Monday, June 22, 2015

Tutorial ~ From Me to Thee ~ Strawberry Pinkeep

Hello friends...hope you had a great weekend!

Today has been one of those days with endless

My day started out with good intentions,
and then everything just seemed to
fall apart at the seams!

Today's post will be a tutorial for the 
Humble Hare Handwork Club's 
first project...

"From Me to Thee" Strawberry Pinkeep

 Please click onto each picture collage for easier viewing.
Then read the corresponding instructions to
the number on each photo.

Photo Numbers 1~4

No. 1 ~ stitch design using 1 strand of DMC over 2 linen 
threads...for rabbit tails use 2 strands of Blanc

No. 2 ~ using see~thru template plastic such as Velum or
"Quilter's Template Plastic" available at Hobby
Lobby trace around strawberry cap & strawberry
placement diagram...cut out templates

No. 3 ~ position the see~thru strawberry template on top
of stitched linen matching up the placement of 
the heart, bird and key ~ once centered trace 
around template with pencil (being careful not 
to move line out of alignment) 

No. 4 ~ trace line is cutting line...cut out

Photos 5~8

No. 5 ~ fold linen in half, right sides this by bring~
           ing left & right ends together, pin in place

No. 6 ~ mark out a 1/4" seam allowance ~ I love using disposable
1/4" seam allowance tape available at Quilt shops 
 and craft store...quick, easy and accurate 

No. 7 ~ stitch the side seam closed by hand (back stitching)
or by machine

No. 8 ~ if using the tape, peel off and discard

Photos 9~11

No. 9 ~ use pinking shears or regular shears ~

No. 10 ~ trim seam 

No. 11 ~ trim top edge

Photos 12~13

No. 12 ~ turn right side out

No. 13 ~ use a pressing tool or fingers to press seam to 
one side 

Photos 14~15

No. 14 ~ Using strong thread...upholstery is my favorite (it won't
break when pulling firmly the gathered top edge

No. 15 ~ I use a neutral color 

Photos 16~18

No. 16 ~ cut a long length of bringing the two cut ends together

No. 17 ~ forming a loop at the opposite end

No. 18 ~  thread the two cut ends through eye of the needle
(do not use any knots)

Photos 19~22

No. 19 ~ mark with pencil a 1/2" stitching line down from  
the top curved edge

No. 20 ~ run a gathering stitch all the way around the top edge

No. 21 ~ the starting and ending threads will be used to 
pull the opening shut

No. 22 ~ photo of running stitch

Photos 23~24

No. 23 ~ loosely pull the starting and ending threads together
forming the top opening of the strawberry

No. 24 ~ leave room for packing

Photos 25~27

No. 25 ~ start with a full 1 quart jar of sawdust

No. 26 ~ using a funnel helps for even sawdust distribution

No. 27 ~ Let the packing begin, pack and pull threads...keep

Model was packed very firmly
 using a total of 1 and 1/4 quarts of sawdust.
 (or you can use your favorite filler)

Photos 28~30

No. 28 ~ cut a small circle from your cut off scrap

No. 29 ~ gently cover the top of the sawdust

No. 30 ~ tuck it into place while pulling the threads tighter

Photos 31~33

No. 31 ~ pull the running stitch threads together very tightly,
then run the threaded needle through the end 
of the thread with the loop to secure

No. 32 ~ hand stitch opening shut

No. 33 ~ close~up of the closure 

Embellish the back seam with a feather stitch
Use 1 strand of DMC 918

This step is optional 

Strawberry cap 

Trace around the strawberry cap template onto Weeks Dye Works
Kudzu Wool...trace line is cutting line.

Position the wool cap on top of strawberry matching up the 
placement with the leaf marked "side seam". 

 Hand stitch in place with a running stitch 
using a regular needle with 1 strand of DMC 3051.

Then, with the same piece of thread, slide the needle under 
the wool to the very center and coming up from that point
position the shell ring.  Attaching it by going through the
ring several times (similar to attaching a button).

Attach the brown ribbon to the amber ring...tahdah all finished!

Hope this tutorial will help make your assembly easy :)

Mother nature loves the lower half of our old barn!

~ Weekly Soul Food ~

The Lord is my light and my salvation;
whom shall I fear?
The Lord is the strength of my life;
of whom shall I be afraid?

~ Psalm 27:1...KJV ~

I'm hoping to have a very productive week here in the 

Friday, I'll share an update of the progress on
The Sheepish Needle Samplar Club...coming SOON!

Have a lovely week my friend :)


  1. Wow! Your tutorial is perfection! Thank you!
    I love Psalm 27. I have it memorized.

  2. I agree with Vickie, You give an excellent tutorial. Not only is everything well explained, the photographs are artistic and sheer beauty!

  3. Thank you so much. Very well done and easy to understand.

  4. Tammy: Wonderful instructions, thank-you.


  5. great tutorial, thank you♥

  6. Just stumbled across your wonderful tutorial, What a fabulous job you've done...I am obsessed with these berries, hope to have one done as well as yours!