Monday, January 5, 2015

~ January Housekeeping ~

Welcome dear friends to a 
cold winter's day!

Saturday I spent most of the day taking down all my 
Christmas decorating....Oh, what a good 
feeling to have that project all done!

It feels so good to start this new week 
with my normal schedule!

Saturday's cleaning put me in the mood to start 
decorating with a splash of red....Valentine's Day is only 
5 weeks away!

Here are some of my favorite "Red" sewing goodies....

I love them all, lovely quill rattan sewing basket, 
pine needle pinkeep basket, two tiny tomato pinkeeps,
sterling silver strawberry pinkeep, and wonderful
old faded pinkeep. 

It makes me so happy to be surrounded by lovely
sewing goodies!

It just amazes me the quality of craftsmanship that went into
the making of these beautiful old sewing baskets, 
and pinkeeps.

Have some fun scattering some of your favorite "Red" 
goodies while doing your housekeeping!


All the names have been gathered for January's
gift drawing giveway, and the winning
name is.....

~ Jimmie ~ Diane in North Carolina ~

Congratulations Diane!

  Hope you enjoy the little notepad.

Thank you EVERYONE for you lovely comments....I LOVE
hearing from you!


I've been sorting through some of my sewing antiques,
and feel I definitely need to downsize.  

So, I'm going to actively make myself list
at least 3 items on Ebay each week.

Here are the 3 chosen sewing goodies for this week....

Item number one.....Antique tin thread/yarn holder.  

Nicely decorated with a scene of a lady stitching while
her cat is playing with her ball of thread.

This is a hard to find thread holder, and is in good used
condition for its age.

The thread feeds through a metal grommet on the top lid. 
It measures 4.25" in diameter by 4.25" high.

Do you like Punchneedle?

  This would work perfectly for 
holding those beautiful balls of Valdani thread!

This old tin is looking for a good new home!


Item number two....

Looking for a special sewing item in the color "Red"?

Check out this sweet old sewing box!

Nice embellishments on the top lid.

In very good condition, the inside is nice and clean, 
original caddy tray.

Measures 9"Wide by 3.75"High by 6"Deep

This sewing box is also looking for a good new home!


And last is item number three....

Old wicker/rattan chair side sewing stand.

Close up of the top lid.

In good used condition, original back hinges,
the front loop to open the lid is attached 
with old yarn.  The inside is clean.

It stands 26.5" High by 15" Wide by 10.5" Deep.


I'll be listing these THREE items later tonight as  
 Ebay auctions,
please visit my Ebay shoppe at 

Every Monday I'll be parting with a few more goodies!


Some friends of ours own a small little sporting goods shop,
and their shop dog is an Airedale Terrier......

His name is Winston, and his thrown is this old
leather chair.

He's suppose to be a guard dog, but not a chance....he is SO

I've wanted an Airedale for years, I'm secretly thinking of
dog~napping him!


All of our snow has melted off, and my old iron wagon
wheel looks so gloomy!


~ Weekly Soul Food ~

I am my beloved's,
and my beloved is mine.

~ Song of Solomon 6:3 ~


Blessing from Scattered Seed Samplers
for a Wonderful New Year,
~ Kindly, Tammy ~

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  1. Changing Christmas decorations to Valentine's decorations seems like a fine idea--