Friday, December 4, 2015

The Early Workbasket ~ Nanny Pin

Welcome dear friends and needleworkers!

It's Friday, so lets see what's in today's 
Early Workbasket...

~ Nanny Pins/Brooches ~

The patent for this design was registered in 1895 but they
were extensively used during the Edwardian era.  

Nanny pins were brooches worn by the Nanny of the house,
which contained emergency sewing sets for repairs if
the children tore a garment while playing. 

One end unscrews to reveal a cylinder with thread wrapped 
around a needle case which holds a needle and pin.

These brooches were made out of brass with a central,
Goldstone or other various stones were used. 

These brooches  are much sought after!  

They are not worth buying if the central thread holder is missing.

This little girl probably had a nanny...

What is a Nanny?

A nanny is an individual employed by a family in either a
 live~in or live~out basis.  The essential function of a nanny 
 is to be responsible for all care of the child(ren) in the home in
a largely unsupervised setting. 

It took me a LONG time to finally add Nanny pins to my 

Nanny pins are referred to as the world's smallest sewing
set and was worn proudly by Nanny's as a badge of 

Here is an example of a Nanny pin that is all brass
and embellished with a brass flower.

Check out her feather duster...I love it!

Typically, the center stone will be a 
"Goldstone", but there are also more elaborate the star shape one in the center from England.


Two other designs to look for...

A Cameo and a brass spider with a glass body.

Since purchasing my first Nanny pin, the price has really come
 down...Ebay has made them not only available but also affordable!

Christmas gift giveaway...

Okay, there are three Friday's before Christmas, 
therefore I will be giving away three different Christmas

Today, will start the entry for gift box No. 1...

This first gift is an antique brass sewing kit from Germany.

From Me to You...from my private sewing collection!

To enter your name in the drawing, 
simply leave me a comment either at the end of my blog
OR by leaving a comment on my facebook page.

The winning name will be announced on  
Monday's blog!

Weekly Soul Food ~

Stand in awe, and sin not:
commune with your own heart upon your bed, 
and be still.

Offer the sacrifices of righteousness,
and put your trust in the Lord.

Psalm 4:4~5...KJV

I've got some serious cleaning and Christmas
decorating to do over the weekend!

Hope you enjoyed today's feature on Nanny Pins?

Be happy my dear friends,
Kindly, Tammy


  1. Thank you for the Nanny pin information and a chance to win a Christmas gift.

  2. Thank you for the Nanny pin information and a chance to win a Christmas gift.

  3. Such an interesting history lesson- thank you!

  4. I love nanny pins, have wanted one forever. Thank you for the pictures.

  5. Thank you for educating me on Nanny Pins. They are simply glorious, ingenious and beautiful.....what treasure come in small packages!!! I hope that one of my Christmas presents is one of your give-a-ways......but if not you, my friend, are a treasure indeed!

  6. Thank you for the information on Nanny Pins. Learned a lot. How interesting. ~Christine

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    Blessings, Patti

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  13. Thanks for sharing the information on the Nanny Pin. I learned a lot from this.

  14. Thanks for sharing the information on the Nanny Pin. I learned a lot from this.

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  16. I love all of the antique sewing implements and try to think of how the women used them.
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    1. Dear Jenny, Yay, your name was chosen for the Christmas gift giveaway...congratulations and Merry Christmas! Your package was shipped earlier today :) Blessings, Tammy

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