Friday, November 18, 2016

Winter has Arrived!

Welcome dear needlefolk friends!

Here in Wisconsin we have been enjoying very
unseasonably warm temps in the 60° ~ 70°'s,
 BUT...all good things must come to an end!

Today, was an extremely blustery day with very
strong winds and much colder temps...winter
has finally arrived in our neighborhood!


Perfect weather for stitching,
and that's just what I've been doing!

Sharing with you today is a wee 
sneak peek of Schoolgirl's Samplar Club's 
final kit for the year...

Hope to have it all finished and framed
by early next week!


On a recent weekend family venture
we discovered some great old
landmarks of the past...

Vines are completely entwined around
this old piece of farm equipment!

Cows enjoying a Sunday day of rest!

Neat old barn nestled into a hillside!

The highlight of the drive was this
quaint old cemetery filled with ancient 
grave markers...

I love the peacefulness of 
"Mourning Sheep" 

Perfectly worn in time from the 

Many were just leaning up against the trees,
this one has a weeping willow on it, 
symbolic for mourning! 

All the headstones in this cemetery
were dated from the 18th and 19th century!

Souls that have walked this earth 
before us!

This one really touched my heart,
broken into several pieces, but stacked in a pile!

Mourning sheep are the symbolism for a 
young children's graves.

Gone, but never forgotten in God's eyes! 


With Thanksgiving Day just
around the corner...

 Turkey's everywhere are
seeking therapy!

Doctor's remedy...EAT HAM!


Farm Shop will be open on Saturday...

If you're in the area,
please stop by...I'd love to meet YOU!

Our Farm Shop is located at ~
W4253 County Road B
West Salem, Wisconsin 54669
(608) 799~4418

If Saturday's don't fit into your schedule,
please call to make arrangements for
a weekday!


Weekend Soul Food...

If I have wounded any soul today
If I have caused one's foot to go astray
If I have walked in my own willful way
Dear Lord, forgive

Forgive the sins I have confessed to Thee
Forgive my secret sins I do not see
Oh guide, watch over me and my keeper be
Dear Lord, Amen

~ An Evening Prayer ~


Enjoy a nice relaxing weekend...stay warm!

Kindly, Tammy


  1. Love the old Barns.
    Those are some very old headstones.
    Wishing you a peaceful Happy Thanksgiving Day.

  2. I love the pictures you have shared with us.
    Are you enjoying the snow we got?

  3. Looks like you had the perfect day for a family venture !
    Lovely cemetery markers.

  4. Hi Tammy A Blessed Thanksgiving to you and your Family.
    Beautiful post I love seeing the old buildings and other things you find in the country side.
    School Girls Sampler Club a great sneak peek, you are such a teaser, I have done almost all my Scattered Seed Samplers and will be ordering more from you soon.