Friday, May 13, 2016

Coming soon..."Jewel of Wisdom"

Welcome dear friends!

Today is a rainy day here on the farm,
which is just fine with a good rainy day!


Schoolgirl Samplar Club Update...

The last stitch was officially crossed at 2:15 in the morning...
Everything is ready for framing tonight!

The title has been chosen ~
"Jewel of Wisdom"

While I was stitching away, 
this fabric kept calling my name...
Some of you may remember me sharing this fabric several
 months ago...well I decided to make a little companion
pinkeep to go with the samplar!

On Monday,
 I'll be sharing both the framed samplar
and little pinkeep companion.

This samplar has a graceful border, 
a short verse written by me, and
 several symbolic motifs which 
include a crown, key, heart 
and dog.

I'll also be sharing the symbolic 
meaning behind these chosen motifs!

Limited memberships are available through
my Etsy shop, which includes all the club information.

If interested, please click HERE


Also underway is my next antique reproduction samplar
"Lydia Barnes Pidgeon 1827"

Weeks Dye Works has graciously provided 
me with the perfect linen...
I can hardly wait to start stitching on this lovely
40ct Tin Roof linen...more late night stitching ahead!


I love surprises, look what my sweet son
Samuel gifted me this morning...
Sam's been picking me Dandelions ever 
since he was a little he's almost 24
 and picks them for tradition! 


Tomorrow I'm taking the day off and heading 
to Gold Rush in Rochester, Minnesota!

I've dusted off my favorite 
market cart named "Matilda"...
Her wheels are all oiled and ready to 
hit the pavement!

I'd be lost without this handy cart,
it can hold a lot of goodies!

2016, marks the 44th year for this annual
Gold Rush antique market.

Hope to find something really special!


The Peonies will be blooming soon...
The tight round buds are growing bigger each day!

I think these city flowers are so pretty...
I pass by them on my way to the post office...some 
people are such good gardeners!


Weekend Soul Food...

"The fear of the Lord is
 the beginning of knowledge: 
but fools despise wisdom and instruction."

Proverbs 1:7...kjv


Perfect timing, the UPS truck just pulled
into our driveway...Yay, the WDW "Straw" linen
just arrived for the Schoolgirl Samplar Kits!

Hope you enjoy a fun and relaxing weekend,
Kindly, Tammy 

Strawberries made from a vintage German
grain sack, wool tops and vintage ribbon...


  1. I am gushing on the inside. Cannot wait for reveal.

  2. I love your blog. So uplifting in these difficult times. Enjoy your antiquing. Cannot wait to see your goodies. God bless your wonderful spirit.

  3. The Sampler peek looks pretty.
    What a cute idea with the Dandelions, it's the simple things that make us happy. :)
    Have fun at the Antique show!

  4. Your son is the best. Our son graduates today and officially becomes a carpenter! And begins work as one in a few days!! :D

  5. Hi Tammy,
    I am so excited about your Schoolgirl Samplar Club! Thank you as always for your beautiful blog and the time and energy you spend doing your posts. Your stitching, collections, love of home and nature just sing to my heart. Have a great time antiquing! Wanda