Friday, May 27, 2016

Traveling Workbox ~

Welcome dear friends, 
do you have special plans for this
 Memorial Day weekend?

Hopefully the weather will be nice
and NO rain!

I LOVE strawberries both
edible and about you?

Pretty little antique strawberry emeries...
Embellished with sterling silver tops are displayed
all by themselves.

But what to do with my more humble strawberries?

That's what I decided to fill my jumbo jar with...
No two are exactly alike!

Strawberry picking is such sweet fun...
I always have my eyes open for stray strawberries
that are looking for a good new home!

And there is still plenty of room to add some more...
This is a view looking down into the jar!


Schoolgirl Samplar update...

"Jewel of Wisdom" hot off the press!

Everything is on schedule and ready to 
ship on Tuesday, May 31st.

I'm already gathering my thoughts 
and planning for the next release in August!

Wonderful overdyed linen is already on order...
I'm so EXCITED about this chosen linen!


Before starting a new samplar I love to pick out
either a special basket, tote or box depending
on the size of the samplar...
For my next antique reproduction samplar, 
I chose this nice roomy workbox!

Next, gathering just the right tools
to add to the workbox...
I think of all the necessities I'll need at my fingertips,
especially if I'm on a weekend road trip!

I chose this box because it has a nice
roomy lower compartment...
Perfect place to keep my hand lotion, chart,
rolled up original antique samplar (for reference), 
and my work in progress!

This is a fairly large samplar,
with a stitch count of 
286W by 285H

I find great joy in using my old tools
as well as newer ones...
Tool necessities from left to right ~

* bees wax bar
* hare pinkeep for John James Petite #28 needles
* AVAS Silk thread
* sharp snips
* old cat head tape measure
* magnifying glass necklace
* old ivory needle case 
* old pinkeep for pins 

When starting a large samplar that has a border,
I prefer to start stitching in the upper left corner...
My linen is cut to include a 2" framing allowance.

Next, I choose a 2" square to establish the 
spot where I'll start stitching.

These corner squares are wonderful 
and come in different sizes...2", 3", 4"

Place the square in the upper left corner...
Begin stitching by the lower right corner!

Quilt & craft shops also sell these handy little squares...
This Omnigrid is nice because it includes an extra
 half inch...if you prefer to include a 2.5" framing allowance.

A "must have" in my sewing box is a magnifying glass, 
You never know when you might need to check 
something out!

This is my favorite because I can wear it 
around my neck while stitching!

Now that I'm all organized I can enjoy stitching
either at home or on the road with my
traveling workbox at my side!


Weekend Soul Food...

But thou, when thou prayest,
enter into thy closet, and when thou
hast shut thy door, pray to thy
Father which is in secret; and
thy Father which seeth in secret
shall reward thee openly.

Matthew 6:6...KJV


Blessings for a safe and relaxing
Memorial Day Weekend,

Kindly, Tammy


  1. How about a strawberry project of the month club?!!! I didn't know how much I loved them until I saw your wonderful pictures.

  2. Our youngest, our daughter graduates high school this morning.
    I adore pink velvet strawberries!

  3. I just found your blog on Facebook. I'm stunned! Your work is gorgeous and I love your travel box. Thanks for sharing your work!

  4. Another wonderful collection.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Happy Memorial Day.
    Hugs :)

  5. Those antique strawberries are such a treasure. Where can I find the corner sampler squares?

  6. I love strawberries! I have a project box crammed full of cross-stitched strawberry kits waiting to be stitched or sewn together. Your tip about using the quilter's square may me say, "doh!" I quilt, and have several of them. I can hardly wait for "Jewel of Wisdom" to arrive, and for you to finish your reproduction sampler!

  7. Tammy
    How did you "clean" the inside of the workbox? I have several wooden cheese boxes and soda crates that I use for displays; I thought I had cleaned them well, but sometimes "smudges" are left on my pin keeps?????