Monday, May 2, 2016

The Hiding Place...

Welcome dear friends to the 
merry days of May!

My Studio is undergoing a makeover! 

Little by little things are taking shape...
Things here in the Studio got all turned upside down
when I got the idea to haul all my reference books into my
old office in the be turned into a little library room!

Shelves had to be switched and rehung, 
hauling endless loads of HEAVY whole body aches!

After a few small set backs, 
I'm hoping to have the little library all finished 
up by Friday...and ready to share!

Meanwhile, I'm having fun in the Studio rearranging...
One shelf at a time!

With my books now in the farmhouse, 
I can now use my shelves for other things...
This shelf that once held books now holds
 finishing supplies, plus it's within arms reach 
of my finishing it!

This open cabinet has 5 shelves...
I've only finished arranging the top 2.

Three more shelves to go...
It will be so nice when I get it all finished up!

It feels so good to de~clutter and re~organize...
Hope to share more progress on Friday!


The Hiding Place...
of Mrs. Mourning Dove!

I've been on a mission to discovery the hiding place
of Mr. & Mrs. Mourning Dove, and to my surprise I found
it by accident while standing by the kitchen window!

And look at what I found...
I had no idea their eggs were all white just like a 
small chicken egg!

Every day I've been checking the nest,
and then I heard chirping...
Oh my goodness...they BOTH hatched!

Thank goodness for zoom lenses and ladders...
They are so precious!

I love watching mama deliver fast food to the 
babies from the kitchen window..
Each day they're getting fluffier and fluffier!

Hope to get some more pictures before they 
start taking flying lessons!


This next picture was taken by 
my son Samuel...
Sunday's evening sky, May 1st.


Weekly Soul Food...

"Thou art my hiding place;
thou shalt preserve me from trouble;
thou shalt compass me about 
with songs of deliverance."

Psalms 32:7...KJV


Happiness comes a lot easier
when we stop complaining about 
our problems and start being
grateful for all the problems
we don't have!

Strive to talk more about your blessings
and less about your problems!

Please join me in this challenge 
for ONE week?

Many Blessings, Tammy


  1. Oh I love how you have used beautiful jars to hold're giving me some great ideas. I had to buy another four-shelf bookcase to hold my books. I need to get rid of some, but I just can never seem to part with them...I can't wait to see your room finished!

  2. You have some great treasures. :)
    The Dove babies are so cute.

  3. Such a lovely post, thank you.

  4. Love your new storage arrangements. So wishing I had a room to call my own for my needlework supplies. Maybe some day (big sigh) but thankful for having so much stash that I haven't got room to store it. Thanks for the inspiration to focus on blessing rather than problems. I love watching birds as well. At one of my former homes a pair of Eastern Phoebe's nested in our porch overhang every spring and it was fascinating to watch the babies hatch, mom and dad feed them and then finally to see them learn to fly. Have a blessed day!

  5. Love the way you've put 'stuff' in jars,I have my buttons in a jar, but never thought to put other things in them too, 'course I like tins, so use them a lot.

  6. My favorite picture here today is the first one you showed of the two baby mourning doves. :D

  7. Oh how much fun putting together a new studio...I also have a set of twin Doves in my yard....stop by my blog and see them. My twins are a bit further along I think....