Saturday, June 28, 2014

~ Coming Soon....Bittersweet Gatherings Pinkeep Drum ~

Hello friends....sorry I didn't post on Friday.

Yesterday was a very stressful day
for me, I was a witness in a court trial, and to
make matters worse I had an unbearable splitting
headache ALL day :(

With everything back to normal today, I'll
share a sneak peek of my soon to be released pattern.....

~ Bittersweet Gatherings ©2014 Scattered Seed Samplers ~

This is a top view of Bittersweet Gatherings, adorned with some
 antique hat pins.

Without revealing too much.....

 I'm hoping to release this pattern on Friday, July 4th. 


 Now that I'm designing for Autumn, I'll share a collection of my
thimble cases and sewing kits....

These are so much fun to collect because they were 
made in so many different shapes and sizes.

I love the appealing look, and intricate workmanship!

These three are my favorites.

The acorns are all Thimble Cases, and the others are all Sewing Kits.


Whenever I go anywhere with my new 2014 Mocha Kia Soul, I always
park as far out as I can to avoid door dings, another 
'Soul' must think the same way I do....

This was at the Wal-Mart parking lot in La Crosse, Wisconsin.  While 
walking out to my car I had to look twice....sure made me laugh!

.....this also made me smile while out driving ~

As many of you know, I love sheep & goats....what a awesome milk truck!

I just LOVE IT....such a nice logo!


I promised to share my planted Marigolds....

Mr. & Mrs. Rabbit ~ In front of my Studio

Would anyone like some FREE weeds?   I have plenty to them 
to give away!

Next spring I'm hoping to have more time so I can work on turning 
this area by my Studio into a lovely little 'Rabbit' garden.

This was a neat old artifact found here on the farm...makes a nice 
little planter. 

I had 'hens & chicks' planted in it last year, but they all disappeared....I 
think maybe my bunnies couldn't resist the temptation!

This is located in front of the Studio window.

I love this long eared cute!

This is by the front porch of our old farmhouse.


Hope everyone enjoys a stitch filled weekend!

~ Will post again on Monday ~

Tammy @ Scattered Seed Samplers


  1. Wow! Hope your headache is gone...and your feeling better! Love the new stitch! Bunny planters are the best they look perfect by your studio,many blessings on a great Sunday.

  2. Love your collection of acorn thimble cases - love acorns and, of course, love needlework tools of any sort. These are just wonderful.