Friday, February 13, 2015

~ St. Patrick's Sneak Peak ~

Welcome dear's your Friday the 13th?

Tomorrow's Valentine's you have something
special for your sweetheart? ~♥~

~ Studio News ~

I've got some fun stuff to share today, plus some real
exciting news!

First, some little Studio helpers are just dying to share a 
sneak peek of my next release....

Wee Irish rabbit folk playing in the vines of this
soon to be released pattern.

With having an Irishman for a could I 
possibly overlook St. Patrick's Day?

They just couldn't resist the temping juicy green leaves!

This wee rabbit would like to share a closer look at the 
sweet little antique miniature hare scissors from Germany.

I remember winning the Ebay auction for these scissors while standing 
in the Ronald Reagan National Airport, in Washington, DC. using
my good old I~Phone!

I'll be stitching non stop all weekend, in hopes of having
this piece all finished and framed by Monday.

And here is the frame with just the right dimensions....

A perfect fit for this frame with a 6"W by 10.25"H opening :)

Please visit on Monday to see what our boss has come up
with this time!


I would like to offer a big THANK YOU to all the new
Little Sparrow members that have joined the flock....WELCOME!!

Also, coming soon will be a full line of 

Little Sparrow Pinkeep Fillers....

I knew some day this big old copper boiler would come in handy for
something, I've had this laying around for many it finally has a good purpose!

Filled to the brim with the nicest sawdust straight from my 
husband's wood carving shop!

With this nice tight fitting lid the sawdust will stay nice
and clean....yeah I just love it!

I'll be offering our Little Sparrow Sawdust soon in my
Etsy Shop.


Remember this Cluster Stuff I shared a few weeks ago?

Here in the Studio I store mine in this handy old wicker
push cart.

Check out the awesome old metal wheels with cut out hearts ~♥~

I'll be adding Cluster Stuff to my Etsy Shop product line....soon!


Are you familiar with the new highly anticipated magazine ~

Punch Needle & Primitive Stitcher Magazine

This will be a quarterly magazine with 4 issues per year.

You can subscribe by clicking onto their direct link ~


While stitching away yesterday, I received an email from
the editor of this magazine inviting
Scattered Seed Samplers
 to do a pattern for their
October/November/December Issue!!!



Just a friendly reminder that the Ebay auctions for these 
three antique sewing items will be ending shortly....

If you're interested, here is my direct Ebay link ~


 Happy Valentine's Day from the Studio of 
Scattered Seed Samplers ~♥~


~ Weekend Soul Food ~

The heart of the prudent getteth knowledge;
and the ear of the wise seeketh knowledge.

~ Proverbs 18:15...KJV ~


Two of my special friends Olga and Ona both celebrated their
Birthday's this week.....Happy Birthday Olga & Ona!!

Please know that you are both in my thoughts often,
your friend Tammy ~♥~


Have a wonderful weekend all my friends.

Your friend Tammy


  1. Those bunnies are the cutest things!
    I do not comment every time but I look forward to every one of your postings. So inspiring and so uplifting. Thank you.

  2. As exciting as it is to see the progress on your St. Paddy's Day piece I have to tell you what really got to me was the rabbit scissors. I have been looking for a pair of them that beautiful to no avail. It is nice to see that they are out there. Enjoy your stitching this weekend and stay warm...

  3. Tammy you just always inspire me so with your posts!! Happy stitching this weekend and congrats on the invite for the magazine!

  4. congrats to you on the magazine request ~ so much fun!

  5. Wonderful news Tammy. You're a talented lady! I hope at some point they request some photos of your shop.