Friday, April 22, 2016

"Rest in the Lord" Scissor Mat ~

Good morning dear friends...are you ready
for the start of a great weekend?

For years I've loved to stitch in the evenings while my 
husband nodds off on the couch, but I have a bad
 habit of clanking my scissors down on the table beside me...
very annoying if you're nodding in and out of sleep!

I'm happy to say I've solved my problem...
Plus, my husband loves my newest design ~

"Rest in the Lord" Scissor Mat

 Now, with my special little scissor mat on
my stitching more clanking my scissors!
Happy husband & happy stitching!

Model stitched on 36ct Edinburgh "Summer Khaki" linen.
Kit also includes a charted alphabet & numbers for personalizing 
your scissor mat.

I really love the cotton fabric used on the backside...
The Sheepish Needle Samplar Club kits 
are scheduled to ship by April 30th.

Memberships are still available in my Esty Shoppe...if you 
join now you will receive ALL FOUR club kits...

Kit 1 ~ "Moriah's Summer Token" hand fan

Kit 2 ~ "Pure in Heart" pinkeep pillow

Kit 3 ~ "Country Woolgatherer" pillow tuck

Kit 4 ~ "Rest in the Lord" scissor mat

If you're interested, please click HERE


Every year little birds fly into my husband big workshop,
but can't find their way out...
This little fellow got a helping hand from my husband, 
but first they stopped in for a quick Studio visit
before being set free!


Look what I discovered...
Such a pretty site!

It's such fun watching mama & papa Robin 
tending their humble little nest!


Popping up to welcome spring...
Pretty, delicate little flowers!

Growing at lightening speed...
Vintage Peony bushes...soon to show their colorful side!


Oh my goodness, how I enjoyed reading all the comments that
came in for the "shoe" gift giveaway drawing...thank you
for sharing what you like to collect!

And now to reveal the winning name...
Congratulations to Karin L. from Valley Stream, New York!

A big thank you to each and every one who entered in the 
drawing...I wish I had a shoe for everyone!


Weekend Soul Food...

Rest in the Lord,
and wait patiently for him!

Psalm 37:7...KJV


Self~worth is so vital to your happiness.

If you don't feel good about you, it's hard to 
feel good about anything else.

Believe what your heart tells you...not what others say!

Have a lovely weekend,
Kindly, Tammy


  1. Happy Anniversary, Tammy! I always enjoy reading your beautiful blog. Congratulations, Karin!

  2. Happy Spring Tammy! Your scissor mat is beautiful.

  3. Yes! Waiting for my peonies to bloom! I'm a bit further south, so mine are budding.

    Can't wait to receive my scissor mat. I'm working on "Woolgather" as I type.

    Congratulations to Karin! Have a happy weekend!

  4. Tammy: I love your Rest in the Lord Scissors Mat. I can hardly wait to receive it, but I have a question to ask: Why did you choose 1961 as the date? Does it have a special meaning for you?

    1. Dear JoAnn, I chose "1961" because it is the year I was born! Kindly, Tammy

    2. Thanks Tammy, I will do the same, only a few years earlier.

  5. Congrats to Karin!
    What a cute idea of a scissor mat.