Monday, July 20, 2015

Tutorial ~ Happy Hearts Rejoice ~ Pinkeep Nest

Welcome dear friends and neighbors.

When dealing with stress in your life, have you ever
wandered astray from a good habit, 
and as a result replaced it with a bad habit?

If you can relate to this, will you join me this week in;

"choosing the HARD RIGHT over the

Trying to get back on the right track or forming
new habits is not always takes lots 
of perseverance and faith!

Today's post will be a tutorial for the 
Little Sparrow Pinkeep Club's
second project...

"Happy Hearts Rejoice" Pinkeep Nest

Have you ever been very frustrated trying to stitch
a round project using a sewing machine?

 I've discovered the secret...handstitching the seam!

Please click onto each picture collage for easy viewing...
then read the corresponding instructions to 
the number on each photo.

Photo Numbers 1~3

No. 1 ~ using see~thru template plastic such as velum or 
        Quilter's Template Plastic available at Hobby
Lobby in 12" by 18" sheets for only $1.99

No. 2 ~ using a Starpie ultra fine point black marker, trace
    around the pattern piece included in the kit,
mark center point, then cut out template

      No. 3 ~ run a pin all the way through the center point of plastic

Photos 4~5

No. 4 ~ trace around the circle template on the backside of
Civil War fabric using pencil

No. 5 ~ DO NOT CUT OUT...trace line is stitching line

Photos 6~8

No. 6 ~ locate the center point of sampler with a pin

                 No. 7 ~ with backside facing up, place template on top, feeding
                                the pin through the center of template to hold in place
                 No. 8 ~ once happy the the positioning, trace around template,
                           using pencil (being careful not to move linen out of 
         alignment)...trace line is stitching line

Photos 9~12

No. 9 ~ both pieces are now ready to match up

   No. 10 ~ with right sides together, pencil lines showing

No. 11 ~ match up the stitching lines by very carefully
                            pinning in place ...leave a small opening at the 
bottom for turning

         No. 12 ~ checking front and back for accurate pin placement
(this is very important)

Photos 13~16

No. 13 ~ use a long length of matching thread...hand stitch 
with small backstitches

No. 14 ~ as you stitch constantly double check front to back 
                    needle placement, making sure you're staying on the 
                 pencil guide line of both sides...very important for 
 a great finish!

No. 15 ~ finished stitching on front side...remember to leave
a small opening for turning

No. 16 ~ finished stitching on backside

Photos 17~20

No. 17 ~ pinking shears work great for trimming inner seams

      No. 18 ~ trim down to approximately 1/4" to 1/2" seam allowance

No. 19 ~ using regular sharp scissors, snip out little notches 
     approximately every inch all the way around

No. 20 ~  being careful not the snip to close to the seam

Photos 21~23

No. 21 ~ turn right side out through the opening and press

No. 22 ~ to keep opening from fraying while stuffing, use 
        small safety pins on the front and back seam

No. 23 ~ close up of prepped opening

Photos 24~27

No. 24 ~ model was firmly packed with sawdust spiked with cherry
          pipe tobacco mixture...both available in my Etsy shop

No. 25 ~ I love the wonderful aromatic touch that this gives to my 
finished pinkeeps

No. 26 ~ using a quart jar, fill part way with sawdust, then add 2~3
tablespoons of 100% pure cherry pipe tobacco

No. 27 ~ add more sawdust, shake up the mixture, then fill the jar 
to the top with sawdust

Photos 28~31

No. 28 ~ prepared sawdust mixture...all ready to start packing

No. 29 ~ using a funnel keeps your work area neat while your 
packing, and fits nicely through the opening

No. 30 ~ this photo shows the pinkeep after 1 full quart of saw
dust, but I like the traditional firm feel.....

No. 31 ~ I used almost a second full quart of sawdust to achieve
             the look I like...or use your favorite filler, then hand 
stitch opening shut

Embellish center seam with the Cretan Stitch...

~ using pins and a ruler to mark the spacing points first...really
helps for a nice accurate finish

~ stitch the Cretan stitch using 1 strand of DMC 3781

The Cretan stitch is optional, or you could do a different 

All finished...enjoy your 
"Happy Hearts Rejoice" Pinkeep Nest!

It's never too late to become a Little Sparrow Pinkeep Club
member...even if you join now, you'll still receive the first two
club kits.  

Please check of the direct membership link ~

I enjoyed a stitch filled weekend working on my next 

I'll be sharing a complete update on Friday's post.

~ Weekly Soul Food ~

Above all, taking the shield of faith,
wherewith ye shall be able to quench all
the fiery darts of the wicked.

~ Ephesians 6:16...KJV ~

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial today!

Please join me this week in faithfully choosing the
Hard Right over the Easy Wrong!

Have a great week my friends


  1. Blessings
    Tammy: I just finished stitching my Pin Keep, thank-you for this tutorial, I will post finished pictures maybe tomorrow or wed.


  2. great tutorial ♥ thank you!

  3. You make the most excellent, accurate tutorials ever. I enjoyed it very much. I am glad to know the safety pin tip. Thank you.
    I am joining you in the Hard Right over Easy Wrong. :)