Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Reflections of 2019...

Good morning dear needlefolk friends!

Welcome to the first day of 2020!

I love the anticipation of a new year, 
it fills my heart and mind with...
~ new beginnings
~ new mindset
~ new intentions
~ new focus
~ new results!


Early enrollment is now open for 
"Little Wren" Handworke Club© 2020...
"Little Wren" Handworke Club© 2020 is for the passionate stitcher 
who loves charming little "Bird" stitcheries!

The 2020 membership includes four, small, cross stitch 
project kits that will be designed to reflect a sweet and charming style,
while also being useful in your workbasket or stitching area!

Kit No. 1 ~ project revealed mid February (ships end of February)
Kit No. 2 ~ project revealed mid May (ships end of May)
Kit No. 3 ~ project revealed mid August (ships end of August)
Kit No. 4 ~ project revealed mid November (ships end of November)

Each Kit Includes...
~ color photo of completed project
~ chart & any pattern templates 
~ complete finishing instructions
~ John James petite needle (size 28)
~ DMC thread to complete project
~ civil war reproduction fabric
~ any special finishing trims or hardware
~ "Thank You Charm" reflecting each project

with additional shipping rates outside the USA.

Membership can be purchased through Etsy,
 please click HERE


A convenient quarterly installment plan is also available:  
Quarterly payments are due approx. every 3 months, 
you choose which payment method you prefer:
~ invoiced through PayPal ~ an email address is needed
~ credit card ~ please call with credit card information

"Please Note"
This option can "NOT" be processed thru Etsy, 
please contact me for easy one time set up:

~ message me through Etsy OR
~ email me OR
~ call me at (608) 799~4418 ask for Tammy


If you are new,
listed below are LAST YEARS
 "Birds of a Feather" 2019 Handworke Club projects...
"Fruit of the Vine" Needle Roll (from February 2019)

"Together Forever" Pinkeep Drum (from May 2019)

"Little Berry Thief" Pinkeep (from August 2019)

"Set Free" Pinkeep (from November 2019)


Other Stitcheries from 2019...

"Spring Delivery" with Chicks ~ click HERE

"Spring Gathering" with Eggs ~ click HERE

"Night Watch 1626" ~ click HERE

"Catharine Dickenson 1840" ~ click HERE

"Anna Morgan 1845" ~ click HERE


Happy New Year from my heart to yours!

Thank you for the gift of friendship, 
and continued support!

To all, on this first day of the new year, 
may you experience good health, joy, peace and love
today and every day!

Kindly, Tammy


  1. Wishing you a happy, healthy new Year!

  2. Hi Tammy: I just signed up, I am looking forward to the new series this year.

    Happy New Year

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