Monday, June 16, 2014

~ Weekend Gatherings ~

Hello, Hello, Hello...hoping you all
had a very restful weekend!

Weekends are truly wonderful, but I always look so forward
to starting a new work I absolutely LOVE 
working with my hands and (heart to God).

To start the new week, I'd like to share one of my MANY collections ~ old darners.

Plain ones, black ones, some with a removable clip to secure your sock while
darning, wood & glass darning eggs.

I'll share my fancier darners on Friday for your sewing room inspiration.

I was so excited to spend most of Friday & all day Saturday designing
my new upcoming pattern for Autumn :)

Here is a early "LQQK" at my progress....

I will be stitching this first model on 32c. American Chestnut by 
R & R Reproductions.  

I've decided to use goode old traditional "DMC" thread instead of overdyed threads. 
I'm using one strand of DMC over two linen threads.

Just started stitching Sunday evening....will share my progress on Friday.


Sunday morning early we got to Skype with our oldest son Nathan who lives
 Virginia and is a Major in the Military Special Forces....he got to 
celebrated both his birthday & Father's day yesterday! 


Also Sunday morning, we received a call from a friend 
whose cool vintage 69 Volkswagon Bus, 
my husband and son Sam restored a few years ago....

He dropped by for a visit....was fun to see his bus once again.

While my husband & son were restoring this bus, my artist husband came up 
with the idea of refabricating the existing VW emblem on the front into
a PEACE sign....

It was SO fitting for this 1969 Bus, our friend David was so 
amazed at my husbands ability to create this 
emblem out of the old one....he was telling us that 
he gets LOTS of compliments on it!

Every year on Father's Day we go to a annual festival called
"Rendezvous" in Prairie Du Chein, Wisconsin

Vendors set up camp sites with Tee Pee's, dress up in frontier style
clothing and sell goods made from "old world" style tools 
and craftsmanship....

It's always fun because there is such a variety of goods being sold...things like
baskets, bee wax, pottery, antiques, rugs and much more.

Some of the tents and Tee Pee's are very unique and will
have some artwork painted on them.

I thought this one was special...a little mini log tent!  These vendors
always set up on Thursday's and sleep in the camp site tents 
through Sunday.

This standard poodle is proudly guarding its masters chair and 
instruments....I love that antique folding chair!

The owners finally showed up and entertained the crowd with 
folk music....very nice sounding!

One of the vendors was working with iron using all these neat
old tools....

I had just missed a demonstration he was doing...he was taking a break & let 
me take some pictures of his tools. 

I would have loved to see him working with these neat old tools!

Awesome old bells...but they were not for sale :(

This vendor was selling furs and raccoon tails...nice display!

This basket was full of Coyote tails...I'm not sure what anyone would
do with these?

Here's a neat little smoke house for cooking.

I'm not sure what this was...but thought it was really cool.

Now this camp site really smelled good, when you walked up you could smell
the sage & sweetgrass!

These ducks were really enjoying taking a bath in this little pond area.

While I was walking a saw the cutest little boy dressed up like a pioneer...

I ask him if I could take his picture and he gave me a great big
smile...he was so proud of his shoulder bag.

It is such a nice picture, I just wished there wasn't a garbage can
and a lady standing there in the background!

Then I really got lucky...not far behind him was his little 

She was very soft spoken and shy, but allowed me to take
her photo.

They were both so good about letting me take their pictures...I 
gave each of them a dollar, and then they really smiled!

Hope I didn't bore you too much with all my weekend photos.

I must go now to work on mailing out orders....before the
post office closes!

One last Iris's are starting to bloom!

This weeks inspiration and


"Have a good and Godly day, for of what lasting value is a good day 
if it is not also a Godly day".

Blessings from Scattered Seed Samplers,
~ Kindly, Tammy ~

Please check out the "Totally Primitive" sampler from Notforgotten Farm by 
the incredible designer Lori Brechlin......she will be doing a 
drawing on Friday, June 20th @ 6:00 P.M.
one lucky person will become the new owner!!!


  1. beautiful photos my friend ~ loved seeing your collection of darners ~L~

  2. You and your hubby are so much fun, both creative artists with wonderful taste.That bus! Those darners!!! I would love to go antiquing with you, we would both zero in on the same things. I think that green structure is a Barn cupola,it looks like some I have seen on barns in Virginia. Oh what I could do with that!!

  3. Oh, my goodness! I know about the Rendevous! My son and family live in Prairie du Chien! We have been to it once and he was there on Father's Day with his 3 yr. old son. What a great tradition to go each year.