Friday, June 9, 2017

Summertime ~

Happy Friday and Welcome
needlefolk friends!

Our week was one of those weeks 
that catches you off guard and turns your 
life upside down!

Not one, but two family medical emergencies in 
the same week and on the same day!

Husband Bill had a bad hemorrhage in his eye,
 ended up in the emergency room, he's going to be fine...
just needs lots healing time!

Son Sam, is scheduled for surgery to have 
his appendix removed! 


Early Maiden Workbasket Club Update ~

I'm running a few days behind schedule in 
  getting club kits out, I'll be kitting over the weekend
 so they will be ready to ship out on Monday!

Sorry for the delay...thank you for you patience!


The strawberry season is here...just looking
at my old collection makes me want to go and pick 
the real mouth is watering just 
thinking about the sweet taste!


By the end of June, I'm hoping
to release a new pattern that will be
available through my Etsy Shop!

At this point, I'm just full of ideas, hope to
 sit down and start designing something next week!


My greatest pleasure of going for my daily
walks in town, is getting to admire 
other folks lovely flowers...

Simply GORGEOUS!!!


Such a delicate shade of pink!



One of my favorite things about summer and
living out in the country is getting to listen
to the nightly frog songs...

Our pond is the perfect haven for them!



Weekend Soul Food...

"The grass withereth, 
the flower fadeth:
but the word of our God
shall stand for ever."

Isaiah 40:8...kjv


Always find time for the things that
make you feel happy to be alive!

Wishing you a happy weekend ~
Kindly, Tammy


  1. Hope you family is better soon! ❤️❤️

  2. Oh no, I hope hubby & son will be on the mend soon.
    That's a beautiful collection of Strawberries.
    Love the one with the handle, so pretty.
    The flowers are beautiful.

  3. Hope your family will soon recover. The collection of strawberries is beautiful....
    Flowers the Iris.

  4. I am sorry to hear of your husband and son's troubles. I am praying for your son's appendectomy.
    When the nights are cool, and we sleep with the windows open, I fall asleep to the frogs croaking in the pond out beyond our home.

  5. Healing prayers for your husband and son. Your flowers are beautiful