Friday, April 29, 2016

Martha Howells 1849...Needlework Retailer

Welcome dear friends...are you enjoying
this fabulous Friday?

Earlier this week I was pleasantly surprised to
discover Martha Howells 1849 featured 
in the May/June issue of Needlework Retailer...

My first antique reproduction sampler!

The advertisement was kindly placed by my 
 distributor Norden Crafts...
 Such a sweet surprise!

Needlework Retailer is a magazine for shop owners...
It is published by Yarn Tree, Ames Iowa.

My sincere thanks to both 
Norden Crafts & Yarn Tree!

The pattern and AVAS Silk Thread packs are 
also available in my Etsy Shop.


Plus, a BIG THANK YOU is also in order to all 
those that signed up for the early membership to... 
The club is already half filled!

Memberships space will be limited.
To reserve your spot, 
memberships are available through my Etsy Shop.
For all the details, please click HERE 

I'm so excited to start designing the first 
samplar on Monday!


The Sheepish Needle Samplar Club Update...
The FINAL kit for this club is shipping out in
Friday and Saturday's mail.


Every so often I've been blessed to be in the 
right place at the right time...I like to call it fate!

When my mother passed away back in 2007,
things were complicated having two stepbrothers 
and sadly things aren't always handled fairly!

Sunday, after an odd turn of events,
led my family and I to stop at a small local
antique shop that we have not visited for

Right as you walk into the shop standing in
the foyer was my mother's antique curved glass
cabinet...oh how I gasped!

 I'm sure it is hers because of several distinctive marks 
that I remember very well!

She would be so happy knowing it made its way
back to me!

Once I have it set up and filled up...I'll share it with you!


Look what I found laying in our driveway...
The egg is completely empty...hope the 
little Robin is safe and sound! 

I also found one of my Mourning Dove's 
enjoying a quiet morning drink...
Right on the edge of our the reflection on the water!

Here on the farm things are really taking off...
Vines that cover the lower half of our
big old barn! 

I know it's not good for the brick...
But, I can't resist the lovely look of creeping vines!

We have several different Lilac bushes...
This deep dark purple one is my all time next week it should be in full bloom!

Then there is my mammoth sized bush...
I had to stand back really far to try and get it all in the
picture...and still couldn't get all of it!

Close up the blossoms are starting to pop open!
 Love the soft sweet fragrance!

This past week we've had some cold rainy days...
 My husband was in the 
right place at the right time...a double rainbow!


Weekend Soul Food...

"I do set my bow in the cloud,
and it shall be for a token of a covenant
between me and the earth.

Genesis 9:13...KJV


Life doesn't allow for us to go back and
fix what we have done wrong in the past,
but it does allow for us to live each day better
than our last!

Enjoy a wonderful weekend, Tammy


  1. Tammy, I can't wait to see what you do with bees! So happy your Sampler is getting notice - I've also seen it adverized in several shops online (glad I have mine - looking for the perfect linen!).

    But more than all that -- I'm thrilled you have been reunited with that lovely cabinet!! Oh I know how you must feel! I can't wait to see it filled with your treasures...

    Happy times!

  2. Congrats on being featured in the magazine!
    I'm glad you got your Mother's cabinet back.
    Why do people act like that?
    It should stay in the family.
    Thanks for sharing all of the beautiful nature pics.

  3. I am so moved by your story of your mother's cabinet. I am so very, very, very glad for you my friend. How wonderful.

  4. What a fabulous happy ending for you and your mother's cabinet. I look forward to see how it settles into it's new spot in your home.

  5. So happy your mom's china cabinet is back home where it belongs!!! What a treasure.
    Gorgeous lilacs. I do think I can detect their fragrance ~ one of my favorites.
    Hugs :)

  6. Oh how wonderful for you to be able to get a piece of your heritage back Have a happy time filling it Love the lilacs Congrats on the magazine

    linda m