Friday, November 6, 2015

Humble Hare Highlights...

Hello humble friends...I can't believe it's FRIDAY!

Wow, this week just flew by and another 
weekend is upon us!

~ Humble Hare Highlights ~

How about a little sneak peek...

I really enjoyed stitching this model!

Stitched on 32ct Country French ~ Golden Needle 

Only six colors of thread, but I love how they all came
together so nicely for this special project!

I had fun on Thursday searching my local quilt shops
for just the right fabric for the backing...

I'm so pleased with this print, it's just what I was
looking for!

The chosen fabric is by Jo Morton from Andover Fabrics.

I'm excited to use this new line of thread for finishing
the seams...

Scanfil 100% Organic Cotton thread,
made in the Netherlands.

I chose six colors to add to my thread stash...

Here are the color numbers ~

~ 4824, 4825, 4831 (top row)
~ 4826, 4828, 4819 (bottom row)

I can hardly wait to share the completed project 
on Monday!

Yay, look at what the mailman delivered today...

This is the second issue of this new magazine.

Table of contents...

I'm excited to sit down and look through the pages!

All week we were spoiled with unseasonably perfect 
temperatures in the 70's, what a great
opportunity to go for a walk here on the farm...

Wild vines doing their thing between two old 
fence posts...great landing spot for crows!

Well, from a distance the crow looks real, 
but it's just a decoy...

You can find this type of decoy at just about
any hunting/sporting goods store.

Then, just drill a hole down into the center of a
wood fence post and insert the stem of 
the decoy.  

You can even purchase neat Owls!

I came back from my walk with a
gathering basket full of goodies...

A heaping basket of dried field corn!

The squirrels definitely had the Black Walnuts 
all picked over... 

I only gathered half of what I was hoping for!

I waited too long...the squirrels have all the good ones
safely stashed away in their larders for winter!

Weekend Soul Food ~

But the meek (humble) shall inherit the earth;
and shall delight themselves in the 
abundance of peace.

Psalm 37:11...KJV

Life is a journey, are you open, teachable, 
unafraid of change?

Blessings for a most relaxing weekend,
Kindly, Tammy


  1. Can't wait to see this new stitch on Monday. Thanks for the peek..

  2. Looking gorgeous Tammy....thanks for taking us along on your walk on the farm, always such beauty to surround us! Blessings....

  3. Love the colors of your project and the fabric is perfect...the thread too.

  4. What a beautiful, new project. Yes, I most definitely enjoyed our weather this last week.