Monday, July 13, 2015

~ Rabbit Rumors ~

Hello friends and neighbors, are you off to a 
great start this week?

With so much going on in our lives from day to day it's
 great to stay positive by simply telling ourselves;

"No happy!"

Studio secrets of Humble Hares...

Yes, the rabbit rumors are flying here in the Studio, as these
fellows have been patiently waiting their turn for their
favorite club to cycle;

~ Humble Hare Handwork Club ~

With all the rabbit tales spreading here in the Studio, these
humble hares have agreed to keep their secret for a few more

They've given me their "Bunny tail's honor"!

New updates will be posted weekly.

I'm not sure if it's too much 
~ cutting
~ computer work
~ getting older

It's probably all the above, but lately my wrist has
been really aching :(

Anyhow, I dug out an older pair of Gingher scissors that
I now have a great appreciation for...

8.5" Gingher Spring Action Cutting Shears.

I had kept a pair of these for myself when shop keeping
for Salem Stitchery...but put them in a drawer and 
completely forgot about them!

Once the gold hook is released these shears have an 
automatic spring action that give such relief to my aching wrist.

They take all the strain out of cutting...

These are now the ONLY shears I'll be using when cutting
linen and fabric for kits...they are priceless!

This is what the backside looks like.  

They are chrome and made in Italy.

If anyone would like a pair of these incredible scissors,
just let me know, and I'll order some in from my 

I've got a great little book to share for the month of July...

~ Mary Emmerling's American Country Flags ~

Hard cover, 1991, 76 full color pages.

Full of fun objects, and inspiring handwork.

Are you patriotic?

Do you fly a flag during the summer months?

What a great quilt!

Love the simplicity of this photo!

Wonderful folkart Santa's!

I wonder what the girl who wore this dress looked like?

Folkart Eagle carving.

Such a fun little picture can usually find it on 
Ebay or Amazon.

~ Weekly Soul Food ~

As for God, his way is perfect:
the word of the Lord is tried:
he is a buckler to all those that trust in him.

~ Psalm 18:30...KJV ~

Thanks so much for stopping by today, please stop back 
again on Friday.

Have a lovely week!

This is one of my favorite photos of 
our farm...early morning shot of our Coneflower field!


  1. Your coneflower field! I LOVE it!!!!!!!

  2. I love Mary Emmerling's little books that one and two others.
    Your rabbit pin cushions are just too sweet and the coneflower field is breathtaking.
    Hugs :)

  3. Tammy: What a great book, love all the pictures you showed.
    Your flowers are so beautiful.
    I am looking forward to the Humble Hair kits.


  4. Wow, I'd love to be right in the middle of that field. Gorgeous! The book is great, love that quilt too!

  5. I've just found your blog - thank you so much for that Bible verse. It was particularly meaningful to me today. And your pictures are lovely! blessings, marlene

  6. OH MY..the rabbits! I just LOVE them. The Humble Hare Handwork that something new that is coming? Might I have details on what it is and how to sign up???

    Wishing you a lovely day, doreen