlecases, scissors, 
pincushions, all kinds of lovely things....another weakness!

My husband has called me a "Bag Lady" for years....and he's right
I'm always in search of the perfect stitching bag.  

The funny thing is, every time I think I've found it another
one comes along....this one captured my heart, along 
with a couple of cute notebooks by Needlework Press.

I was drawn to the design on this bag because it resembles the Florentine Stitch,
also known as the Flame Stitch commonly used in beautiful old samplers.

This bag has four large pockets on the inside and also on the outside.
A perfect bag to add to my collection & addiction!

...and it's made in the USA!


Next on my trip was to pick up the Rabbits I ordered....

My "Soul" was hauling a full load of Rabbits!

They are very heavy and I was so happy with the way the man tucked
them all in so nicely.

Sam unloaded them for me this morning.  The Mr. & Mrs. will be 
placed on each side of my Studio door...looking forward to
going and buying either Marigolds or Geraniums?

My husband Bill has been waiting for me to pick up these  
rabbits, because he said he would wait to seal the 
ones I purchased earlier this spring and do 
them all at the same time.

So, this weekend I'll be getting my rabbits finally seal coated, 
flowers planted in the Mr. & Mrs. and finally 
adding them to my yard and bird garden.....yeah!

Almost forgot the picture of the little one laying down.


While starting my drive back home I stopped in the little town 
of Zumbrota, Minnesota at a quilt shop....

Felt good to get out and stretch my legs!  
The name of the shop was 
~ All in Stitches ~

Nice shop, loved this old mason jar filled with 
Pussywillow branches!


Next, I stopped at a roadside antique shop.....

....and found this lovely set of old treadle sewing machine
drawers,  just calling to me, looking for a new home!

Later today I will be rubbing them down with "Old English"
wood cleaner.

I also have a big weakness for wood drawers....the little key 
is so sweet, and the little ball could I possibly resist?

The Old English will clean this up very nicely and give it 
back its luster.

The top is very attractive with little branches craved on the ends, and old 
lettering that I can't quite make out?

Maybe ~  M. M. & Co. ?


I decided to stop in Rochester, Minnesota to finally get something to eat!
While on the way to my favorite restaurant I passed this field of 

I couldn't resist turning around and pulling over to take some pictures.

This guy way out in the field was very curious about what was 
going on!!!

They didn't seem to mind my presence.

....and then just across the road are some of my very favorite old
stone buildings ~

Wouldn't this make a awesome needlework shop!


So that was my road trip to Minneapolis, I had a lovely day but I'm
very glad to be back home!

Wishing everyone a very happy weekend 
filled with lots of stitching time!

Take care, your friend
Tammy ~♥~


  1. Oh Tammy..... Such eye candy!!!! Stitchville is definitely on my bucket list... All that glorious floss!!! And the display of linens.... This ole Southern girl probably couldn't take it!!! And, all the nice scenery along the way..... Love those bunnies.. I have a couple in the natural areas at my house.. Wouldn't give anything for them~. Now, to head off an check out your designs.... Sigh**** great work!!

  2. I really enjoyed your post and pictures so much, Tammy! Oh, how I would love to get to Stitchville some time! Thanks for sharing your adventure! :)

  3. What a fabulous road trip you had! Your bunnies are precious and hope you will share pictures of them with their potted plants. Enjoy your weekend!

    Robin in Virginia

    PS That Stone Building would make an awesome retreat venue.

  4. That is some needlework shop! Enjoyed your photos.

  5. Tammy, thanks for sharing Stitchville it is my favorite LNS shop living in MN I've shopped there for years but it is a 5 hour drive from me which probably is good otherwise I would never be at home or have money LOL! Love your bunnies they are just adorable!

  6. Tammy, I look forward to each and every post. They are wonderful and you have a wonderful eye for the beauty that is right there for us all to enjoy if we would only take the time to see it. I particularly loved that pic of the pussy willows... Now I can hardly wait for Monday to roll around to see what you see next. In the meantime I will be looking on my own and I think I need to start keeping my camera in my purse... Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. Thank you for taking me out of Baltimore for a few moments with your pictures and writing. Very nice journey.

  8. Tammy what a great post. Love the rabbits and the pictures. I have to say it looks like if I ever got to Stitchville USA, they would have to call the cops because I might just decide to take up residence there and not want to leave!
    Susan C.

  9. The threads and linen in that store are just unbelievable!!!!!!!! I wish I had been there with you!!! BTW I have one of the rabbits you picked up....the smallest one sitting with his ears up. I just thought about it...he needs to go out in my front garden.