Friday, June 26, 2015

Sheepish Needle and Cotton

Today is the last Friday of quickly the days pass!

Are you enjoying your summer so far?

The Sheepish Needle Samplar Club Update...

From my collection of antique sheep goods.

I love collecting these kinds of beautiful old signs.  This one
was printed on heavy card stock with a stand up prop
attached to the pretty!

From the days gone by when shop keepers gave out these
types of complimentary tokens.

The first Sheepish Needle Samplar design is well on its way!

The threads and linen have been carefully chosen,
and the stitching began on Thursday...yay!

This first project will have a very different finish, 
and will require some cotton batting.

 I was happy to find nice 100% natural cotton batting
at Hancocks.

I'm hoping to start the finishing over the weekend,
and will reveal the club model either the Friday before 
or the Monday after the 4th of July.

I have given several very subtle clues so far in this post!

The first club kits are scheduled to ship on July 20th.

It's not to late to join the Sheepish Needle if you 
haven't already!

Many payment options are available...YOU
choose the method YOU prefer!

A full year's membership can be purchased directly
from my Etsy shop by clicking onto the direct link ~


~ Or take advantage of the quarterly installment plan ~

The installment plan is four quarterly payments approximately
every three months.

You choose which payment method you prefer...

~ invoiced through PayPal OR
~ credit card over the phone by calling (608) 799~4418 (Studio)

If you choose the PayPal invoice method, I just need an 
email for sending the invoice, plus a shipping address.

If you have any questions, please call of email me.

With the lovely mild summer we are having so far, 
Wisconsin's roadsides and hills are bursting with green...

My personal favorite is the wild vines that grow up the 
power lines.

Just a little wider view...only a couple of miles from our

The flowers just love the cool nights with the random
gentle rains...

So many pretty flowers this time of year!

~ Weekly Soul Food ~

Every time I pull out of our driveway and pass by our field
that's posted...I think of these words!

Hope you enjoy a relaxing weekend in your neighborhood!

Until Monday...take care and stay cool!

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