Monday, February 9, 2015

~ Little Sparrow Pinkeep Club ~

~ Welcome Dear Friends ~

Today is the day, I finally have all
the special details ready to release for ....

~ Little Sparrow Pinkeep Club ©2015 ~
Exclusively from Scattered Seed Samplers
by Designer Tammy Black

Are you a passionate needleworker, who LOVES pinkeeps....especially
those reminiscent of days gone by?

Little Sparrow Pinkeep Club will offer four, small, exclusive pinkeep
kits per year that will reflect the wonderful olde world style!
Each kit will be designed to be both practical and unique for the 
passionate needleworker at heart ~♥~

While laying in my sick bed starring into the abyss, 
I had plenty of time to think about the upcoming club 

In an effort to keep things simple and user friendly, this is
what I've come up with.....if you would like to become 
a Little Sparrow Club Member.

I've created a special One Year Membership listing available in
my Etsy Shoppe to make purchasing your membership very simple!

~ Kits Will Ship Quarterly With The Change of Seasons ~

~ March 20th ~ 1st Day of Spring
~ June 21st ~ 1st Day of Summer
~ Sept. 23rd ~ 1st Day of Autumn
~ Dec. 22nd ~ 1st Day of Winter 

Your full year membership begins with the Season you join, you

~ ALL stitchers NEAR & FAR are welcome to join ~

A ONE YEAR membership to Little Sparrow Pinkeep Club 
is as follows ~

~ $129.61 with 1st Class Shipping INCLUDED .... USA

*** Additional Shipping Rates for stitchers outside the USA ***

~ $129.61 plus $6.00 ~ $135.61 ................... CANADA
~ $129.61 plus $18.00 ~ $147.61 .. INTERNATIONAL

~ Kits Will Include ~

~ Exclusive pinkeep pattern 
~ Complete easy to read instructions
~ John James Petite Needle
~ Thread to complete pinkeep
~ Linen to complete pinkeep
~ Homespun fabric (if used in pinkeep)
~ any special trims, hardware, wood pieces etc.

If you have any special questions, please feel free to either email me at 

OR call (608) 799-4418 (work cell)

You may purchase your club membership through my Etsy Shoppe ~

OR you can purchase through me directly with a personal check :)

~ From my hand to yours....kindly, Tammy ~


And now to reveal the winning name for February's gift giveaway....

The winner is....GRACIE

Congratulations Gracie! 
 Please email me your shipping address...thank you :)


I'll be adding many new sewing goodies to my Etsy shop this Spring,
 here are some new scissors that are now available...

~ Petite Embroidery Scissors ~

~Large ergonomic teardrop handles for comfort
~ High Quality stainless steel blades
~ Sharp points allow for delicate cutting & trimming
~ Perefect for Cross Stitch, Needlepoint, Quilting

I fell in love with these wee favorites for snipping!
I finally decided to make them available to everyone :)


Over the weekend while doing some errands in LaCrosse, I 
stopped at Target to talk with the manage in regards to their popcorn!

Afterwards, it was such a nice day out that instead of driving down
to Hobby Lobby I walked....boy did that feel GREAT!

 Plus, look at who I met in front of the Kohl's Store...

These friendly Pigeons live on the ledges of the building...they 
just happen to love searching for free Target popcorn
droppings in the parking lots!

When no one was looking, I filled this Pigeon in on my Target
popcorn drama!

She listened very intently to my story; and
 said 'OH MY...I can't believe it!'  

She thanked me for the warning and said......she'd pass the 
message onto her feathered friends!'


This morning while out feeding the birds, I enjoyed a few
little glimpses that Spring is soon to come....

Our snow is melting off the driveway...yeah!

Suet feeders hung for my woodpecker friends.

I had to look twice....buds on my Lilac bush!

This big old Terra Cotta Frog never made it into the shed,
so he's just sitting there patiently waiting for Spring!


While driving through the small town of Galesville, Wisconsin
we passed Johnny Appleseed!

These next photos were taken by
 my personal photographer....Sam Black :)

Nice statue! 

I bet he's hoping for Spring also!

Onalaska, Wisconsin is a small Mississippi River town that is
adjacent to LaCrosse.

Thank you for sharing some more of your great shots Sam!
Mom always enjoys receiving your photo filled emails.


~ Weekly Soul Food ~

(1) To every thing there is a season, and a time to 
every purpose under the heaven.  (7) A time
to rend and a time to sew.

~ Ecclesiastes 3: 1 & 7...KJV ~


Sorry for the long wordy post!

I'll be working all week on a St. Patrick's sampler.  I'll
share a sneak peek on Friday.

Blessings from Scattered Seed Samplers,
~ Kindly, Tammy ~

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  1. Tammy I am so excited for the club. I will be signing up lickety split on pay day!!