Saturday, August 4, 2018

Getting Focused...

Welcome dear needlefolk friends,
hope you're enjoying the midsummer
days of August!

Sometimes life is full of unexpected events, 
such was the entire month of July, 
completely consumed with family matters!

I am so ready to get my focus back,
looking forward to designing club kit number
three for "Prairie Sisters Handworke Club."

The Adam & Eve Reproduction Sampler is 
calling my name...can't wait to pick up
where I left off!

After sorting through the mess of photos from July,
I've picked out some to share with you, 
please join me on a walk through the Fair...

It was a rather warm day out and late in the afternoon,
many of the animals were tuckered out and 
nodding off for a little nap!

This handsome fellow literally fell asleep as I 
snapped his photo! 

Of course there is always an exception...
like this dude!

Then there are ones with an attitude...  
seriously...have you ever seen such a cocky look!

Maybe I am being to hard on this guy...
perhaps he too is tired and ready for a nap!

I would give this duck a blue ribbon...
for being slender and excellent posture!

Caught one more bird nodding off...
I love how fluffy birds get while resting!

Moo Moo cows caught gossiping...
Moo moo on the left stopped chewing in disbelief 
as moo moo on the right is laughing while 
sharing the gossip! 🤣😆🤣

Best buddies...
snuggled together!

Even this gal looks sleepy...


She's down and ready for some
 serious shut eye...sweet dreams! 🤣😆🤣

Even our two grandkids were tuckered out...
At the wheel is Caleb (3) with his
big sister Rachel (6).


Early in July while in one of my cleaning 
moods, I decided to rearrange my bedroom, 
which would involve a couple major 
changes and lots of muscle power!

Welcome to my quiet space...

The major changes involved removing my
big HEAVY treadmill, that's where I had to call
upon the muscle men of the family for HELP!

Once it was removed we were able to move onto
phase two of the project, which involved moving  a 
really large antique European Armoire from the downstairs 
to replace where the treadmill sat.

I'm tickled pink to walk into our bedroom and 

Fun Fact ~

Years ago in Europe homes did not have built~in or 
walk~in closets, when moving from one home to another
they would bring their own closets.

Closets were called
either an armoire or chifferobe, 
and the were built to be completely 
disassembled and reassembled 
as you moved from place to place. 

Very clever and practical, 
like putting a puzzle together.

Luckily on ours, all the panels and
brass pins were marked...still everything is 
solid oak and old beveled's
an extremely heavy closet!

The day I took these pictures there was a beautiful 
cool breeze blowing through the farmhouse windows!

At the foot of our bed is my favorite study chair...
It's an antique desk style chair with a storage shelf
underneath for books and study table as the right
 arm...I love sitting here every morning to have
my quiet time!

In between the two windows...
Is my mothers antique armoire...lots of drawers and
it even has a small closet that opens up behind the mirror.

And over on the right side of our room is a third armoire...

This one my husband bought for me new,
but that was 26 years ago, the same year Sam 
was's a young antique! 🤣😆🤣

It's also very practical with three nice shelves for
things like jeans, and then three lower pull
  out drawers, with a mirror on the 
 inside of the left door.

A second sitting chair and small table...
Love my primitive Robin mounted on an old fence post,
my husband hand carved this for my birthday back in 1994.

Lastly, a quick word about the bed...
This was my grandmother's bed, and also
my mother's bed from the time she was a little girl,
and now it's the old curved footboard
and the dainty little legs!

After the project was finished...
my husband said to go buy some new sheets!

I love, love, love this new set of sheets!
Purchased at my local Target Store, 
by Threshold, made in soft and comfy!

Plus, they match my mocha colored down comforter
from the "Company Store." 

I feel like a Queen!  


The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom:
and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.

Proverbs 9:10...KJV


Thank you for visiting with me today,
sorry this wasn't stitching related, 
but I'll be posting again soon
with a needle worthy post!

Until then, enjoy your weekend.

Soulfully, Tammy


  1. Love all of the animal pics.
    That horse is too cute!
    Beautiful bedroom furniture.

    1. Hope you're enjoying a lovely summer Marilyn! :)

  2. You have fabulous antiques beautiful! What a treasure to have in that bed 🛏....enjoy the new arrangement, photos were great sure the grandchildren enjoyed looking at all the animals! Blessings...

    1. Hope all is well with you and your family LaNelle! :)

  3. Your bedroom is beautiful. How wonderful to have family antiques!

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