Monday, April 4, 2016

Thread Tips ~

Welcome dear friends!

My neighborhood is really experiencing a finicky Spring,
Sunday was a glorious 72° day, and today it has
dropped 30° and is lightly snowing!


Studio News...

~ This will be a very busy week, "Martha Howells 1849" will be
back from the print shop and ready to ship on Thursday!

~ A new "Secret Samplar" is for updates!

~  New finishing supplies coming to my Etsy Shoppe

~ It's time once again for The Sheepish Needle Samplar Club...

This will be the fourth and final Sheepish Needle club kit.

I'll be sharing updates throughout the month...
Hope to reveal the model by mid April,
with a scheduled ship date of April 30th.


Have you ever been frustrated with "dry hands" 
while trying to stitch?

Living in the Midwest this can be a real challenge,
especially during the winter months, but also during
the gardening months!

Here are a few tips that work for me...
First I start with clean hands, then use "Aveeno" lotion
which is non~greasy...I've tried lots of different brands and 
this is definitely my favorite!

Stitching with Cotton Thread, I use longer lengths 
of thread cut to 36" long, BUT when stitching with Silk Thread
I use shorter 18~20" lengths of thread.

Next, I lightly run the strand of cotton or silk only once over
the top of my beeswax bar...then slide the thread between my fingers 
 to evenly distribute...greatly helps to prevent tangling!

I'm right handed, so my right thumb is usually the worst
culprit...I'll use either a thin soft style thimble to cover
the roughness or a small round finger pad.

All these tips make stitching
 with my beloved Silks a breeze!


The weather may be finicky, but I know spring
is just around the corner, because look what I discovered...
Sure enough the weeds are the first thing to blossom and
bloom here in Wisconsin!

Dandelions bring back good memories of our
two big Labrador dogs; Chester (yellow) & Jake (Black),
they were brothers and both were laid to rest at the 
old age of 15!

Anyway, they both LOVED eating Dandelions...especially Jake!

When I designed the pattern "Faithful Friend" Tool Tray 
last year, it was in memory of sweet Jake...truly a faithful friend!


Sunday is my special day of the week, spent hanging out
 with my family, we love to go for Sunday drives in the country...
An Amish buggy headed to their country church gathering!

I love when our son Sam joins us, 
because he's so quick with his camera...
Wow, a beautiful Pheasant! 

Such a rare sighting...
Look at all the gorgeous the long tail feathers!  

Not approving of being photographed...
Made a quick dash to shelter!

We enjoy driving through old country cemeteries...
Love the ancient character of this one! 

A Bald Eagle just landed in this nest...
Zoomed in we were still to far to get a good photo.

But, if you look real close...
The small white spot in the center of the nest
 is the top of its head!

Did you know the lifespan of Bald Eagles is 20 years!


Weekly Soul Food...

"But they that wait upon the Lord shall
renew their strength; they shall mount up with
wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be
weary; and they shall walk, and not faint."

Isaiah 40:31...KJV


Undertake pleasurable tasks each your
needle with passion and pride!

Spring Blessings, Tammy


  1. Yes! It is lightly snowing over here on our side of the state as well.
    Dogs are such a precious blessing from God.

  2. Thank you for the dry hands and thread tips!

  3. Thanks for sharing the great pics.
    It's snowing here in my part of WI too.
    We had a blizzrad on Saturday.
    When is Spring coming?

  4. Thank you for the thread tips. Love the pheasant.

  5. SW Ohio is chillier than should be at 45°. But I'm in my stitching chair with needlework nearby. Tiny kat, Pixie, and my doxie, Max, are crowded in the chair with me. Fur babies are the best!

    My daughter and I spied a Tom turkey out our kitchen window yesterday. Wish I'd been faster with my camera!

    Blessed day to all and waiting for a wonderful mail delivery soon!