Friday, January 9, 2015

~ Samplar Sneak Peek ~

Hello dear friends, and welcome to my 
little corner of the world!

I had to double check the calendar this morning 
to make sure it was really Friday!

Wow, this week really flew by, but it was a very 
productive week here at Scattered Seed Samplers.


For the next five weeks leading up to Valentine's Day, 
I'll be sharing good things that are the color RED....

This is folk angel was carved by my Folk~Artist friend,
Leo Smith.

I love "Heart & Hand" offerings....must be my 
Pennsylvania~Dutch heritage from my
mothers side of the family.

Even personally signed by Leo.


~ Studio News ~

I'm really enjoying working on my next little sampler.

Everything is just falling into place so nicely with 
this pattern....pure joy!

Some of you may remember the sweet little antique
brass frame I purchased before Christmas....

It's been calling my name, and it will soon be 
filled with my new release....which will be a perfect fit!

Yesterday was just awesome....I stitched ALL day long!

Talk about peaceful, I was home alone, gentle snowflakes
were falling, the soothing tick tock of the Grandfather clock, 
the heavy rhythm of our Scottie dog Winston sleeping
away, and best of all was the steady sound of my 
needle & thread being pulling in & out of 
my linen.

And here is a little sneak peek of what's to come...

Wait until you see the rest of it!

It already has my Irishman's STAMP OF APPROVAL!

I'm stitching the model on 32ct. R&R linen "Flax Fields", 
and using all DMC thread, which will be coffee 
stained after I'm finished stitching.

Stay tuned for an update on Monday.


As I was looking for RED sewing goodies to share from
my Studio, this piece stood out, BUT
 it didn't always look like this....

I rescued this sewing caddy many years ago from a junk was a real mess!

The pincushion did not exist...I made one to fit using a
 scrap of old woven cloth.

The paint was really bad, so I lightly sanded it, and then
had my son Sam spray paint it with a high gloss
red paint.

Then added some old spools and a thimble!


These next few pictures were taken by my son Sam.

A picture of a trapper taken on a very cold winter's
day on "French Slough".  

We're not sure what he was hauling on the old sled, but
it sure makes a nice photo.


Check out this incredible sunset....

If you didn't know looks like the field is on fire!

What intense colors!

Great photos Sam....thank you for sharing with mom!


The three sewing items from my Studio that I listed as  
auctions on Ebay will be ending Monday night...

Old red sewing basket.

Punchneedle or yarn thread holder tin.

Old wicker floor stand sewing basket.

There is still time left to get in on the bidding.

If interested please visit my Ebay Shop at

Hoping these items will find good new homes!


~ Weekend Soul Food ~

Be strong and of a good courage;
be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed:
for the Lord thy God is with thee
whithersoever thou goest.

~ Joshua 1:9...KJV ~


Friends, I wish you a wonderful 

Heigh~Ho,'s off to STITCH I go!

Blessings from Scattered Seed Sampler,
~Kindly, Tammy~


  1. Tammy, such lovely pictures and I cannot wait to see the latest design! A whole day of stitching....bliss!

  2. your little gold frame is swweeeeet! can't wait to see what you'll tuck inside it :)
    and your red sewing stand is perfect! love love it :)
    have a happy day Tammy!