Friday, January 16, 2015

~ Coming Soon...Little Sparrow Pinkeep Club ~

Hello to all my special friends.

Valentine's Day is now only four weeks away!

I've gathered together a few RED 
antiques from the Studio....

This is probably the sweetest Pine Needle 
sewing box I own....perfect for a small handwork project.

And for the splash of red, what better than a 
old red sock darner, and little red oil can!

If you have these items in your sewing room stash, you 
can easily add a splash of your favorite color 
to add some zing!  

I used a can of high gloss red spray paint.


~ Studio News ~

I had a really busy week, which I absolutely LOVE,
and getting caught up is a great way to end the week !

Orders are ALL filled, emails answered, after spending 
much time at the printers, I'm happy to have my
purchase order to my new distributor Yarn Tree all boxed
up and is shipping today....yeah!


I'm really excited about some fabric that I purchased....

I've been on a search for this kind of fabric, and 
finally found some's referred
to as "ticking".

 Several great ideas in store for this fabric!

The heart & an old bottle opener!


I absolutely love picking names for the point of
driving myself nearly crazy!

And that is how it was while debating on the name for
Scattered Seed Samplers.  

The brain chatter was 24/7 with a endless list of names,
which finally did get narrowed down to my 
two favorites ~

~ Scattered Seed Samplers
~ Little Sparrow Samplers

I STILL love them both, and combined with my love 
for pinkeeps, I now have the perfect name for
the new addition coming soon ~

~ Little Sparrow Pinkeep Club ~
©2015 Scattered Seed Samplers ~ Tammy Black

This will be a very special club that will focus on 
exclusive small pinkeep pattern kits.

There will be four releases in 2015, the 
release dates will be the change of seasons ~

~ March 20th ~ First Day of Spring
~June 21st ~ First Day of Summer
~Sept. 23rd ~ First Day of Autumn
~Dec. 22nd ~ First Day of Winter

I'll be sharing more details in the weeks to follow....hoping
 there will be some interested in a pinkeep club????

Any input would be greatly appreciated!


I would also like to extend a huge thank you for the wonderful
response to my newest pattern release...

~ Queen Esther's Pure Heart ~
©2015 Scattered Seed Samplers
Available in my Etsy Shop


I've selected three lovely items that will be going on the 
Ebay Auction Block later tonight.....

~ Ultimate PUNCH NEEDLE DREAM !! ~

The inside of the lid is a unique pincushion!

~ Red baked enamel sewing tin; c. 1940 ~

Wonderful removable thread tray!!

The bottom is roomy enough to hold punch needle tools,
like scissors, Ultra Punch Needle etc.

These tins were once used as darning tins, but what a 
great new use in our day and age!

This exact tin is featured in this collector's guide....

~ Sewing Tools & Trinkets ~

~ page the very bottom with the check mark ~

This is a nice size tin that measures 8" in diameter.


Item number two....

~ Magnetic Cat needle minder ~

This cat is a hard to find discontinued needle minder from
several years ago.

In excellent condition!!


Item number three....

~ Antique Metal Pinkeep ~

~ Nice old pinkeep ~

 Makers mark stamped on the bottom,


These are the three sewing items I will be listing later tonight as 
seven days auctions in my Ebay Shop.  If interested please
click onto this link ~


~ Weekend Soul Food ~

Behold the fowls of the air;
for they sow not, neither do they reap,
nor gather into barns; yet your 
heavenly Father feedeth them.  
Are ye not much better than they?

~ Matthew 6:26...KJV ~


Have a lovely weekend my friends.

I'll be watching the Packers and working on designing
my next handwork pattern.

Many Blessing,
~ Kindly, Tammy ~


  1. Love the idea of a seasonal pinkeep club! Hope they are not too big ~ I am more successful in completing small projects :)
    Blessings, Patti

  2. Excited about a pinkeep club. Love them.

  3. Tell me more ...sounds wonderful...blessings!

  4. Hello dear i love your blog so much
    And a big yes to pin keep club...I love them so much,,,
    How can I follow your blog I don't see no follow sign
    Thank you x

  5. I am so in for the Little Sparrow Pinkeep Club! Can we start today?! Lol!